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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (November, 2005)

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New Products & Equipment

Ed's View - DirecTV HD DVR

By Ed Milbourn • Nov 22 2005, 5:06pm

Normally, I don't do product reviews. Others do that much more completely and with greater expertise than I. However, I am going to make a small exception as I own this product and have copious hands-on experience with it. This unit (the DIRECTV HD DVR HR 10-250) is actually the third DVR I have owned. The others being the R 10 non-HD version of the HR 10-250 and an early RCA Ultimate unit, so I have some basis for comparison.

Global & Worldview

Ed's View - HD3D

By Ed Milbourn • Nov 16 2005, 12:35am

There is no doubt that the next "big thing" on the horizon to augment the HDTV viewing experience is three-dimensional (3D) display. To any who have seen IMAX 3D, the 3D effect is awesome. Immediately, one concludes that this is the way all motion picture images should be displayed. Other than the non-compatibility with systems using regular displays and the polarizing filters (those plastic glasses) one must wear, the same IMAX 3D technology would work well with today's HDTV system. (Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?)


Is HD Ready for the Real World?

By Greg Moyer • Nov 8 2005, 10:03pm

VOOM is back in the news and so it gives me great pleaure to introduce to you one of the key men making it happen - Mr. Greg Moyer. Moyer serves as co-general manager of the VOOM HD Networks and recently joined our growing roster of HDTV columnists. His first column, "Is HD Ready for the Real World?", answers that question. _Dale Cripps

With more programs converting to HD, the standard definition "dead zones" on a typical night of television are becoming fewer and fewer. Now scripted series, movies, prime time sports and late night strips hosted by the likes of Jay Leno, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien are reliably in HD.

The big exception is the genre of unscripted "reality" shows that still make up a third or more of the prime time diet. As a group, these high-concept, lower cost series pioneered by "The Real World" on MTV and popularized by "Survivor" on CBS have resisted the urge to go HD largely due to the added cost and complications of extensive field production. If "rea ...