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HDTV Magazine Columns Archive (June, 2009)

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HDTV Almanac - New Vizio Sets Add More Internet

By Alfred Poor • Jun 29 2009, 1:00pm

Last week, I got to see prototypes of some of VIZIO’s new XVT line of LCD 1080p HDTVs. These new models will ship this summer and fall. There will be 47″ and 55″ models with LED backlights that incorporate a local dimming feature for increased contrast, and in addition to these two, a 42″ model [...]

LCD HDTVsGlobal & Worldview

HDTV Almanac - Slamming the Door on Sharp

By Alfred Poor • Jun 26 2009, 1:00pm

On Wednesday, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) issued a “limited exclusion order” which effectively blocks the import of certain LCD panels and LCD TVs made by Sharp because the company had violated a patent held by Samsung. The ITC started its investigation of Samsung’s original complaint in January 2008, nearly a year and a [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Cable and Satellite: Selling Pipes or Water?

By Alfred Poor • Jun 25 2009, 1:00pm

Time Warner and Comcast are collaborating in their “TV Everywhere” initiative, and their CEOs held a joint press conference on Wednesday. The latest word is that the service is likely to launch by the fourth quarter of this year. Just as Netflix wants to put its movie catalog on the Web so that subscribers can [...]


HDTV Almanac - Walmart: I Beg to Differ

By Alfred Poor • Jun 24 2009, 1:00pm

TWICE published a story yesterday that quotes an interview with Gary Severson, senior VP/general merchandise manager of Walmart. The whole article is worth a read, but there was one part that leaped out at me.
The Walmart executive, who is not only responsible for CE but also toys and entertainment software, advised suppliers in the audience [...]


HDTV Almanac - OLED TV: More Mixed Messages

By Alfred Poor • Jun 23 2009, 1:00pm

Who knows what to believe? As I made the rounds of the various booths in the exhibit hall at SID 2009 in San Antonio three weeks ago, I found it difficult to get anyone to talk about OLED TV production plans. The few comments I got ranged from non-committal to a flat out “we haven’t [...]

Politics & Policy

HDTV Almanac - 10 Days Later

By Alfred Poor • Jun 22 2009, 1:00pm

Okay, I’ll grudgingly give the FCC some credit where credit is due; I’m not sure that the end of analog television broadcasts on June 12 was the complete train wreck that I expected it to be. But I also give FCC Acting Chairman Michael Copps credit for being honest about the fact that it was [...]

Digital (DTV) TransitionLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - InfoComm 2009: That’s Big!

By Alfred Poor • Jun 19 2009, 1:00pm

InfoComm is a show for dealers and professional installers, and has products for digital signage and meeting room applications and professional sound and staging and all sorts of cool bright and shiny things. But one of the displays that stopped me in my tracks was at the Daktronics booth. This company makes the large LED [...]

Front Projection

HDTV Almanac - InfoComm 2009: No Bulb in the Projector

By Alfred Poor • Jun 18 2009, 1:00pm

Front projectors are a terrific value for HDTV content; 1080p projectors can cost $1,200 or less and 720p models can cost well under $1,000. As John Jatinen of Epson puts it, they are the thinnest screen possible. And if you want a large image, they are much less expensive than an equivalent flat panel. Front [...]

HTPCs & LaptopsFront ProjectionMobile HDTVCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Pico Projectors Getting Better

By Alfred Poor • Jun 17 2009, 1:00pm

Pico projectors are the tiny devices that are small enough to be built into a cell phone or portable media player, but can still create an image large enough that a few people can watch it at the same time. Insight Media organized the Projector Summit here in Orlando, before InfoComm 2009, and a number [...]


HDTV Almanac - “LED TVs”: Good News, Bad News

By Alfred Poor • Jun 16 2009, 1:00pm

First, the bad news: I’ve already expressed my concern over Samsung’s decision to use “LED TV” for their new line of LCD HDTVs, and I’m not alone. DisplaySearch, Insight Media, and even the New York Times have joined in the chorus to criticize this unfortunate choice. And now the hole in the marketing dike has [...]

PC & Laptop TechnologyPolitics & PolicyCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - A Better HDMI Cable

By Alfred Poor • Jun 15 2009, 1:00pm

At the CEA Line Show in New York, I stumbled across some new technology that I hadn’t heard about before. One problem with HDMI cables is that there is no locking mechanism for the connector, and in some cases, the cables work loose. If your devices are mounted in a closet or cabinet, it can [...]

