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HDTV Magazine Articles Archive (October, 2010)

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Auto-stereoscopic 3DTV (3D Without Glasses) - What else to lose for Stereoscopic 3D? (Part 3)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Oct 11 2010, 2:58pm

As mentioned in part 2, the glasses-required 3DTVs show an image that has a significant loss of resolution/luminance compared to the original 3D image recorded by the 3D camera-pair, and compared to its 2D version, but many viewers still like the 3D experience, and for many that is all that counts when deciding for a TV with a 3D feature, and if you are one of those it may be better for you to skip this part of the series, as the Spanish culture says: “Ojos que no ven corazon que no siente”.

Although auto-stereoscopic 3DTV removes the glasses from the equation, the technology has its own set of issues...