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This is the next in a series of articles taken from the H/DTV Technology Review & CES 2005 Report by Rodolfo La Maestra, published in March 2005. If you are interested in downloading the full version of this report, it is currently available for purchase from our CES Report page.

Note: DLP, LCD-TV and PDP Plasma panels are not included in this section


CES 2005
CRT RPTVs Integrated
TTM Apr 05, HD component, ATSC tuner but no cable tuner
42'" PT421QHD $1000
47" PT471QHD $1100
52" PT521QHD $1200


Oct 04
IConH600 1920x1080


CES 2005
65" BR6580 1080p UltraContrast Gen II LCoS, 2000:1 CR, offered also in 720p, DVI, VGA, HD component, upgradeable software

Bravo 3M

S10 LCD projector, pedestal design, 1200 ANSI, whisper mode, 2000 hour lamp life, vertical keystone correction, built-in speaker.


LV-S3 SVGA (800x600), 4.9 lbs, silent mode 32dB, 1250 ANSI lumens, 1.2X Canon Optical Zoom lens for up to 100" screen from 10.4 feet, ideal for small spaces, progressive scan conversion.

Oct 04
LCoS projector (Aspectual Illumination System - AISYS)
Realis SX50 $4000, TTM Nov 04, 1400x1050 SXGA, 2500 ANSI lumens, 1000:1 CR, 8.6 pounds, 1.7 optical zoom lens, 100-inch image from 9.8 feet away, converts 480/575 to 1050 progressive, DVI/HDCP, component, VGA for PC connectivity.

Dec 04
LV-7565 $8000, TTM Nov 04, 5100 ANSI, 1000:1 CR, LV-NI01 Network Imager
LV-7565F $7500, TTM Nov 04, same as above without 1.3x zoom lens

Crystal View

Dec 04
CV-1 9-inch CRTs


Apr 04
NTSC tuner, TTM Apr 04, 400:1 CR, 1080i, 600 cd/m2, 5 band-equalizer
47" DSJ-4710CRA $1300
55" DSJ-5510CRA $1600

LCD RPTVs monitors
Two piece cabinets, 720p, 5-band equalizer
50" DJS-5020LN $4000, TTM 3Q04
60" DSJ-6000LN $4500, TTM current


CES 2005
Living Station line
Similar specs than previous P1 line but now integrated
ATSC/NTSC (no cable) tuners, 1280x720, DVI, component, RGB
47" LS47P2 $2900
57" LS57P2 $3400
Check complete details of the P1 line in 2004 report

57" 1080p prototype version, $4000 estimate, TTM 2006, will be released in a different size than the 57" shown as prototype

1080p Prototype 1080p Prototype

Powerlite line
Cinema 200+ succeeds 200, 1280x720, 1500 lumens (from 1300), 1000: 1 CR (from 800:1), no DIV or HDMI, RGB VGA, YPbPr, D$ for Japan, USB
Cinema 500 continues from last year, check details on 2004 report
Home 10+ succeeds 10, 800:1 CR (from 700), 1200 lumens, 854x480


May 04
Anamorphic lenses, and DVI inputs, paired with either DVP1010 or DVP1050 ($10000) digital video processors
FDP-DILA3 3x0.7 inch chips, 1400x1050 at 800 lumens output
FDP-DILA2 3x0.9 inch chips, 1365x1024 at 100 lumens output

CES 2005
FDP-DILA4 3 chips 1400x788, 2.1 to 2.6 manual zoom, multi-scan up to 120KHz, DVP1010 or DVP1510 processor option, with DVI/HDCP, YPbPr, RGB BNC or DB15 on video processor, DCDi

DILA-1080pHD $40000, 3 chips 1920x1080, 1.8 to 2.35 manual zoom, 2000:1 CR, DVI/HDCP, option of DVP1080 ($6500 TTM Feb 05) or DVP1510 digital video processors, DCDi


