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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (August, 2007)

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Streaming Undecoded Dolby Advanced Audio Soundtrack on HD DVD

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Aug 30 2007, 12:42pm

I have an obligation to our readers to be as complete, analytical, and accurate as possible with the information I publish, so this second article is needed.

Some statements provided by the source in that first article were recently contradicted by an announcement of an actual product. As I mentioned in my article, I contacted the HD DVD Promotion Group for them to verify Dolby's statements on the subject of the DVD Forum and HD DVD. Although they responded, after numerous requests they still did not confirm nor correct Dolby's statements. As a respect to Dolby's source, I assumed they were factual and used them for the article.

As you might recall, Dolby stated that the pass-through streaming feature on HD DVD players was...


Mobile DTV Reception - Advanced-Vestigial Side-Band (A-VSB) - Bandwidth Requirements

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Aug 23 2007, 7:13pm

On the first article I covered the subject of how the architecture of the system works, on this article I address the subject of bandwidth requirements and how that plays a role with existing HDTV terrestrial bandwidth requirements for quality HD.

At CES 2007, Mr. Godfrey addressed a subject that I have personally questioned at Samsung press conference regarding what A-VSB does to an HDTV channel in terms of quality when borrowing from its allocated bandwidth.


Mobile DTV Reception - Advanced-Vestigial Side-Band (A-VSB) - The System

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Aug 17 2007, 11:59am

A-VSB is a DTV broadcast system for mobile purposes proposed to the ATSC in December 2005. During 2006 Sinclair Broadcast Group, Samsung Electronics, and transmitter manufacturer Rohde & Schwarz, joined efforts to successfully test DTV mobile reception at highway speeds.

A-VSB is expected to be included in the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) digital-TV standard by 1H07, and is backward compatible with 8-VSB the current DTV terrestrial system.

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Ed's View - SHDTV (Part Duo)

By Ed Milbourn • Aug 14 2007, 5:33pm

By the end of 2007 more than 5000 North American movie screens will be capable of showing digitally distributed motion pictures, some of which are produced in 3D. The distribution medium, however, remains mechanical, i.e. the actual digital data are stored as encrypted files on hard discs. Downloading of the files via satellite has been successfully demonstrated internationally, and undoubtedly will replace the ferrying of hard drives soon.

The key to this high quality, economical motion picture distribution system is...

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2007 HDTV Technology Review, Part 1: Introduction & TOC

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Aug 9 2007, 8:02pm

As with every year, this report reviews the state of HDTV technology for consumers, its implementation, government affairs, and the industry behind it.

This year, in addition to this report, I have produced a more comprehensive Industry Edition distributed by Display Search (almost 600 pages). On this Consumer Edition, I concentrate most of the material on what the readers of the HDTV Magazine usually devote more interest to: HDTV hardware, especially TVs.

Additionally, to round up the presentation, I provide a brief review of the main subjects related to DTV. However, due to space considerations, the full coverage of those subjects, such as digital connectivity, multi-channel audio for HD, content protection, satellite/cable/broadcast, IPTV, DTV implementation, etc. will be released in separate editions.


Hi-Def DVD - Audio Streaming Over HDMI

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Aug 1 2007, 12:44pm

In April 2007, as part of my analysis about Hi-Def DVD and Multi-channel audio in my annual HDTV Technology Review, I discussed the subject with Craig Eggers and Roger Dressler, Dolby executives. Some of the items discussed were: soundtrack streaming pass-through feature over HDMI in near future players, streamed Dolby Digital Plus not supported by HDMI versions 1.1 and 1.2 (while DTS HD is), audio-mix encoders for legacy connectivity, Dolby Digital at 640 kbps, etc. This article summarizes those conversations as follows: