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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (May, 2005)

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Politics & Policy

Cable's View On The Transition

By Dale Cripps • May 27 2005, 12:07am


Program Note - Cable's INHD and INHD2 Special Concert Honoring Marines

By Dale Cripps • May 26 2005, 5:28pm

Politics & Policy

CEA's Shapiro Wants Congress To Support Deadline For Shutting Off Analog

By Dale Cripps • May 26 2005, 4:26pm

Politics & Policy

Broadcast Spectrum Hearings - The View Of Broadcasting

By Eddie Fritts • May 26 2005, 3:49pm


Educate the Public by Educating the Retailers

By Dale Cripps • May 25 2005, 7:49pm

This is a call to the industry.

I am preparing a short online course with adequate testing on the subject of HDTV and DTV. The course will cover those points listed below. When passing the course the student will receive from us their graduation certificate suitable for framing and a badge they may wear at their place of employment or a pin they may attach to their own identification cards. In addition each employer who has one or more graduates will receive signage and printable material for general promotion of their acquired expertise.


Looking Out For Movies In The Digital Age

By Dale Cripps • May 25 2005, 2:26am

Global & Worldview

A Vision Forward With IP Still Ends On HDTV

By Dale Cripps • May 25 2005, 12:34am

Business & Investment

Future HDTV Magazine Bloggers

By Dale Cripps • May 24 2005, 2:36am


"Good Morning America" in HDTV

By Dale Cripps • May 16 2005, 2:53pm

Politics & Policy

Communications Technologies -- Path to Democracy and Self-determination

By Dale Cripps • May 16 2005, 7:58am

Politics & Policy

Who Needs Broadcasting?

By Dale Cripps • May 12 2005, 11:37pm

Arlington, Va., May 12, 2005 - Broadcasters need to stop trying to regulate other industries and instead promote free over-the-air (OTA) broadcasting to consumers if they want their industry to survive, advised Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) President and CEO Gary Shapiro in remarks delivered Tuesday.

Shapiro made his comments at the Advanced Television Systems Committee's (ATSC) annual meeting held in Washington, D.C. this week. Shapiro's address came as congressional, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and industry officials debate how to define the end of the nation's transition to digital television (DTV). Legislation setting a hard cut off date for analog broadcast is widely expected to be introduced in this session of Congress.

Politics & Policy

Broadcasting's Challenge, Or Is It Too Late?

By Dale Cripps • May 12 2005, 6:43pm

To continue with our series of high wire observations I bring you this speech from CEA president Gary Shapiro given April 18th to members of the broadcast community gathered in Las Vegas for the National Association of broadcasters convention. These remarks are brought to you unedited in order that the strong influences acting on the HDTV movement become clearly seen by the general public. All of the actions being asked for, however, are more in the hands of the consumers than of those agencies and institutions being called to action. The HDTV movement, and who survives and thrives, is entirely in the hands of the public and those closest to the public--the retailers and signal providers. Without the public doing their part in this transition--acting quite like partners with the manufacturers and signal providers--the movement will take on a surreal sense and spin out of control as pushing then replaces salesmanship. There is simply too much money at stake now to have it otherwise. _Da ...

Politics & Policy

We Are Close -- Let's Bring it Home

By Dale Cripps • May 12 2005, 6:07pm

Even as CEA president Gary Shapiro was urging Congress to pass legislation for a "certain" cut off date for analog terrestrial broadcast services (thus ending broadcasting as we have known it) he offered high praise to CBS and their affiliates for their exemplary work in HDTV. His remarks were given at the annual CBS NAB Engineering breakfast where affiliate stations are brought up-to-speed on what CBS did during the last year and what the outlook is for the next. Shapiro's remarks, made in Las Vegas, are presented here unedited in order that you may understand and gain a greater sense of appreciation for the strong influences shaping this movement. _Dale Cripps

CBS Breakfast

Good morning!
Thank you for inviting me to speak to you all this morning. I am honored to be here today, celebrating HDTV with the network that has believed in HDTV and has backed HDTV where it counts – with HDTV content! And not just any HDTV content – compelling, original HDTV programming that has s ...

Politics & Policy

Do You Want A Date Certain?

By Dale Cripps • May 12 2005, 5:37pm

For those of you who have studied the HDTV movement the name Gary Shapiro will be familiar. He had headed the Consumer Electronics Association in Washington D.C. since the inception of the H/DTV movement. It is his big issue on his watch. Along the way he has publicly bumped heads with broadcast and cable and is doing so again with his attempts to get an uncertain date for the cut off of analog broadcasting legally fixed to a specific "date certain." He is seeking legislation that will terminate the anlog broadcast on a specific date and calculates that the pain that may come from making that date December 31, 2007 is tolerable. The following letter from Gary was sent to Congress just yesterday. It is brought to you in its entirety. With this letter and the speech to the ATSC by Eddie Fritts, CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters, you begin to see "behind the curtain." _Dale Cripps

Global & Worldview

Digital Television Is Our Gift To The Next Generation

By Dale Cripps • May 11 2005, 4:42pm

A few weeks ago I initiated discussions with several prominent officials in the field of H/DTV. I wanted, and still do, to assemble a set of authorities who can make comments that require no speculation as to what is being said on policy and products. We certainly don't need obfuscation now when clarity is absolutely essential. We cannot forget that we are tearing apart old institutions along with the way we have interacted with them for more than 50 years. We are replacing it all with what is still unknown--the panoply of services potential in the digital age.


Joe Azar's Report From Home Entertainment Show In New York

By Dale Cripps • May 3 2005, 6:57pm

Joe Azar should be everyone's neighborhood high end audio and video retailer. But there is only one of him. His Upstairs Audio was formed in 1972 and has served the discriminating tastes of thousand in and around Columbia, SC. Joe covered the New York Home Entertainment Show for us last year and again this year. The contrast was turned down on video this year.

A recently released government survey concluded that the average American sleeps 8.6 hours. Workers spend a third of the day on the job. The No. 3 activity, after sleep and work, is watching TV.

The study, based on 2003 data, found that our countrymen spend 11% of their life in front of a TV screen. To put it into perspective that is half of our leisure time -- and effectively 11% of our lives -- in front of the television. That's powerful evidence of the commanding role television plays. _Ad Age


Dish Network is adding 21 of the (formerly) VOOM channels

By Dale Cripps • May 1 2005, 4:54pm

VOOM satellite TV service from Cablevision shut down during this last weekend. The cable company will retain some of the programming.

Rainbow Media Holdings, the Cablevision programming entity, said it will keep VOOM's 21 HD Originals for distribution to cable and satellite TV providers. Cablevision also named Nora Ryan and Greg Moyer co-general managers of the VOOM 21 HD Originals.

Effective May 1st, DISH Network has expanded its high-def package by adding 10 original VOOM HD networks RUSH HD, Gallery HD, Rave HD, Ultra HD, Equator HD, Monsters HD, Animania HD, Majestic HD, HD News and Guy TV HD, the company said. The remaining 11 will be added next year.