Nov 04 LCD FPTV LPF-D711 $25000, 1080p, three 1.3-inches 16x9 LCDs, Epson's technology, Advanced Video Movement II (AVM-II) digital video processor, selector unit LPF-QSD1WB with HDMI, DVI-D, component, digital and analog RGB, RS-232, 3300:1 CR, 1200 ANSI lumens, images from 36 inches to 25 feet diagonally, 3 year warranty on projector, 2000 hour warranty on bulb


Apr 04
Virtual HD 1080p video processor, DVI, 26 point video processing, automatic 1080i 3:2 film correction, PCMCIA slot for photo memory card, TTM Apr 04
60" 60V500 $4500
50" 50V500 $3800

Jun 04 (company announcement of 2004/5 models)

Hitachi concentrated its DTV efforts in LCD (RPTV and direct-view) and CRT RPTV for 2004/5 models, which includes the new "CineForm" design series of fully integrated/CableCARD sets, expected by year-end 2004. The company has switched from 3 to 21 integrated models transitioning to CableCARD tuner integration, using Hitachi's VirtualHD 1080p upconversion video processing on all models.

Eleven new Ultravision CineForm models (below)
All integrated with ATSC/QAM CableCARD/dual NTSC tuners, Virtual HD 1080p video processor, identical vertical/horizontal look within the line, reduced height, two stage light engine, new dual-focus, advertising to start in Sep 04

LCD RPTVs Integrated
Ultravision VS810 Series
For open distribution, two HDMI/HDCP, 40 watt speaker system
50" 50VS810 $4000, TTM 3Q04
60" 60VS810 $4700, TTM 3Q04
70" 70VS810 $7000, TTM 4Q04
Ultravision Director's VX915 Series
For A/V retail stores, adds to above dual two-way 1394/DTCP, high-gloss cabinet w/black trim, deep-black anti-reflective shield, learning A/V Net III remote, TTM 4Q04
50" 50VX915 $4700
60" 60VX915 $5500
70" 70VX915 $7500

Non-CineForm LCD Integrated RPTV
Fully integrated ATSC/QAM digital CableCARD tuning capability, TTM 3Q04
V710 (entry) Line
720p, Virtual HD 1080p processing, HDMI, USB, 40watt 3-way speaker system
42" 42V710 $2800
50" 50V710 $3300
60" 60V710 $4000
V715 (step-up) Line
Titanium silver finish
50" 50V715 $3300
60" 60V715 $4000

Series F510 Monitor Line
TTM 3Q04, HDMI, Virtual HD 1080p processing, 1080i/540p
46" 46F510 $1500
51" 51F510 $1700
57" 57F510 $2000
Series F710 Integrated
TTM 3Q04, adds to above integrated w/ATSC and QAM CableCARD tuners
65" 65F710 $3000
Series S715 Ultravision Integrated Line
TTM 3Q04, adds to above five element lens system, USB, 40 watt speaker system
51" 51S715 $2200
57" 57S715 $2500

LCD FPTV Ultra-vision
PJTX100 $4000, TTM 2Q04, 16:9 LCD for screen sizes between 30" and 300", 1200 ANSI, 1200:1 CR, 1280X720, 1.6:1 zoom, horizontal/vertical lens shift, DVI/HDCP


Sep 04
ScreenPlay 5000, 3-chip, $2000, 1280x720, DVI/HDCP, component

ScreenPlay, ultra-thin cabinet under 7 inches, dual integrated HDTV tuners, uni-directional Cable CARD, HDMI/HDCP, IEEE1394
50" SP50rp10 $8000
61" SP61rp10 $10000
70" TTM early 2005



DLA-QX-1 (QXGA) 2048x1536, 7000 ANSI lumens, CR > 1000:1, 1080i/24p/fp input capability, 12-bit gamma, 10-bit color processing, horizontal/vertical lens shift, optional anamorphic lens system, interchangeable lens system, HD-SDI input, DVI-D dual link option w/HDCP, for digital cinema screens <30 feet, home theater screens 12-20 feet, telecine transfer labs, YPbPr, RGBHV VGA, supports vertical Sync frequencies of 48Hz - 120 Hz (1080p/24/30/60i) and horizontal 31kHz -135kHz

