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HDTV Magazine Columns Archive (May, 2011)

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3D HDTVEntertainmentDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Expert - DEG Cranks Up The 3D Hype Machine

By Pete Putman • May 30 2011, 7:16pm

A recent study commissioned by the Digital Entertainment Group says consumers are “tremendously satisfied” with the home 3D experience. Did you expect to hear otherwise?


HDTV Expert - Is The Bloom Falling Off The Rose for Theatrical 3D?

By Pete Putman • May 30 2011, 4:21pm

Are moviegoers are losing interest in 3D…again?

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Can New TV Be Profitable?

By Alfred Poor • May 30 2011, 1:00pm

We all know how television content is made. Producers develop concepts, create pilots, and try to land network contracts. The networks distribute the shows, and in some cases, the show episodes will show up on the network website or maybe even a streaming site like Hulu or Netflix. And if the producers come up with [...]

Service & RepairCable HDTVEntertainmentLED (LCD) HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - The End of Unlimited?

By Alfred Poor • May 27 2011, 1:00pm

[I have not run out of material about SID Display Week 2011, but it’s time to get back to some of the other news in the HDTV Almanac world of large screens and home entertainment.]
One of my favorite hobbyhorses is the concept that content as a service will eventually become separated from the data pipes [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - SID 2011: 100 Micron Glass

By Alfred Poor • May 26 2011, 1:00pm

You can’t see it, so you probably take it for granted. But think for a moment about all the glass that you use in everyday life. From windows to windshields, light bulbs to flat panel screens, these variations of melted sand are a fundamental part of many technologies. One of the key applications is for [...]

3D HDTVEvents & TradeshowsBusiness & Investment

HDTV Almanac - SID 2011: Spread the Word about 3DTV

By Alfred Poor • May 25 2011, 1:00pm

The day before the official start of SID Display Week 2011, I attended the Business Conference hosted by DisplaySearch. I could probably write the rest of this year’s Almanac entries based just on the information that was presented that day, but I want to highlight one here. Mike Abary is the Senior Vice President of [...]

HTPCs & Laptops

HDTV Expert - The Times They Are A-Changin’

By Pete Putman • May 24 2011, 3:43pm

We’ve entered a decade of change and turmoil in media distribution and consumption that rivals the period following World War II.

Cable HDTVEvents & Tradeshows

HDTV Almanac - SID 2011: Ask the Experts

By Alfred Poor • May 24 2011, 1:00pm

Every year, the press corps gets up in time to attend the annual press briefing breakfast at SID Display Week. We have to be there in time for its 7 AM start, but we’re there so you don’t have to be. Someone presents an overview of the conference and some of the hot topics, and [...]

OLED HDTVsPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - SID 2011: What Wasn’t Said about OLED

By Alfred Poor • May 23 2011, 1:00pm

I can’t think of a display technology that has generated more interest than OLEDs since the advent of LCDs. Any shred of news gets bounced around the Web like a ball of flubber in an instant. So while there was some OLED news at SID 2011, some of the most interesting details were the ones [...]


HDTV Almanac - SID 2011: 3DTV’s Door Number 3

By Alfred Poor • May 20 2011, 1:00pm

All around the SID 2011 exhibit hall, a battle raged. In many booths, you could find proponents of the Shutter Glasses (SG) approach to stereoscopic 3DTV. This presents full screen images for left and right eyes, in rapid succession. The glasses synchronize with the screen so that the image is blocked or transmitted to each [...]

Events & TradeshowsEnvironment / GreenLCD HDTVs

HDTV Almanac - SID 2011: Green Displays

By Alfred Poor • May 19 2011, 1:00pm

Yesterday, I attended a special conference-within-a-conference about Green Displays, hosted by IMS Research. It turns out that this topic runs deep and wide, but there was one particular aspect that I thought would be worth sharing. Consider the following comparison between two Sony 46″ LCD HDTVs.
The Qualia 005 was the first LCD HDTV to use [...]

LCD HDTVsLED (LCD) HDTVsPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV Almanac - SID 2011: LCD Weight Loss

By Alfred Poor • May 18 2011, 1:00pm

I want to tell you about what I saw yesterday that could have major implications for LCD HDTVs. A new technology from 3M can save weight and drive out all sorts of cost from large LCD panels.
A typical panel for an LED edgelit LCD has a reflective layer in back along with a bunch of [...]

