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This second part of Tom Fletcher's three-part series (begun yesterday) highlights the Feature Films Shot or Released in HD in 2005 (in-whole or in-part). The easy-to-read table contains the movie Title, Director, Director of Photography, and Recording Format used. Put these at the top of your HD DVD and Blu-ray lists this summer, as they'll be some of the best money can buy in terms of picture quality.

The other parts in the series are:
Part 1: 2005 High Definition: A Year in Review
Part 3: 2005 HD Acquisition Television Show Productions

Fletcher Chicago's
2005 High Definition: A Year in Review

Compiled by Thomas Fletcher

TitleDirectorDirector of PhotographyRecording Format(s)
"Miami Vice"Michael MannDion Beebe ASC, ACS35mm, s.two,
"Superman Returns"Bryan SingerNewton Thomas Sigel, ASCHDCAM SR
"Click"Frank CoraciDean Semler ASC, ACSHDCAM SR
"Apocalypto"Mel GibsonSean Semler, ACS, ASCHDCAM SR
"Flyboys"Tony BillHenry Braham, BSCHDCAM SR
"Prairie Home Companion"Robert AltmanEd Lachman, ASCHDCAM SR
"Ultraviolet"Kurt WimmerArthur & Jimmy WongHDCAM SR
"The Cave"Bruce HuntRoss Emery, ASC
Wes Skiles (Underwater)
35mm, HDCAM SR
"Domino"Tony ScottDaniel Mindel35mm, HDCAM SR
"Sin City"Robert RodriguezRobert RodriguezHDCAM SR
"Revenge of the Sith"George LucasDavid Tattersall, BSCHDCAM SR
"The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D"Robert RodriguezRobert RodriguezHDCAM SR
"Bubble"Steven SoderberghSteven SoderberghHDCAM SR
"Mission Impossible 3"J.J. AbramsDan Mindel35mm, HDCAM SR
"Chronicles"David FincherHarris Savides, ASCs.two
"Silence Becomes You"Stephanie SinclaireArturo Smiths.two
"La Maison Du Bonheur"Dany BoonJean-Marie Dreujou, AFCHDCAM SR
"Scary Movie 4"David ZuckerThomas E. Ackerman, ASCHDCAM SR
"Le Poulain"Olivier RingerJean-Paul de Zaetijds.two
"Highlander: The Source"Brett LeonardSteve Arnold ASCs.two
"Oliver Twist"Roman PolanskiPawel Edelman PSC35mm, s.two

Posted by Thomas Fletcher, February 1, 2006 5:51 AM

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