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HDTV Magazine Columns Archive (June, 2007)

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HD DVDInternet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Movie Rentals without the DVD

By Alfred Poor • Jun 29 2007, 2:00pm

What if you could rent movies to watch at home, and not have to go to the store to pick out the DVD? Or even go to the mailbox to get the DVD that was sent to you by NetFlix or Blockbuster? What if there was no disc at all? What if you didn’t [...]

Plasma HDTVsBusiness & InvestmentLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Hitachi Drops Rear Projection

By Alfred Poor • Jun 28 2007, 2:00pm

Hitachi announced yesterday that they will drop their rear projection product line, so that they can focus more on their flat panel HDTV business. The company will offer 10 plasma models and four 1080p LCD models. The LCDs will come in 42″ and 47″ sizes, while the plasma models will range from 42″ to 60″ [...]

Politics & Policy

HDTV Almanac - Keeping Up with the Jones’s HDTV

By Alfred Poor • Jun 27 2007, 2:00pm

According to a press release from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), 30% of U.S. households have one or more HDTVs. The group also expects that this will increase to 36% as they forecast that 16 million new HDTVs will be bought in 2007. And more than one third of households with HDTVs have at least [...]

PC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Sony’s New Rear Projection HDTVs

By Alfred Poor • Jun 26 2007, 2:00pm

I continue to be a believer in rear projection HDTV, as I think it offers the best value in large screen technology for the average home installation. And these HDTVs can produce some of the best images you’ll see from any technology. A lot of people dismiss rear projection out of hand, but it’s still [...]

Service & RepairPlasma HDTVsLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Sam’s Club and Costco Start HDTV Install Service

By Alfred Poor • Jun 25 2007, 2:00pm

One reason that everyone seems to want a large flat screen HDTV — either LCD or plasma — is that they want to hang it on the wall so it doesn’t take up much space in their room. As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, most people don’t actually do this; they typically end up putting the [...]

Internet HD VideoCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - SlingBox Makes a Power Connection

By Alfred Poor • Jun 22 2007, 2:00pm

Home networking is becoming more popular, but adding connections to a home can be difficult. New construction often has Cat5 Ethernet cable strung everywhere, but in old homes — such as our old mill with stone-filled outside walls — it can be difficult and expensive to run wires. WiFi eliminates the wires, but there can [...]

Environment / Green

HDTV Almanac - Fighting E-Waste

By Alfred Poor • Jun 21 2007, 2:00pm

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly, this is going to be the first year where environmentally “green” marketing is going to be essential in the consumer electronics market. One end is the production and use part of the product lifecycle, so “friendly” materials and lower energy consumption will be important. But the other end of the lifecycle [...]

Satellite HDTVCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Satellite Services Lead in Satisfaction

By Alfred Poor • Jun 20 2007, 2:00pm

The 2007 American Customer Satisfaction Index results from the University of Michigan were released last month, according to a report in The Bridge. First, the good news: the two satellite TV services lead the cable companies by a significant margin. DISH Network and DirecTV are tied at the top with a 67 score. (In 2006, [...]

LCD HDTVsDigital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)

HDTV Almanac - Westinghouse Adds High End LCD HDTVs

By Alfred Poor • Jun 19 2007, 2:00pm

At InfoComm 2007 in Anaheim, CA, Westinghouse Digital Electronics today announced a new line of high-end LCD HDTVS that are aimed at the custom installation market. The new TX Series models all have 1080p native resolution, digital and analog tuners, and an impressive four HDMI connectors. They come in three sizes: the 42” TX-42F430S, the [...]

Blu-rayHD DVDCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Big News for Blu-ray

By Alfred Poor • Jun 18 2007, 2:00pm

Associated Press reports this morning that Blockbuster will announce that it only will stock Blu-ray high definition DVDs in 1,400 stores later this month. Having tested Blu-ray and rival HD DVD formats in 250 stores for the past year, the company reports that customers requested the Blu-ray titles 70 percent of the time. As a [...]

