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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (July, 2006)

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HDMI Part 2 - "I Want My Version X.Z"

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Jul 28 2006, 5:57pm

Over the past few years, I maintained technical discussions and exchanged ideas with Silicon Image and the related organizations on a regular basis since DVI was implemented, but more specially during the life of HDMI, as versions evolved, and as the industry adopted the digital connectivity standard for uncompressed HD video (and multichannel audio).

I anticipate that some of our readers would be interested in my notes and analysis from those exchanges. The material is complex and is long; as I mentioned in Part 1, I am covering the subject in 10 parts. The material is the product of many exchanges between Paul Wolf (Chief of Engineering HDMI Licensing, LLC), Joseph Lee (Director of Marketing for Simplay Labs, LLC), Leslie Chard (President, HDMI Licensing LLC), and me; it was intended to cover all the angles, and was summarized here to single statements to facilitate reading. In other words, is a teamwork brainstorming of a variety of technical issues, an exclusive of HDTV Magazine. ...


HDMI - A Digital Interface Solution

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Jul 26 2006, 4:57am

HDMIEver wonder what HDMI specs came along with which versions? Or why HDMI came along at all when there are so many connection types already from which to choose? Get all the details in this article, the first of a 10-part series on HDMI ... and which standards & devices you should have in your home theater.

General Interest

In The Eye of The Beholder

By Dale Cripps • Jul 11 2006, 5:23pm

One of the more reliable sources in television technology information and history is Mark Schubin. From his perch in New York City this renowned television engineer and historian administers a number of important consulting and advisory assignments here and abroad. His much sought-after views and wisdom can also be found in numerous publications, including his own e-mail distributed "Mark's Monday Memo" (while generally available his "memo" is directed to the professional ranks).


HD DVD Research Summary

By Dale Cripps • Jul 11 2006, 5:13pm

While all market studies can be skewed to produce a "desired outcome" it does no good to ignore even the most blatant of them. Below is a summary of the latest consumer survey from one of the key market trend spotters in the nation. They say HD DVD is the value winner in the format war between it and Blu-Ray. This report comes on the heals of the formation of the HD DVD Promotion Association, a group vitally interested in the success of the HD DVD format. As a new owner of a true 1080 X 1920 display (Sony's SXRD 60" rear projector) I can attest to the fact that the old DVD format is now past its useful life.


Ed's View - HDTV But No HDTV - An Indoor Antenna Will Solve The Problem

By Ed Milbourn • Jul 5 2006, 11:22pm

You proudly have your new wide-screen HDTV set delivered to your living room; the little man hooks up your cable box to the set's back; turns it on, and you see a wonderful picture, bright and clear, but it doesn't fill the screen. The little man hits a button on the remote, and, viola, there it is! "Man," you exclaim, "I didn't realize HDTV was so good!" "Yeah," he hesitantly replies, "It's good, ok, but it's not HDTV." Then, after much prying, you surprisingly discover that your cable company does not have an HDTV service, and/or your satellite alternative does not offer local network channels in HDTV. What's even sadder is that in many instances the little man does not go past the "Yeah," and the customer remains convinced he is receiving HDTV, especially when he plays his DVD's