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Wandering around the LVCC Central Hall, I rounded a corner and saw this at the Mitsubishi pavillion:

The image of this 155-inch LED TV is actually made by individual LEDs.

That screen is 155″ diagonal. Yes, that’s equivalent to more than nine 50″ panels. It’s big. (Look at the person standing beside the lower left corner to get a sense of the scale.)

There are two interesting things about this display. First, it’s a true LED TV. Unlike “LED TVs” that some manufacturers advertise, the image here is actually created by millions of individual LEDs. (The other “LED TVs” are simply LCD TVs that have LEDs as a backlight instead of the usual fluorescent tubes. They’re still LCD TVs.)

The other interesting detail is that in spite of its enormous size, it’s not even high definition. This panel has 1152 by 640 pixels, which is essentially a Wide VGA resolution. Fortunately, the design is modular (intended for large signage displays) so you can add enough modules to get up to the desired resolution. Now all you need is a wall big enough for it. Anybody got a stadium in their backyard?

Posted by Alfred Poor, January 10, 2011 5:00 AM

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