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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (July, 2005)

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Cable On Top Claims INHD

By Dale Cripps • Jul 26 2005, 7:03pm


DisplaySearch HDTV Conference

By Dale Cripps • Jul 25 2005, 7:04pm

With over 300 attendees anticipated, this third annual event will provide two days of content-rich sessions, exhibits and networking opportunities, covering all segments of the TV food chain.

Global & Worldview

Digital Television Broadcasting in the Americas

By Robert Graves • Jul 8 2005, 10:58am

Already a vital part of the region's communications and information infrastructure, during the next decade the national television broadcasting systems throughout the Americas are expected to be upgraded from analog to digital technology, keeping pace with the technological advances that are reshaping all types of global telecommunications. The transition to digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcasting is a revolutionary change that will dramatically affect the future of free over-the-air television in the Americas. With digital technology, DTT allows each broadcaster to provide a huge wireless information pipeline into every home, delivering 20 million bits per second through each 6 MHz broadcast television channel. This capability not only enables the delivery of dramatically sharper images and CD-quality surround sound, it supports a much greater quantity and diversity of TV programs, plus a whole new array of information services, including interactive capabilities that will h ...


Ed's View - Are We Being Ripped Off? Episode 2

By Ed Milbourn • Jul 8 2005, 1:21am

Obviously, if the production qualities are unsatisfactory at the point of origination, they will not improve throughout the chain. There are multiple reasons production qualities may not be optimum. These include: camera quality, lighting, audio quality, set design, editing quality, post production elements, encoding factors, etc. When programming is produced in HDTV, even small compromises in these factors can result in a large degradation of picture quality. SDTV productions, being lower resolution, can "hide" a greater degree of production error. HDTV, on the other hand, is not near as forgiving as SDTV relative to production values. This means we can expect a much wider variation of HDTV quality from program to program.


Ed's View - Boxes

By Ed Milbourn • Jul 8 2005, 12:20am

The history of CE products is littered with the carcasses of combination designs that did nothing very well, including sell. There were some moderate successes such as the radio/phonograph combo. Perhaps the most successful was, and remains, the clock radio. It goes downhill from there.