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General Interest

HDTV Expert - The 800-pound gorilla just bellowed…

By Pete Putman • Sep 27, 12:26am

On Tuesday, September 23, Vizio officially launched its new P-Series of 4K (Ultra HD) televisions at an art gallery in Chelsea, NY. These televisions weren’t a secret to anyone who attended CES w-a-y back in January. Vizio caused a bit of a stir by announcing five “smart” LCD TVs with direct LED backlighting that would […]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - There’s fast…and then there’s FAST.

By Pete Putman • Sep 26, 11:42pm

HDMI 2.0 has been out for more than a year, but can barely support Quad UHD signals @ 60 Hz. Wait - what was that blur that just shot by?

Events & Tradeshows

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #654: Best New Products CEDIA 2014

By The HT Guys • Sep 26, 10:43am

CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design &#38; Installation Association) just wrapped up and with that the organization announced their Best New Products award. As you read this be aware that much of these products are geared towards home integrators.<img alt="" border="0" src="http://pixel.wp.com/b.gif?host=htguys.wordpress.com&#038;blog=8935650&#038;post=797&#038;subd=htguys&#038;ref=&#038;feed=1" width="1" height="1" />

4K (Ultra HD)

Living with 4K at CEDIA 2014

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 20, 12:25am

This article is a continuation of the "Living with 4K" series of articles that I have been publishing over the past couple of years. I just came back from CEDIA Expo 2014 and was very pleased with the event this year. My primary objective was to evaluate the quality of the information provided on a couple of technical classes related to 4K, HDMI for 4K, and Home Theater Audio (including the new Dolby Atmos), and also to meet 4K equipment manufacturers and see demos of their new product introductions.

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #653: New TV Shows for Fall 2014

By The HT Guys • Sep 19, 10:40am

We celebrate it every year, and it's that time of year again - a whole fall slate full of new HDTV shows. These new shows give us the opportunity to make new friends, share some laughs, and have an adventure or two, all from the comfort of your comfy living room sofa. When we were kids we looked forward to Christmas and the first day of summer. As adults, we look forward to the fall more than anything else. Yes, the kids are back in school and football is back, but also our favorite shows are coming back with new episodes and we get the opportunity to fill the DVR with brand new series.<img alt="" border="0" src="http://pixel.wp.com/b.gif?host=htguys.wordpress.com&#038;blog=8935650&#038;post=795&#038;subd=htguys&#038;ref=&#038;feed=1" width="1" height="1" />

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #652: Interview with Will Price of Roomie Remote

By The HT Guys • Sep 12, 8:47amGeneral Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #651: Interview with Blake Vackar of Screen Innovations

By The HT Guys • Sep 5, 8:44amGeneral Interest

HDTV Expert - Trends: Ignore Them At Your Peril

By Pete Putman • Sep 4, 4:57pmGeneral Interest

Living with 4K - Sony 4K Content

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 4, 2:38pm4K (Ultra HD)

Living with 4K - Sony 4K Players

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 3, 2:22pm4K (Ultra HD)