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HDTV Magazine Columns Archive (August, 2010)

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HDTV Almanac - Netflix in Your Pocket

By Alfred Poor • Aug 30 2010, 1:00pm

Last spring, I wrote about Netflix demo’ing its streaming service on a Windows Phone 7 operating system. Now comes word that Netflix is releasing free applications for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that will let subscribers access streaming content on these portable devices.

The free apps can access the streaming service across either a WiFi [...]


HDTV Almanac - No-Glasses 3DTV This Year?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 27 2010, 1:00pm

There’s been a buzz caused by a news item from the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun. According to the story, Toshiba has plans to release 3DTV models later this year that will not require the special glasses used with other 3D displays such as those from Panasonic or Samsung. Here’s the key section from the story:
Toshiba [...]


HDTV Expert - Sony 3D TV: Still Not Quite There

By Pete Putman • Aug 27 2010, 12:28am

Sony held an informal gathering for journalists at the Sony Building in New York, and all the buzz was about 3D.


HDTV Expert - Is 3DTV Hazardous to Your Health?

By Pete Putman • Aug 26 2010, 11:34pm

A study from Strategy Analytics reveals that a surprising number of consumers think so.

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HDTV Almanac - Get Connected at Your Outlet

By Alfred Poor • Aug 26 2010, 1:00pm

According to a press release from Western Digital, research by Parks Associates indicates that 42% of the consumers unwilling to connect their TVs to the Internet felt that either the router connection is too far away, or that it would be too complicated to set up, or both. WiFi does help solve the connection problem, [...]


HDTV Almanac - Survey: Most Have Seen 3D Movies

By Alfred Poor • Aug 25 2010, 1:00pm

TWICE commissioned a survey about consumer opinion about 3DTV, and the results have some interesting highlights. A good place to start is the fact that about 78% of the respondents have seen at least one 3D movie in a cinema. This is interesting because nearly the identical 78% have never seen a 3DTV.
Now, nearly the [...]

Business & Investment

HDTV Expert - Toshiba TVs: A Fade to Black?

By Pete Putman • Aug 24 2010, 8:17pm

Pioneer was the first to go. Then, Hitachi followed. Will Toshiba be the next company to exit the television business in the United States?

Internet HD VideoBroadcast

HDTV Almanac - Gefen Levels the Audio Field

By Alfred Poor • Aug 24 2010, 1:00pm

I know I’m not the only one who gets peeved about this; you’re watching a show, then a commercial comes on and blasts you out of your seat with a high volume setting. It’s not just broadcast video; I’ve also noticed this (with dismay) on streaming sites such as Hulu. I’ve written about this problem [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Broadcom Helps HDTV Lose Wait

By Alfred Poor • Aug 23 2010, 1:00pm

Did you ever notice that with technology, it often seems to be two steps forward but one step back? Before digital TV, our analog tuners could change channels at the speed of a thumb-press. (This was even true in the early days of the remote controls. My grandmother had a Zenith Space Command, and when [...]


HDTV Expert - 3D: Expect a Long Slog

By Pete Putman • Aug 20 2010, 9:05pm

It took nearly seven years before HDTV really took off. So how can we expect 3D to launch in less time?

PC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - R.I.P. SED — Canon Kills Flat Screen Technology

By Alfred Poor • Aug 20 2010, 1:00pm

It was 2008 when I last wrote about Canon’s SED technology, after they won a lawsuit over a technology license agreement and their decision to abandon efforts to make a consumer product and focus instead on a high-end monitor for commercial video production facilities.
According to a report in Network World this week, Canon has finally [...]

3D HDTVSportsEvents & TradeshowsProgramming

HDTV Almanac - Weekend in 3D

By Alfred Poor • Aug 19 2010, 1:00pm

Rather than spend it at Bernie’s, how about spending the weekend of September 10 through 12 at your local electronics store? The Consumer Electronics Association (hosts of the mammoth CES show in Las Vegas every January) and ESPN are joining forces to create “National 3D Demo Days“. ESPN will provide continuous 3D programming for those [...]

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HDTV Expert - Digital Downloads: The Great Gold Rush of ‘10

By Pete Putman • Aug 18 2010, 2:31pm

Best Buy announced recently it would make certain movies available for 99 cents per viewing through its Cinema Now digital download service.

3D HDTVDigital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)HD DVD

HDTV Expert - Fujifilm Debuts its Newset FinePix REAL 3D Digital Camcorder

By Pete Putman • Aug 18 2010, 2:18pm

According to Fujifilm representatives, this is the world’s first 3D digital camera that also records HD 3D clips.


HDTV Almanac - LCD Makers in Court: Piling On

By Alfred Poor • Aug 18 2010, 1:00pm

Many of the major LCD panel manufacturers have already pleaded guilty to price fixing charges in U.S. federal courts — paying close to $1 billion in fines – and now the states are lining up to get a piece of the action in the form of defending their citizens who were ripped off by the [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Can’t Lick ‘Em?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 17 2010, 1:00pm

Cox has apparently decided to join ‘em. In a recent story in the L.A. Times, Cox will put their video-on-demand (VOD) service into standard TiVo personal video recorders (PVRs), eliminating the need for a separate set-top box. The TiVo box also gives access to online services such as Netflix streaming video and Rhapsody music.
This is [...]