DLA-HX2U 1400x788, 1500:1 CR, DIST, professional product

HD-2K, three D-ILA devices, 1920x1080 advanced technology, 2000:1 CR, 2-piece design, lower cost longer life lamp than Sony SXRD (one tenth), 13 element projection lens, outboard Faroudja 1080p signal processor via DVI-D, 13 pounds, TTM Summer 04

HD-4K projector comparable to 35mm quality, 4096x2160, 8.8 million pixels, 100000 hours lifetime in display modulators.

TTM Oct 04, integrated w/QAM CableCARD, and 1394 ports.
52" HD-52Z795 $5000
61" HD-61Z795 $

CES 2005
D-ILA 720p RPTV integrated line
ATSC/QAM Cable CARD tuners, dual IEEE1394 ports
52" 56" and 61" are offered in black or silver cabinet option as line 786
52" HD-52G886 $3300, TTM Jun 05
56" HD-56G886 $3700, TTM Jul 05
61" HD-61Z886 $4000, TTM Mar 05
70" HD-70G886 $7000, TTM Mar 05, black cabinet cosmetic, memory card

A 70" RPTV was introduced as a D-ILA 1920x1080p integrated set; the picture was one of the best of the show:

D-ILA 1080p RPTV integrated line
ATSC/QAM Cable CARD tuners, dual IEEE1394 inputs, dual HDMI inputs, no DVI
61" HD61FH96 $6000, TTM Sep 05
70" HD70FH96 $9000, TTM Sep 05, memory card slot

1080p Prototype JVC DILA 70 inch 1080p RPTV HD70FH96
  JVC DILA 70" 1080p RPTV HD70FH96


CES 2005 LCoS RPTV line XG engine, integrated ATSC/NTSC/QAM Cable CARD tuners, 1920x1080p, $TBA, HDMI/HDCP, IEEE1394, 3500:1 CR, 62" 62SL1D $TBA, TTM TBA 71" 71SL1D $TBA, TTM Jul 05

CRT super-thin direct-view
30" integrated ATSC/NTSC tuners, 1920x1080i native resolution, HDMI/HDCP, HD component input

LG displayed an interesting pair of 60-inches RPTVs showing 3-D images using a Stereoscopic Projection System of video games. For proper viewing, it was necessary to wear the typical 3-D glasses. The pair of display RPTVs were mainly to make a technology statement, but it also might become a near future product line of LG if the market demands it. According to LG, the system is applicable to 3D Game, 3D CAD, 3D Simulator, etc. at an optimum 3D view distance of 2.5 m (but more than 1m) using inputs as Normal DirecX-Based 3D Games and 3D Video.


April 2004 (company announcement of 2004/5 models)

82" Alpha 925 $21000, TTM Oct 04, 1920x1080 pixels resolution, 120GB DVR for 12 hours HD, 72 hours SD, MPEG SD encoder, diffusion screen, two-way speakers, this new unit has now an internal DVR, but still costing $21000 as last year's model Alpha WL-82913

Diamond Series LCD Integrated TVs
ATSC/NTSC/QAM CableCARD tuners, IEEE-1394, HDMI/HDCP, 120GB HDD DVR for 12 hours HD, 72 hours SD, TV Guide Onscreen IPG, MPEG SD encoders, Net Command 4.0

Diamond Series LCD Integrated TVs
42" LT-4260 $14000, 768x1365, TTM Oct 04, uses 20 fluorescent lamps
55" LT-5560 $TBA, 1080x1920, TTM TBA, uses 28 fluorescent lamps

315 Series, upgradeable monitors, DVI/HDCP
42" WT-42315 $1600, TTM Apr 04
48" WS-48315 $1800, TTM May 04
55" WS-55315 $2200, TTM Mar 04
65" WS-65315 $2700, TTM Apr 04

