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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (November, 2007)

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Which is More Consumer Friendly: HD DVD or Blu-ray?

By Shane Sturgeon • Nov 26 2007, 1:58pm

No, this is not the standard HD DVD vs. Blu-ray article that you may be used to reading. I am not declaring a "winner" because I think we are at a point now where neither camp is going away. Instead, this article explains which format I believe is the better choice for the consumer (you) this holiday season. Could that change a year from now? Sure, but I want to help you decide what to buy this year.

This article is not written in an attempt to convince anyone who has already made an investment one way or the other, for that is an almost impossible feat. It was written for those that are still "on the fence", as they say. It is for those who are either undecided, or are waiting to see which one will come out ahead (or which will be first to waive the white flag). It's time to hop down off of that fence.


HD DVD or Blu-ray: My Choice is...?

By Richard Fisher • Nov 21 2007, 8:16am

I typically don't veer from the technical side into opinion, but HDTV Magazine founder Dale Cripps recently posted an article about the HD disc format wars, Blu-ray versus HD DVD, and his choice as to which one would be the winner. What I loved about his article was that it was not technical and most importantly took the pragmatic stance that he did not feel he should make that choice due to his lack of technical expertise on these two formats yet the industry would rather consumers, who know little about the technical side and far less than Dale, be the ones to make that choice. As a consumer Dale made his.

I never thought 10 years ago that I would be one of those early adopters with money to burn on expensive product but it turned out I was. Until HDTV came along I spent much of my time...

Cable HDTV

FCC Prohibits Exclusivity

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Nov 20 2007, 3:16pm

This is a matter that Technology Committees within Homeowners Associations should have reported already to community residents subscribing to cable video services (MVPDs). A new regulation by the FCC could benefit them favorably (both, owner and association) by opening the field to competition and consumer's choice.

The FCC approved on October 31, 2007 a "Report and Order (FCC 07-189)" banning the use of "exclusivity" clauses for the provision of video services to multiple dwelling units ("MDUs") or other real estate developments, by MVPDs subject to section 628 of the Communications Act.

In other words, a cable subscriber is now free to...

ProgrammingHD DVD

Ed's View - CNBC HD + No Cigar

By Ed Milbourn • Nov 12 2007, 6:04pm

Reams of paper have been devoted to writings by technical historians in argument as to the "inventor" of television. In truth, there was no single "inventor" of television such as recognized by seminal technical advances such as the light bulb, airplane and the telephone. Several individuals representing many generations of scientific discoveries and enabling technologies serially combined to give us the technical miracle we identify with "television." But there is one individual we can arguably identify as the "father" of the television system. That is John Logie Baird, a Scotsman who virtually single-handedly devised, built and, indeed, commercialized television in Britain. Indeed, his television developments comprised the adopted BBC television system from 1929 to 1934. Several thousand Baird "Televisors" (receivers) were built and sold, allowing British citizens to enjoy regular television programming before anybody else in the world!* The amazing aspect of the Baird system w ...


Is It My Choice, or Is It Yours?

By Dale Cripps • Nov 2 2007, 6:31pm

I wrote the piece (below) originally for High-Def.Org Magazine. It concerns the high-definition DVD format war High-Def.Org is a printed monthly magazine read by 20,000 professionals working in television and motion pictures. The article contains a highly personal view (certainly different from my partner Shane's) and one which I ask no one to follow...nor is it some official stand taking by HDTV Magazine. It would be misleading to say, however, that it was written without the hope of being an influence to putting to rest this dual format problem. How it falls is not too much of a concern for me (even if I push one way and it falls back to the other) but to end this "strike" a side must to be taken. I know some of you will think I am blindly biased for the side I did take and far too simplistic in my view while others will say that I finally see the light. The technology and arguments behind either format are challengingly good. But I have been in this predicting business for 25 years ...


Ed's View - The Demise of Broadcasting

By Ed Milbourn • Nov 1 2007, 12:46pm

This provocative article from our Ed Milbourn will echo forward for a long time to come. While broadcasting is still a robust business the cracks in its business model are severe. Analog technology once dictated the business model for telecasting, but that is now remade beyond recognition with the advent of digital technology. What lays ahead for the use of broadcast spectrum? Let Ed Milbourn open your mind to an exciting and creative future. _ Dale Cripps


Don't panic! This may be a very good thing for HDTV. Sometimes it takes a seminal, very disruptive event to cause a fundamental change in traditional business and/or political models to ensure survival. Failure to make those changes usually results in complete disaster. Successful change, however, usually results in the surviving entity being stronger, more vibrant and successful than before. History is replete with examples or this phenomenon, so I won't belabor this tome ...