3D HDTVPC & Laptop TechnologyMobile HDTVHD DVD

HDTV Almanac - Portable Alphabet Soup

By Alfred Poor • Aug 16 2010, 1:00pm

What is it about technology products and acronyms? It’s bad enough that products have deadpan model numbers; can you tell what the new Samsung product does if all you know is the “BD-C8000” model number? I know that I can’t guess. Let me tell you what it is: a 3D BD HD player with WiFi, [...]

Front Projection

HDTV Almanac - Is That a Projector in Your Pocket?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 13 2010, 1:00pm

Market tracking firm In-Stat has predicted that by 2014, there will be 20 million devices with pico projectors embedded in them. These are tiny front projector devices that use either bright LEDs or tiny lasers as a light source. They can create an image the size of a sheet of paper that can be viewed [...]


HDTV Almanac - DIY 2D->3D

By Alfred Poor • Aug 12 2010, 1:00pm

Conventional wisdom holds that people won’t buy 3DTVs by the millions because they don’t want to wear the goofy glasses and there isn’t enough content available. I’ve already addressed the first item, but let’s look at the second one for a moment.
According to the 3D@Home site, Hollywood plans to release about 40 movies – new [...]

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HDTV Almanac - Big News from Netflix

By Alfred Poor • Aug 11 2010, 1:00pm

The Motley Fool declares “game over“. I agree, though the seeds for this domination were planted a long time ago.
What’s the big deal? Netflix has agreed to pay $1 billion to Epix over the next five years in return for the right to stream movie titles over the Internet for its Watch Instantly service. Who [...]

Internet HD VideoDigital Rights Management (DRM)

HDTV Expert - HBO, Showtime…and Netflix?

By Pete Putman • Aug 10 2010, 3:19pm

Epix and Netflix are close to signing a deal that would give the latter company exclusive online rights to films from Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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HDTV Almanac - 5.4 Million 3D Capable HD Displays in 2014: Projectors

By Alfred Poor • Aug 10 2010, 1:00pm

Pacific Media Associates is a company that tracks the front projector display market, and they have recently released their latest projections. They expect that 5.4 million 3D-capable front projectors will ship in 2014, which is roughly five times as many as are expected to ship this year. While some analysts see the education market as [...]


HDTV Almanac - Sony’s HD-in-the-Round

By Alfred Poor • Aug 9 2010, 1:00pm

I’ve written here more than once that current efforts at “3DTV” are really stereoscopic displays that trick the brain into seeing depth in an image displayed on a flat surface. It’s a little unnatural, and depending on a lot of factors, it can be easy or painful to view. But it still is only providing [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - We’re #3! We’re #3! (Try Harder?)

By Alfred Poor • Aug 6 2010, 1:00pm

It’s time to play a little Jeopardy. The answer is “Serbia and Macedonia“. Can you come up with the question? Give up? Here you go: “What two countries rank higher than the United States in terms of average daily time spent viewing television?” Clearly we can do better, folks! You’re just not trying hard enough.
Nielsen [...]

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Another One Bites the Dust

By Alfred Poor • Aug 5 2010, 1:00pm

The U.S. Justice Department announced yesterday that the long arm of the law has reached out and grabbed another miscreant. The guilty party this time was a fourth executive from Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) — which has since merged with Innolux and TPO to become Chimei Innolux (CMI). The charge was price fixing in the [...]

HD DVDGlobal & Worldview

HDTV Expert - No Fizz In The DVD Biz

By Pete Putman • Aug 4 2010, 10:22pm

Optical disc replicator Cineram International announced yesterday it is lopping 300 more jobs from its Olyphant (PA) DVD pressing facility.

Sports3D HDTVBroadcast

HDTV Almanac - ESPN 3D to Show 13 College Football Games

By Alfred Poor • Aug 4 2010, 1:00pm

ESPN 3D has announced that it will broadcast about 13 NCAA Division 1 football games this year. The network also has named the first three contests:
- Monday, September 6, 8 PM Eastern: Boise State vs. Virginia Tech
- Saturday, September 11, 3:40 PM Eastern: Ohio State vs. Miami
- Saturday, September 18, 7 PM Eastern: Clemson [...]

Blu-rayHD DVD

HDTV Expert - Redbox: A “Blu-race” to the bottom?

By Pete Putman • Aug 3 2010, 8:59pm

Discount DVD rental kiosk operator Redbox recently announced it would start stocking Blu-ray movies for $1.50 per night rentals.

Cable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - Comcast Makes Deal with CBS

By Alfred Poor • Aug 3 2010, 1:00pm

In case you haven’t been following the story, Comcast wants NBC like a six year old girl wants a real live pony of her very own. Unfortunately, Comcast can’t just walk down to the paddock and plunk down billions of dollars and walk away with a major network. It seems that its competitors, Federal [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Is Your HDTV Mounted on the Wall?

By Alfred Poor • Aug 2 2010, 1:00pm

I received some interesting information from Peerless last week. This is one of the companies that makes top quality mounts for flat panel televisions. I was curious about how many people actually use mounts these days; the conventional wisdom from about five years ago was that fewer than 25% of all sets got mounted on [...]