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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (December, 2007)

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Gigabit Communication Challenges Cable Technology: Semiconductors to the Rescue

By RedMere/Molex • Dec 19 2007, 3:20pm

Multi-gigabit communications present many challenges to cable manufacturers. How can bandwidths higher than 10Gbps required by new standards such as HDMI™ and DisplayPort be achieved over low cost cables? What are the core technical problems with achieving these high data rates and what technologies can be used to address them? How can manufacturers achieve solutions which are less dependent on copper pricing? How can reliability issues be resolved without the need to use thicker cables? Cable manufacturing techniques have evolved to try to meet the challenge, but semiconductor solutions are emerging as promising alternatives and can be expected to play a significant role in solving these issues.

This article explains the physical problems faced by cable manufacturers, in particular...

New Products & Equipment

A New Approach to Components in a Digital Audio/Video World

By Robert A. Fowkes • Dec 13 2007, 3:23pm

Remember when Home Entertainment life was much simpler? All you did was to sit back and turn on the TV to watch programs. Or, if you remember TV before the days of remotes you turned on the TV and then sat back unless you had a young son who was your human remote. Carrying this one step further back (as this writer remembers) there was actually a time when you only listened to programs for your nightly entertainment. Fibber McGee and Molly anyone? In any event, in the 1950's to somewhere in the 1980's "Home Theater in a Box" was just that for most people - the family television.

A handful of audiophiles (I was building kits in the early days) had stereos by the late 50's and we knew about audio components - a pre-amplifier, an amplifier and speakers which produced wonderful sounds from our sources - usually records and reel to reel tapes. (Yes, I also had a wire recorder for a time. I also have an Edison cylinder or two gathering dust.) But as interest in components grew so did the de ...


Wired vs. Wireless Multimedia Connectivity

By Chris Russell • Dec 11 2007, 5:19pm

The advent of high definition content with Blu-Ray and HD DVD, HD broadcast and stunning real time HD console gaming continue to drive the bandwidth requirements at a dramatic pace. The most recent specifications for supporting current and future HD content requires a bandwidth as high as 10.8Gbps (in the case of Display Port) and 10.2Gbps (in the case of HDMI). The first part of this article examines the driving forces behind the requirement for ever-increasing bandwidth. The second part of the article compares the bandwidth available with wired solutions and various wireless bands including UWB and 60GHz bands.

The key factors driving the requirement for increased bandwidth are...