Eight CRT RPTV Fully Integrated Models
ATSC/QAM CableCARD tuners, AMVP2 processing, IEEE-1394, Net-Command 4.0 system control, HDMI/HDCP
515 Series
48" WS-48515 $2300, TTM Jul 04
55" WS-55515 $2700, TTM Jul 04
65" WS-65515 $3200, TTM Apr 04

Medallion 615 Series, TTM Aug 04
55" WS-55615 $3000
65" WS-65615 $3500
73" WS-73615 $5300
Diamond 815 Series, TTM Aug 04
Diamond 815 Series
55" WS-55815 $4500
65" WS-65815 $5500, 9-inch CRTs


CES 2005
First line of direct-view CRT TVs (ten)
Proview CRT
13", 20", 24", and 27" analog models from $90 to $400 in Mar/Apr 05
27" TI-627 $450, TTM May 05, HDTV monitor
30" TI-630 $650, TTM Jun 05, HDTV monitor
32" TI-632 $700, TTM Jul 05, HDTV monitor


2004 lines (D64 and 54 RPTVs, L14 and LCX64 LCD RPTVs) are still current; check details and original MSRP prices on the CES 2004 report

PT-AE500, 1280x720 LCD panels, 10 bit digital processing and gamma correction, three layer RGB structure for 2.76 million pixels, 850 ANSI lumens, 1300:1 CR, 100" screen size from 10 feet distance.

Oct 04 (announced at CEATEC)
PT-AE7000U-EC $3000, TTM Oct 04, 2000:1 CR, 2x optical lens, 1000 lumens, 480i/p, 720p, 1080i, 10-bit gamma correction, Smooth Screen Technology for film appearance

Nov 04
Panasonic confirmed their decision to discontinue CRT RPTV production by March 2005, although direct-view continues.

CES 2005
Integrated with ATSC/NTSC/QAM Cable CARD tuners, Photo Viewer w/SD slot, RGB PC input, HDMI/HDCP
LCX85 Series
61" PT-61LCX85 1080p, 2000:1 CR
LCX85 Series

LCX65 Series
44" PT-44LCX65
52" PT-52LCX65
61" PT-61LCX65


Jun 04
New 3rd generation, Matchline and Epic series in 55" and 62" sizes.
55" 55PL9774 $4300, TTM current
62" 62PL9774 $N/A, TTM Jun 04
Epic line
55" 55PL9524 $3800, TTM current
62" 62PL9524 $4200, TTM Jun 04

Oct 04
Cineos series
Integrated CableCARD/ATSC tuners
44" 44PL9523 $2300, black and black/silver cabinets
55" 55PL9223 $2500
55" 55PL9524 $3000
55" 55PL9774 $3000
62" 62PL9524 $3300
62" 62PL9774 $3500

In Oct 04, Philips announced that it has decided to discontinue their LCoS business with engines and RPTV, the company indicated that it had invested approximately $200 million in LCoS, the RPTV market was too small, and is not willing to increase the investment for the company to compete with these products. Operations were planned to stop on November 19, 2004. The company also announced a retail price reduction of $500 on existing LCoS sets.

Three models:
51" 51pp9920 $2100
55" 55pp9920 $2300
60" 60pp9920 $2600


Vision Line
Model 60 $15000, 1400x768, D-ILA
Model 100 $25000, 1366x768, LCD, 70 foot-lamberts

Sep 04 (CEDIA introduction)
Cinewide motorized anamorphic lens for 2.35:1 aspect ratio, the technology expands 1.78:1 to 2.35:1


Jun 2004 (company announcement of 2004/5 models)

CRT RPTVs Monitors
TTM Apr 04, HDMI/HDCP, two component inputs
42" HC-P4252W $1200, tabletop
47" HC-P4752W $1300, tabletop
52" HC-P5252W $1500, floor-standing

A year ago at CES 2004, Samsung announced that it would drop the 55" and 65" CRT RPTV monitor sets to focus on micro-display technologies, and actually happened in 2004. The company also indicated that it plans to transition the above CRT RPTV monitors to fully integrated CableCARD sets later in the year, a difficult endeavor when adding a relatively expensive HD tuner to the low cost of CRT models, according to Samsung. One integrated (transitioned) model mentioned at CES 2004 was:

52" HC-P5256W $2,200, TTM later 04, integrated w/ATSC/QAM CableCARD, DNIe, HDMI (note the estimated difference of $700 of the MSRP of 52" monitor vs. the estimated integrated at CES 2004 time).

