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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (September, 2005)

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2005 HDTV Report, Part 1: CES Highlights

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Sep 28 2005, 5:03pm

CES showed that 2005 will be the year when 1080p display started to compete. Perhaps, content and distribution will equally be motivated to reach that level of quality, such as Hi Def DVD for late 2005 / early 2006. More efficient compression algorithms like MPEG-4 AVC are making possible not only High Definition DVD, but also the expansion of HD satellite services and more HD channels, as it was recently announced by DIRECTV, Dish Network, and Voom.

Should quality be an objective (rather than multicasting DTV SD channels), the more efficient MPEG-4 compression has the potential to facilitate the distribution of 1080p content (at 60 frames x second) using a similar bandwidth allocated for today's 1080i (30 frames per second interlaced as 60 fields).

Although the ATSC standard does not include that level of quality, the potential could be applied for other services than over-the-air. New 1080p sets, if designed to accept a 1080p signal, would be in a good position to display at tha ...


Ed's View - LDTV

By Ed Milbourn • Sep 25 2005, 7:59pm

No, that's not a typo. I mean LDTV - Low Definition Television*. So, what is LDTV, and how is it relevant to HDTV? To answer that, let's first consider an interesting development now taking place in the wireless world. Cell phone providers, flush with 3G technologies, are beginning to offer television type services to cell phones. However, to consumers, this is a very costly way to get a few minutes of very low quality video. And, to the service providers, this is also a very costly way to use valuable spectrum. A much better solution is to broadcast the video programming, adding the receiving circuitry to the cell phone.


Saturday Night Live In HDTV Starting October 1, 2005

By Dale Cripps • Sep 23 2005, 4:30pm

NEW YORK -- September 22, 2005 -- "Saturday Night Live" begins its thirty-first season October 1 and in High Definition.

The season premiere will be hosted by Steve Carell hot on the heels of his sleeper comedy "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" and the return of the NBC television series "The Office." Outspoken and award-winning hip-hop artist Kanye West will join Carell as musical guest.


Program Review - Winged Migration on HDNet Movies

By Dale Cripps • Sep 22 2005, 11:50pm

"{For eighty million years, birds have ruled the skies, seas and earth. Each spring, they fly vast distances. Each Fall, they fly the same route back. This film is the result of four years following their amazing odysseys, in the northern hemisphere and then the south, species by species, flying over seas and continents."- Jacques Perrin (from "Winged Migration")

I was heading to bed when I decided to make one last check of my HDTV channels. "Wow!" I heard myself exclaim, "What is that?"

For the next hour and something I sat transfixed and cheered by one of the most beautiful HDTV presentations I have seen since the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.


The Health of HDTV As of September 14, 2005

By Dale Cripps • Sep 14 2005, 10:22pm

The health of HDTV could hardly be better. Sales are up 45% over this time last year. Fully 11% of all displays sold in the second quarter were HDTV. Europe is now entering with lower start-up consumer and infrastructure cost than we did (though they have a tough bandwidth issue for terrestrial). Korea and Japan are booming with 3 more HD channels just licensed from Japan's BS satellite. China is gearing up to deliver 35 million HDTV sets in time for their Olympics. Both Argentina and Brazil are committed to digital television and will make their system choices by January, 2006. Zenith is showing Congress just today a $50 ATSC decoder box for low cost completion of the transition. Best of all is that the traditional enemies are nearly at peace with one another with only cable carriage as the last bone of contention. HDTV has become a world wide phenomenon with no end in sight.


Ed's View - HDTV at CEDIA 2005

By Ed Milbourn • Sep 11 2005, 9:38pm

This year's CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) convention and show at Indianapolis was an interesting showcase for HDTV. CEDIA is like a miniature CES (Consumer Electronics Show) with virtually all of the major industry television brands showing their latest and greatest technology to the attendees. CEDIA attendees represent the very vibrant consumer installation business. Their customers demand quality installation and products and are willing to pay the price. As a result, products shown at CEDIA represent manufacturers' highest end and most esoteric offerings. In many ways CEDIA is a precursor to the following year's CES, giving us an "advanced preview" of upcoming products.


Ed's View - Three Books

By Ed Milbourn • Sep 7 2005, 10:20pm

For those interested in the history of HDTV and/or the history of television itself, I highly recommend the two books first described. For those involved in businesses related to any phase of the design and marketing of products such as HDTV, I encourage you to read the third.