Deals & DiscountsEvents & TradeshowsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Best Buy and Blockbuster Plan Movie Downloads

By Alfred Poor • Jun 15 2007, 2:00pm

Apple does it. Amazon does it. Wal-Mart does it. And now it appears that both Best Buy and Blockbuster are planning to offer movie download services at some point in the future. This revelation occured when the CEO of Lionsgate mentioned in an investor conference call that the studio has made digital distribution deals with [...]

Plasma HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Panasonic Helps Plasma Dads

By Alfred Poor • Jun 14 2007, 2:00pm

The HDTV manufacturers are doing their best to promote their products as the perfect gift for some deserving dad on this year’s Father’s Day. Panasonic is offering some free help to those trying to decide what to buy. In a reprise of a feature that they ran during last winter’s holiday buying season, the company [...]

LCD HDTVsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - Westinghouse Backs Gaming on HDTV

By Alfred Poor • Jun 13 2007, 2:00pm

At three national gaming events this summer, Westinghouse Digital Electronics will showcase its 1080p LCD HDTVs. The events are Comic-Con (July 26-29, San Diego, CA) and two Showdown LAN events (June 15-17, San Jose, CA and September 14-16, Indianapolis, IN). Westinghouse will also be giving away 37″ 1080p LCD HDTVs at all three events.
The fact [...]

Blu-rayPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Sony Sued over Blu-ray Patents

By Alfred Poor • Jun 12 2007, 2:00pm

The bad news keeps piling up for Sony. A company named Target Technology has claimed that it has patents on the reflective layer materials that are an integral part of the Blu-ray design. They specified silver alloys that are less expensive than gold but more corrosion resistant than pure silver. The suit was filed in [...]

Events & TradeshowsCable HDTVPC & Laptop TechnologyHTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Almanac - Planar Buys Runco

By Alfred Poor • Jun 11 2007, 2:00pm

Planar Systems has been known for its display products for niche markets, such as medical applications. For a time, the company positioned itself to be a major player in the desktop PC monitor market. Then last fall, at the CEDIA 2006 conference in Denver, the company made a big splash with its announcement that it [...]

PC & Laptop TechnologyLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - HDTV Sounds Great

By Alfred Poor • Jun 8 2007, 2:00pm

Some technologies are dominant in a market, but you may not be aware of it. For example, Corning makes more than half the glass used in LCD panels worldwide. But here’s a technology that is almost as widely used that you might not know about; nearly two out of every five flat panel TVs sold [...]

Events & TradeshowsOLED HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - SID 2007: Flexible Displays

By Alfred Poor • Jun 7 2007, 2:00pm

I will admit that this is an afterthought, but I’m still going over my notes from SID 2007 even though it ended two weeks ago. One of the big topics at the conference was flexible displays.
A few were intended for video and other fast-moving images, such as the LG.Philips OLED build on a stainless steel [...]

HD DVDBusiness & Investment

HDTV Almanac - Highs and Lows in HD

By Alfred Poor • Jun 6 2007, 2:00pm

The Weather Channel has announced plans to transform the network to HDTV. In May, construction started on a new studio that is part of a $50 million investment over the next year and a half. The company has announced plans to launch a separate HD channel starting this September.
Initially, the studio content will be in [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - More on Wal-Mart HDTV

By Alfred Poor • Jun 5 2007, 2:00pm

A story posted yesterday on TWICE (www.twice.com) provides more detail about Wal-Mart’s expansion into the HDTV market. According to the report, Wal-Mart is boosting its inventory from 10 to 11 brands by adding Vizio. In April, they had 28 models, but that swelled to 36 models in May, half of which were the four new [...]

HD DVDBlu-rayLaser HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Licensing Pool for HD DVD

By Alfred Poor • Jun 4 2007, 2:00pm

As we are frequently reminded, the reason that a lot of companies are in the consumer electronics market is not just to manufacture and sell products, but also to get revenue by licensing the intellectual property used to create those products. The battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD to be the high-definition laser storage solution [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - SED HDTV is DED

By Alfred Poor • Jun 1 2007, 2:00pm

In February, I stated that it was not likely that SED HDTVs would ever come to market. Pundits don’t always get it right, so I’m going to take full credit on this one. Last week, both Toshiba and Canon announced that the the launch of SED HDTVs due by the end of this year has [...]