CRT Direct-view Integrated Models (eight)
Built-in ATSC tuners in four screen sizes, in-the-clear QAM digital cable tuner (omit CableCARD), DynaFlat picture tube, DVI/HDCP, accept 1080i/720p to display as native 1080i
30" in 16x9 AR, three models priced between $1000-$1200
26" in 16x9 AR, two models priced at $700 each
32" in 4x3 AR, two models at $1000 each
27" in 4x3 AR, $700

CES 2005
Samsung has shown a new technology to reduce by 30% the depth of a direct-view CRT tube. The technology is called "SlimFit" and will be used on a new line of sets:

Dynaflat Dynaflat

DynaFlat SlimFit CRT direct-view TV Series 30" TX-R3079WH $1300, TTM Mar 05, 15.5 inches deep, integrated ATSC tuner, HDMI, 2 HD/DVD component inputs

CRT RPTVs new line
TTM 2Q05, floating screen cabinet, integrated ATSC tuner, excludes QAM Cable CARD slot
43" $1300


Oct 04
PLV-HD10 1920x1080, 5500 ANSI lumens, 1000:1 CR


PLV-WF10 1366x768, 3000 ANSI lumens, 900:1 CR

Oct 04 (CEATEC introduction)
55" LP-55WR1 $6000, TTM in Japan Dec 04, in US by 2005, 1280x720

Oct 04 (CEATEC introduction)
LP-23 $3100, TTM Oct 04 in Japan, 2000:1 CR, 1280x720, up to 200 inches image

CES 2005
PLC-EF60 1400x1050, 5800 ANSI lumens, 1300: 1 CR
PLC-XF60 1024x768, 6500 ANSI lumens, 1300:1 CR
PLC-XP56/L 1024x768, 5000 ANSI lumens, 1200:1 CR
PLC-XP51/L 1024x768, 4000 ANSI lumens, 1000:1 CR
PLC-XU51 1024x768, 2000 ANSI lumens, 450:1 CR, ultra portable
PLC-XU56 1024x768, 2500 ANSI lumens, 450:1 CR, ultra portable
PLC-XU47 1024x768, 2000 ANSI lumens, 450:1 CR, ultra portable
PLC-XU41 1024x768, 1500 ANSI lumens, 450:1 CR, ultra portable
PLC-SU51 800x600, 2000 ANSI lumens, 450:1 CR, ultra portable
PLC-SW35 800x600, 1500 ANSI lumens, 350:1 CR, ultra portable


Sep 04
First LCoS own brand (Veos)
65" 720p monitor, Brillian chip, $8000, 2000:1 CR, DVI, optional expansion port for ATSC tuner, QAM cable tuner w/Cable CARD, and 1394 memory card devices


February/June/August 2004 (company announcements of 2004/5 models)

In February 2004, Sony introduced twelve HDTV integrated models with ATSC/NTSC/QAM CableCARD unidirectional tuners with HDMI/HDCP digital connectivity and two HD-STBs with DVR for QAM Cable CARD tuning. Of the twelve models, six are LCD Grand Wega RPTVs, four CRT Direct-View sets, and two CRT-based RPTV sets, as follows:

LCD Grand Wega Integrated RPTVs
Two new series (WF and XS) were added to the entry-level (WE) and high-end (XBR) Series, and two new models were added within the WE Series, TTM Sep 04, 16:9 AR, Sony LCD Optical Engine video processing