3D HDTVLaser HDTVEvents & TradeshowsDLP HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - Something Small from Mitsubishi

By Alfred Poor • Jun 12 2009, 1:00pm

At the CES Line Show in New York City earlier this week, I visited with Mitsubishi. As expected, they had some large stories to tell, including their 82″ DLP rear projection HDTV that they claim is the largest 3D-ready TV on the market (shipping in July). And they were showing their LaserVue rear projection sets [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Flat Panel Wall Mounts Get Easier

By Alfred Poor • Jun 11 2009, 1:00pm

Years ago, few people mounted their flat panel TVs on the wall. Most people simply put their sets on the same furniture where they had their old picture tube TV. Installing a wall mount was a task typically left to the pros. Then companies came to realize that DIY (Do It Yourself) consumers wanted to [...]


HDTV Almanac - 120 Hz LCD Grows Slowly

By Alfred Poor • Jun 10 2009, 1:00pm

I wrote last November about DisplaySearch’s third quarter flat panel shipments for 2008, in which 120 Hz models represented 16% of the total shipments. According to the company’s report for the first quarter of 2009, just over 14% of the panels were 120 Hz, with another 4% with the new 240 Hz “quadruple frame rate” [...]

PC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - Will Apple Change Television?

By Alfred Poor • Jun 9 2009, 1:00pm

Apple has a knack for making technology stick. It was not the first company to make a computer with a mouse and a graphical interface, but the Mac changed the face of personal computing. Apple wasn’t the first to sell downloaded music tracks, but iTunes created a permanent change in the recording industry. Apple wasn’t [...]

Blu-rayPlasma HDTVsInternet HD VideoBroadcast

HDTV Almanac - Amazon on Panasonic HDTVs

By Alfred Poor • Jun 8 2009, 1:00pm

Panasonic has announced that its line of plasma and Blu-ray players with the Viera Cast feature will now be able to access Amazon Video on Demand content as well. Instead of using your cable, satellite, or antenna connection, Viera Cast relies on a broadband Internet connection to access video content without the need for a [...]

Environment / GreenLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - SID 2009: More Color!

By Alfred Poor • Jun 5 2009, 1:00pm

“Tim the Toolman” may have only wanted more power, but for HDTV fanatics, what we really want is more color. An extended color performance allows sets to provide more lifelike hues and create a wider range of shades of color. But almost all LCD HDTVs are limited to the red, green, and blue light produced [...]


HDTV Almanac - SID 2009: It’s All Good

By Alfred Poor • Jun 4 2009, 1:00pm

Walking around the exhibit hall at SID 2009, I was struck by an observation; just about all the displays look marvelous. This may seem like a trivial statement, but it’s not. I think back to what the flat panels looked like 10 years ago — or even five years ago – and the improvement is [...]

PC & Laptop TechnologyOLED HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - SID 2009: Who Needs OLED TV?

By Alfred Poor • Jun 3 2009, 1:00pm

SID is the place to see the coolest technology demonstrations and prototypes in the display industry. Here’s one of the coolest I’ve seen so far this week. Samsung is showing a 24″ flat panel display that is only 3.5 mm thick. For those of you who are metrically challenged, that’s just a hair thicker than [...]

Events & TradeshowsPC & Laptop TechnologyBusiness & Investment

HDTV Almanac - SID 2009: Average TV Sale Price Down

By Alfred Poor • Jun 2 2009, 1:00pm

I’m at the Society for Information Display 20o9 conference in San Antonio all this week, and even though the exhibit hall doesn’t open until this morning, I’ve already been drinking from the firehose of display technology information. Yesterday was a full-day conference hosted by the market research firm DisplaySearch, focused on the business of displays. [...]

Digital (DTV) TransitionBroadcast

HDTV Almanac - DTV Transition: Down to the Wire

By Alfred Poor • Jun 1 2009, 1:00pm

It’s still a glass half-full/half-empty situation. The rest of the full-power television broadcast stations are going to turn off their analog transmitters a week from this Friday, and according to Nielsen, about 3.1 million U.S households remain totally unprepared for the transition to digital TV broadcasts. That’s a lot of homes that aren’t ready.
On the [...]