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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (July, 2007)

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Preparing Consumers for the Digital Television Transition

By Dale Cripps • Jul 30 2007, 9:42pm

"We need to get the digital transition right." _Senator Daniel Inouye

The Senate Commerce Committee on Science and Transportation held yet another hearing last Thursday, (July 26, 2007), on the digital television transition. With only eighteen months remaining until shut off of all analog terrestrial broadcasting (switching to all-digital) there is a frightening recognition that the public has yet to be informed about it. Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D-HI) opened the hearing with a fist full of "facts".

"Between 15 and 21 million households," he said, "rely exclusively on over-the-air television. Many more have second and third over-the-air sets in their homes. In February 2009, these Americans could see their televisions go dark, disconnecting them from news, public safety announcements, and their community unless they get a converter box and attach it to their television. Yet far too few of these consumers know that the transition ... is underway. "

Inouye ...

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Ed's View - SHDTV

By Ed Milbourn • Jul 13 2007, 12:08am

(Part Unus)

It has been a long battle, but it has been won - big time. HDTV is now de-facto, not only nationally but internationally. The marketing "S" curve is approaching its steepest slope. Indeed, it is getting hard to find a retail TV offering that is not HDTV capable. HDTV programming, distribution options and sources are being augmented on an increasingly frequent basis. (Of course, there can never be enough.)

But, is there another, higher level of home AV that...