New models on the WE Series
42" KDF-42WE655 $2800
50" KDF-50WE655 $3000
New WF Series
55" KDF-55WF655 $3700
60" KDF-60WF655 $4000
New XS Series
55" KDF-55XS955 $4000
60" KDF-60XS955 $4400

Direct-View Integrated CRT Tubes
Trinitron Wega tubes, SuperFine Pitch CRT technology, Wega engine processing
34" KD-34XBR960 $2200, TTM Jun 04
34" KD-34SX955 $2000, TTM Aug 04
36" KD-36SX955 $1900, 4:3 AR, TTM Oct 04
30" KD-30SX955 $1400, 16:9 AR, TTM Aug 04

CRT-based RPTVs Integrated
TTM Sep 04, WEGA engine, Direct Digital, DRCM (Digital Reality Creation MultiFunction), Multi-Image Driver (MID-X) circuitry
51" KDP-51WS655 $2100
57" KDP-57WS655 $2400

Hi-Scan Series FD Trinitron WEGA Monitors
Solid silver tone, rounded corner cabinetry, dual component inputs, HDMI/HDCP
27" KV-27HS420 $750
30" KV-30HS420 $1000
32" KV-32HS420 $1000, 4:3 AR
34" KV-34HS420 $N/A, 16:9 AR
36" KV-36HS420 $N/A

LCoS RPTV (Sony's SXRD Technology)

SONY 70 SXRD LCoS 1080p RPTV KDS-70Q006
To pair their current QUALIA FPTV projector, Sony unveiled a 16:9 model KDS-70Q006 for $13000 (previously called KDS-70XBR100 within the XBR line, for $10000), native resolution of 1920x1080, 70 inches, NTSC/ATSC/QAM CableCARD tuners, 200-watt cooled lamp for 3000:1 CR, WEGA Engine System, HD component inputs, HDMI/HDCP, IEEE1394 (iLink), TTM Jan 05.

At CES 2005 the model above was shown with identical characteristics than the XBR set at CEDIA, the set was introduced now as part of the QUALIA hi-end line, and its price increased to $13,000. The TV does NOT accept 1080p externally.

Superlite line
VPL-ES1, SVGA, 1000 ANSI, $1,300, HDTV capability
Oct 04
Cineza VPL-HS51 $3500, TTM Oct 04, 1280x720, 6000:1 CR
Cineza VPL-HS51

Sep 04
4K projector SRX-R110 (introduced at Digital Cinema Laboratory in Hollywood, CA), resolution of 4096x2160, compatible with 2K projectors of 1920x1080, judged as with a picture quality of at least 35 mm, 10000 ANSI lumens, 3000:1 CR (expected at 2000:1 in the production units), expected in theaters by 2005, dual-screen mode for the projection of dual 1920x1080 images, and quad-mode for four 1920x1080 images, $80000, $15000 extra for lens, TTM Jan 05, suitable for up to 40 feet wide screens.

SRX-R105 $60000, 5000 lumens, suitable for up to 25 feet screens.

Sony Black Screen
Sony introduced their new screen designed to reflect only red, green, and blue wavelengths with a 2.1 gain, absorbing all ambient light in the room. The screen measures 80 inches and will be sold for about $2000, TTM next summer. The screen was shown at CES 2005 mating Sony's Cineza VPL-HS51 LCD projector. The very large room they used for this screen was shared with all their other TVs, cameras, and equipment which required of sufficient light to been able to see all the components and read their specifications. Even with such lighting conditions the screen was still able to perform acceptably, according to Sony it is designed to perform properly with daylight.


LCoS RPTV - Olevia
CES 2005
Olevia line

50" LCT50HV $2100, TTM Dec 04, 1388x780 3-panel RGB, 1000:1 CR, 1000 Nits of brightness, 3:2 pulldown, wide 170/170 viewing angle, NTSC tuner, DVI/HDCP, YCbCr, YPbPr, VGA RGB for PC

61" $TBA, TTM end 05, ATSC tuner, 1920x1080p, NO 1080p input


May 04 (company announcement of 2004/5 models)

Thomson join venture with China's CTL (TTE) starting in July 04 will produce for the US market eleven fully integrated ATSC and Digital Cable Ready models with QAM CableCARD unidirectional (seven RCA Scenium DLP models, four RCA CRT RPTV models), with HDMI, and with component inputs. The new sets are said to recognize the Broadcast Flag. According to TTE, the company will become the largest company in the world for color TV products; selling 18 million sets annually (with a 22 million production capacity), representing 11% globally.

