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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (March, 2006)

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HDTV Technology Review, Part 1: Introduction

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Mar 27 2006, 8:51pm

As with every year, this report reviews the state of HDTV technology and the industry behind it. The information is up-to-date as of March 2006 and includes future products announced at January's International CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Most publications only show current DTV products with few specifications. They exclude equipment expected in the medium-term future, and they do not analyze the market to guide the reader in making the right choice. Hundreds of products are included in this report, with specifications and features intended to facilitate comparisons with other models, brands, and technologies.


Looking Ahead

By Dale Cripps • Mar 25 2006, 6:41am


Without notice my HDTV died. What is there to do but turn misfortune into good so I decided that I would bite the bullet and 'YIPPY YAHOOO!' get a new HDTV with all those new goodies, like HDMI (and a bigger screen)and 1080p. I'm excited again!

So, I went shopping ... on the net. I soon tired from the confusions that all consumers now face and for relief punched up the news. After the usual disheartening reports about Iraq I sought refuge and went to www.movies.com to see what was showing locally. Nothing tempted me so I extended my search for some light entertainment on the net.

That's when I discovered www.Youtube.com.

Now we are not talking HDTV here, but the future for HDTV programming is more than likely incubating there. So, it's more than a worthy side trip that I hope you will take with me in this piece.


Ed's View - Connections

By Ed Milbourn • Mar 7 2006, 7:41pm

I continue to be amazed at the growing number of input jacks one finds on the back (and front) of today's HDTV sets. This all started in the mid 1980's with the advent of the first audio/video components such as VCR's and early videodisc players. These devices gave rise to the "monitor/receiver" with one or two sets of composite (Right, Left, Video) RCA jacks. With the introduction of S-Video, another jack was added along with audio output jacks for the rising audio receiver market. The final addition to the analog complement was the "component" inputs (Y, Pr, Pb or YUV). This interface allowed the coupling of the wider bandwidth video information


OTA HD Demystified

By Ben Drawbaugh • Mar 1 2006, 4:12pm

Everyone knows that it's possible to watch TV with an antenna, but most people today don't understand why anyone would want to. We have all read the horror stories about how difficult it can be to receive a good OTA (Over the Air) signal, especially with DTV. There are a few benefits to OTA today that we didn't have before the US started the DTV transition. Some of the best picture quality possible can be obtained with an antenna, at least until High Definition DVDs are released. It's FREE, it's recordable on some computers like Windows Media Center Edition and it works sometimes when cable and Satellite doesn't.