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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (January, 2010)

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Wireless HDMI/HDTV

WirelessHD - Integrating Wireless HDMI For Displays

By Richard Fisher • Jan 15 2010, 4:35pm

A wireless solution to get rid of the audio and video cables for a display has been a focal point for many years now. While many wireless adapters have come to market the Achilles Heal has always been that none of these solutions could fully duplicate the capability (and more importantly the performance) of a wired HDMI connection. At CES 2008 the WirelessHD group announced they were developing a new wireless standard and technology that could!

At CES 2009 there were...


3D HDTV in the Home

By Richard Fisher • Jan 14 2010, 4:36pm

This is not a full technology report on 3D because there is still so much development going on and standards yet to be formulated. This report covers observation of 3D demos at CEDIA and what I have been told or have read about 3D that should remain true regardless of future standards.

During the Sony press conference at CEDIA we were told their goal...