CRT RPTV Integrated
Four new sets w/ATSC and QAM cable tuners, HDMI/HDCP, component, TTM fall 04
52" HD52W55 $1900
52" HD52W56 $2000
58 group
Subwoofer output, protective screen shield, SRS Focus
52" HD52W58 $2300
56" HD56W58 $2500

Current 42 Series DLP Integrated (continues in the line up)
ATSC/QAM cable in-the-clear tuners, includes EPG, Internet browser, HDMI, and IEEE-1394
50" HD50LPW42 $3800
61" HD61LPW42 $4300

CRT RPTV Monitors (carried over)
52" D52W15 $1500
52" D52W20 $1700
56" D56W20 $2000
61" D61W20 $2200

CES 2005
Introduced 10 RCA CRT RPTV models in five Series
Integrated ATSC tuners, $ 1100 for the 52"

59 Series
52" HD52W59

64 Series
52" HD52W64

65 Series
56" HD56W65

66 and 68 series below with DVI and subwoofer
66 Series
52" HD52W66
56" HD56W66
61" HD61W66

68 Series
52" HD52W68
56" HD56W68

Introduced seven new direct-view CRTs integrated
ATSC tuner, displays 480i images (SDTV) in 4:3 AR:
27" $269, entry level
32" $<$400

CRT HDTVs direct-view 4:3 monitors


May 04 (company announcement of 2004/5 models)

Toshiba announced its 2004-05 television line to dealers. The new line is mainly oriented to fixed-pixel digital display technologies, such as direct-view LCD TV, plasma, Digital Light Processing (DLP) rear-projection integrated sets and monitors, in addition to CRT-based rear-projection and direct-view products.

In January 2004 (CES), Toshiba announced their decision of discontinuing the LCoS line, which is now replaced by their support to DLP.

Analog and 4:3 aspect ratio sets are now discontinued
TheaterWide Monitors
46" 46H84 $1400, Jun 04, tabletop
51" 51H84 $1700, May 04
57" 57H84 $1900, May 04
65" 65H84 $2200, Jun 04

TheaterWide Integrated
QAM CableCard/ATSC tuners, IEEE-1394, TV Guide On-screen interface
51" 51H94 $2100, Jul 04
57" 57H94 $2300, Sep 04

Cinema Series Integrated
QAM CableCard/ATSC tuners, IEEE-1394, TV Guide On-Screen interface
51" 51HX94 $2400, Aug 04
57" 57HX94 $2600, Sep 04
65" 65HX94 $2900, Oct 04

Direct-view CRT Monitors
TheaterWide Line
26" 26HF84 $700, Aug 04
30" 30HF84 $900, Jul 04
34" 34HF84 $1400, Jun 04
Cinema Series Line
30" 30HFX84 $1000, Aug 04
34" 34HFX84 $1600, Jul 04

At the time of the May 04 announcement of new 2004/5 lines Toshiba anticipated a demand for direct-view digital televisions and will keep producing complete lines of analog CRT direct-view models (curved and flat-faced).

Sep 04
Toshiba and Canon have been working together since 1999 in a join venture for the development of SED panels, expected to be 55 inches and above. Flat panel TV with SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) technology is said to be similar than CRT beam-emitting technology to obtain comparable clear images but with a flat panel. SED handles fast images without jagged edges and consumes one-third the electric current needed by plasma. Although the first SED televisions could be available in 2005, full production is expected in 2006.

