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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (April, 2006)

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Digital Connectivity - A Tutorial

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Apr 25 2006, 2:12pm

The DVI (Digital Visual Interface) 1.0 specification was introduced in April 1999 by the Digital Display Working Group integrated by Silicon Image, Intel, Compaq, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and NEC for the purpose of creating an digital connection interface between a PC and a display device. It is a connection with enough bandwidth for uncompressed HD signals.

IEEE1394 is a digital interface conceived by Apple Computer in 1986, and it was called "Fire Wire" for its fast speed of operation. In 1995, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) adopted the serial bus as its standard 1394. Sony trademarked their name iLink for their implementation of the 1394 bus as a 4-pin connector.

On December 9, 2002, the seven founders of HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) announced the 1.0 specification of this connectivity standard, the enhanced, more robust form of DVI. The seven founders are Hitachi, Matsushita, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson, and Toshiba.


Multi-channel Audio for HD

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Apr 21 2006, 2:35pm

We had not planned on releasing this for some time, but the recent questions about HD DVD audio prompted Rodolfo and I to get this out to the public while it was most useful. I hope you find it so.

Topics covered include:
- Hi-bit Dolby Digital Formats - Connectivity
- Legacy Discrete Surround Audio Formats for Hi Def DVD
- Hi-bit Surround Audio Formats - Summary
- Hi-bit Audio Application to Hi-def DVD Formats
- Analysis


1080p into HDTV Displays

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Apr 17 2006, 3:08pm

What are 1080p manufacturers doing on their current 1080p sets? Are they really implementing all that 1080p can and should do? Do people need all that 1080p can do? When? How could one find out if a set is actually suited to be ready for near future 1080p media, such as Hi Def DVD coming in a few months?

I will cover all those subjects gradually in short articles, but first let us mention a couple of key points.

Politics & Policy

California Monkey Wrench

By Dale Cripps • Apr 12 2006, 5:49am

I had planned on bringing you the details of the new Mitsubishi line tonight but this story (see below) broke today and it is important enough to preempt the product discussions. I am working on an expanded version of this press release which will be posted on our site tomorrow. The reason that this story is important is not because they consumer electronics industry cannot meet the demands, but the trade offs for doing so can backfire in several ways. First, the people needing these final transition boxes may be unhappy with the performance of lower power schemes and secondly the clock it ticking. It is hard to redesign and bring to market in time to accommodate the February 17, 2009 deadline for bringing an end to analog broadcasting. So, tomorrow, all things willing, I will bring you both my comments and research done on this story and then a discussion of the products from Mitsubishi. _Dale Cripps


It's a Big, Big Mitsubishi World

By Dale Cripps • Apr 11 2006, 1:30am

Mitsubishi Electric Digital Television presented their annual "line show" for the press who cover consumer electronics. The event this year fell on the 7th of April and was held at the elegantly appointed Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort and Conference Center in Orange County, California. It was tough duty but I was there for you! The Mitsubishi dealers gathered the following day for the same presentation.

Our afternoon led off with a brief economic report: "We will end this year with $31 billion in global sales," said Cayce Blanchard, VP of Corporate Communications. "The company," she emphasized," is in good financial health." Indeed, they posted a nifty $819 million net profit (Gee, just inching ahead of HDTV Magazine!!)

Following on the heals of that report a "simulated" broadcast of the new MTV HD channel was cued up-a channel which Mitsubishi is co-sponsoring. It's clearly not your grandfather's TV any more. Nor will pops admit to watching the bare midriff programming. Th ...