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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (November, 2006)

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Ed's View - Local HDTV in Indy

By Ed Milbourn • Nov 30 2006, 4:31am

If one could pick an actual date for the arrival of winter in Indianapolis, it is November 15. It is then when the cold, constant rains begin, followed by three months of intermittent clouds. However, this year, November 15 was greatly brightened by the firstregularly scheduled live, locally produced HDTV broadcast. WTHR (DT), the Indianapolis market's NBC affiliate, started broadcasting local news programming in HDTV. And did they do it right!

Several segments of the inaugural evening news production originated from a large...

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Ed's View - THREATS, Volume 1

By Ed Milbourn • Nov 7 2006, 6:34am

As more and more digital television systems are destined for consumers' homes an increasing number will be sold with the designation, "HDTV." In a comparatively short time virtually all television sales will technically meet the "official" CEA HDTV definition. As we progress up the growth curve, however, there are certain threats to the viability and fidelity...

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Podcasting in High Definition

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 2 2006, 5:15pm

For those of you who just don't get enough High Definition from your local provider, here are a few more sources of HD content and information to satisfy your craving. I've scoured iTunes and plucked these gems to highlight for your viewing (and listening) pleasure. The first group are podcasts about high definition technology: news, reviews, analysis, etc. The second group are podcasts that feature high definition video. Shot in either 720 or 1080 lines of resolution, these are hefty downloads, but should help ease the pangs of your high definition hunger.