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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (January, 2008)

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Ed's View - Hail to the Glitches!

By Ed Milbourn • Jan 23 2008, 9:17pm

The digital/HDTV transition now in pregress by the television industry is arguably (certainly by that industry) the most complex ever experienced, though likely not since the evolvement of radio communications from Morse coded pulses to commercial broadcast radio. That took about 15 years and with a lot of glitches along the way, But they were overlooked and corrected as the...


LCD Specs Playing with Your Eyes

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Jan 22 2008, 2:16am

A recent question by one of our HDTV Magazine readers regarding LCD was: What does 4ms really mean? And how would that reconcile with the fact that a typical 60Hz frame rate would display each frame every 16ms? (8ms on a 120Hz display).

To accurately respond to these questions would take more than just a few sentences. The answers are not black and white, as I explain in the following article.

There seems to be a contradiction in the way these specs are expressed or interpreted for LCDs, and they are actually two different subjects that interact for the objective of display quality...


CES 2008: New HDTV Products and Technology Overview

By Shane Sturgeon • Jan 18 2008, 6:28am

For those of you who have been receiving the bulletins from CES over the past two weeks, you will recognize many of the topics below. I've picked some of the highlights and popular themes from this year's show and included a brief comment or two on each. This is not a comprehensive overview, but rather a "highlight reel" from the event. Here is a list of topics covered in this article. These are in no particular order:
  • Warner Brothers Chooses to go Blu-ray Exclusive
  • Blu-ray Getting "Bonus View"
  • LaserTV
  • The Shift to Wireless HD
  • The Rise of Video Download Services
  • Netflix and LG to Partner on Streaming Video
  • Dish Network Commits to 100 HD Channels in 2008
  • Slingbox Pro-HD
  • Microsoft Mediaroom Getting Traction
  • JVC Lineup
  • LG Lineup
  • Panasonic Lineup
  • Pioneer Lineup
  • Sharp Lineup
  • Sony Lineup
  • Toshiba ...