SED is formed by two glass plates with vacuum in between, one mounted with electron emitters and pixels similar in number to those of a CRT electron gun, and another glass plate coated with a fluorescent substance. The technology has a very narrow slit (several nanometers wide) made from ultrafine-particle film; reaction to voltage produces a tunneling effect and the emission of electrons, which are accelerated by the voltage applied between the glass plates and collide with the fluorescent-coated glass plate, which emits light.

SED has a wide angle of viewing, similar to CRT. Larger screens can be manufactured increasing the number of electron emitters to match the required number of pixels. SEDs do not need electronic-beam deflection. Wall-mounted large-screen TV displays can be made with only a few centimeters thick.

CES 2005
SED products are expected to perform with 1 millisecond response time and 8600:1 CR, and are planned to be offered in late 2005/early 2006 at a price range of LCD-TV panels of equivalent size, starting with 50" model. The company expects SED panels to challenge the flat-panel market currently dominated by plasmas and LCD-TVs.

36" 1280x720, flat panel with CRT performance (demo)
50" 1920x1080, TTM late 05/early 06, $ TBA

CRT direct-view
Super-thin models will be introduced in 2005, with 30% less depth,

CRT Direct-view TryPlay widescreen line
26" $700, TTM Mar 05
30" $1000, TTM Mar 05
30" $1400, TTM Jun 05, integrated with ATSC/QAM tuners


Jun 04 (Home Entertainment Expo)

FPTVs (in addition to the models 20 and 40 DLP FPTVs already introduced)
Model 60 D-ILA $13000, 3-panel, 1400x768 16:9 native, 1000 ANSI, 800:1 CR, TTM late summer 2004

Sep 04 (CEDIA introduction)
Model 80 D-ILA $30,000, 1920x1280, external processing, 1050 ANSI lumens, 2100:1 CR, DVI/HDCP, component


LPX-510 $5500, TTM Sep 04, 3x 0.7-inch LCD panels of 1280x720, DCDi, 10-bit D/A converter, 1200:1 CR, 1000 brightness with 200 watt UHP lamp (3000 hours expected life), HD component, HDMI/HDCP, RS-232

Be sure that you read the next article in the series: DLP RPTV's & FPTV Projectors (Coming Soon)

Posted by Rodolfo La Maestra, October 15, 2005 8:14 AM

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About Rodolfo La Maestra

Rodolfo La Maestra is the Senior Technical Director of UHDTV Magazine and HDTV Magazine and participated in the HDTV vision since the late 1980's. In the late 1990's, he began tracking and reviewing HDTV consumer equipment, and authored the annual HDTV Technology Review report, tutorials, and educative articles for HDTV Magazine, DVDetc and HDTVetc  magazines, Veritas et Visus Newsletter, Display Search, and served as technical consultant/editor for the "Reference Guide" and the "HDTV Glossary of Terms" for HDTVetc and HDTV Magazines.  In 2004, he began recording a weekly HDTV technology program for MD Cable television, which by 2006 reached the rating of second most viewed.

Rodolfo's background encompasses Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, and Audio and Video Electronics, with over 4,700 hours of professional training, a BS in Computer and Information Systems, and thirty+ professional and post-graduate certifications, some from MIT, American, and George Washington Universities.  Rodolfo was also Computer Science professor in five institutions between 1966-1973 in Argentina, regarding IBM, Burroughs, and Honeywell mainframe computers.  After 38 years of computer systems career, Rodolfo retired in 2003 as Chief of Systems Development from the Inter-American Development Bank directing sixty+ software-development computer professionals, supporting member countries in north/central/south America.

In parallel, from 1998 he helped the public with his other career of audio/video electronics, which started with hi-end audio in the early 60’s and merged with Home Theater video, multichannel audio
, HD, 3D and UHDTV. When HDTV started airing in November 1998, and later followed by 3DTV and 4K UHDTV, he realized that the technology as implemented would overwhelm consumers due to its complexity, and it certainly does even today, and launched his mission of educating and helping consumers understand the complexity, the challenge, and the beauty of the technology pursuing better sound and image, so the public learn to appreciate it not just as another television.