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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (March, 2007)

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HD Waveform 10 - Dynamic Iris and Gamma

By Richard Fisher • Mar 26 2007, 6:28pm

Over the last 3 years manufacturers have been busy improving their marketing specs to the mass market for contrast ratios by using an iris and gamma technique since better numbers creates the illusion of purchasing better performance. The purpose of this article is to put that into perspective so that the performance enthusiast will understand why this feature degrades overall image performance, why it sells product and why, for some technologies, it may be needed to be competitive.

One way to improve dynamic range and measured contrast ratio is to employ an iris. An iris typically decreases...


Ed's View - HDTV All the Time - The Amazing UMP

By Ed Milbourn • Mar 21 2007, 6:02pm

Imagine virtually any digital video source -regardless of its original resolution- being rendered in full 1920x1080 HDTV. Of course, most any modern display up-converter/scaling system will render images in a 1920x1080 format, but not at full HDTV resolution. Enter an incredible development shortly to be revealed - one that is truly exemplary of disruptive technology - the Ultimate Media Player or UMP, the working name and acronym for this amazing innovation.

An interesting consortium of three companies, spearheaded by a large Japanese based electronics powerhouse, developed the UMP. (I am unable to confirm the name of this "prime contractor," but you can guess.) The key to the operation of the UMP is...


Roll Your Own Video Server - Mac Mini-style

By The HT Guys • Mar 9 2007, 6:00pm

When I bought my Mac Mini last year it was done so with the sole purpose to turn it into an HTPC. But after spending a year with it, the Mini has become so much more. We primarily use the Mini as our video server. We also have an ATSC tuner (El Gato EyeTV) connected to it so it is used as a back up DVR on those rare occasions that we have to record three programs at the same time. With a little networking know-how and a couple of applications the Mini becomes quite a powerful video server.

First lets talk about the hardware...

New Products & Equipment

CinemaScope™ HDHT - Part 2

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Mar 6 2007, 7:52pm

As I mentioned on the first article, I decided to launch this CinemaScope™ project at my own cost and with my own design and equipment selection, to been able to publish a series of articles for the readership of our magazine, and to show consumers that this concept of a high-definition home-theater (HDHT) CinemaScope™ is economically affordable, technically possible, and could certainly be attractive to many 2.35:1 movie viewers.

Having completed the electronic and optical stages of the system in a dedicated room with controlled lighting, I can tell...