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - SID 2011: It Begins…

By Alfred Poor • May 17 2011, 1:00pm

I’m inLos Angeles, and today marks the official start of the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week 2011. For those of you who may not be familiar with it, this is the organization for the people who do the research and development that leads to the amazing devices that let us enjoy high definition [...]

Internet HD Video

HDTV Almanac - Stream Netflix on Your Smartphone

By Alfred Poor • May 16 2011, 1:00pm

Netflix has announced that is starting to roll out an app for select Android smartphones so that subscribers can stream content over their phones. This adds to the support already available for iProducts and Windows Phone 7 devices.
Here are the five Android phones that are supported now:
HTC Incredible with Android 2.2
HTC [...]

Digital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)3D HDTV

HDTV Almanac - 3DTV Over the Air?

By Alfred Poor • May 13 2011, 1:00pm

ATSC stands for Advanced Television Systems Committee, and about 20 years ago, this group developed the standard that became the basis for our digital terrestrial TV broadcasts. (Remember all that confusion about the digital transition two years ago?) The standard is due for updating, and the group has been hard at work on ATSC 2.0 [...]

Cable HDTVPolitics & Policy

HDTV Almanac - Sen. Kerry Weighs in on Cable Rates

By Alfred Poor • May 12 2011, 1:00pm

Are you unhappy with your cable TV subscription rates? Have you been faced with increases year after year? Apparently, this has been such a point of contention among Comcast customers in the Boston, Massachusetts area that the mayor filed a petition with the FCC. He wants the feds to give his city the power to [...]

Politics & PolicyEvents & TradeshowsCable HDTV

HDTV Almanac - CEA Launches Lobby Assault on Congress

By Alfred Poor • May 11 2011, 1:00pm

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is the organization behind the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that is held each January in Las Vegas. It also represents the interests of the consumer electronics industry, which means that it spends a lot of time and money trying to get Congress to see things their way. The group has [...]

Internet HD VideoService & Repair

HDTV Almanac - Streaming Goes Up, Up, and Away!

By Alfred Poor • May 10 2011, 1:00pm

Talk about “cord cutting”! American Airlines announced that it is the first North American airline to test video streaming over WiFi during flight. Initial tests are being conducted onboard two 767-200 aircraft on transcontinental routes. The system relies on WiFi service which is provided by Aircell, and customers are expected to get a chance to [...]

3D HDTVDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - 3DTV: Here Comes the Content, Part II

By Alfred Poor • May 9 2011, 1:00pm

Last week, I wrote about new content being developed for the 24/7 3DTV network, 3net. This week, I need to add a quick footnote. Digital Revolution Studios (DRS) announced that they created the new series, “Bullproof“, that debuted last week on 3net. The company claims that it is “the first episodic docu-reality or Sportumentary [...]

Blu-rayHTPCs & LaptopsDigital Rights Management (DRM)

HDTV Almanac - Blu-ray Gets IP Clearinghouse

By Alfred Poor • May 6 2011, 1:00pm

Do you have an idea about how to make an insanely great Blu-ray player, or maybe something new that includes a Blu-ray player, such as an an ultimate mult-media bicycle? Before you go into production, make sure that you have all the necessary rights to build it. This means getting licenses for all the various [...]

General Interest

One Installer's Opinion - A VERY Good Question

By Terry Paullin • May 5 2011, 2:41pm

A couple weeks ago I got an E-mail from a regular WSR reader, Shawn, wanting to ask me a "quick question" ... It seems Shawn and his wife are building a new home down South, and were looking for a home theatre tip or two. His "quick" question really distilled down to three, which I will paraphrase here...

General Interest

HDTV Almanac - Railroads versus Highways

By Alfred Poor • May 5 2011, 1:00pm

I’m not an expert on transportation history, but I think I have enough of the facts straight to make this analogy work. So please bear with me if I stretch the facts in order to make them fit my purpose.
In the early days of this country, transportation was more or less based on the individual; [...]

3D HDTVSports

HDTV Almanac - 3DTV: Here Comes the Content

By Alfred Poor • May 4 2011, 10:09pm

It is coming slowly, but it is coming. ESPN is working hard to figure out how to do live sports in stereoscopic 3D, and the movie studios keep churning out feature films. And now comes word that the kids are not going to be left out. 3net is a joint venture by Discovery, Sony, and [...]

General Interest

One Installer's Opinion - An Admission, an Excuse and Yet Another List

By Terry Paullin • May 3 2011, 2:31pm

Some time ago in this space, I predicted that the post-2010 Christmas season we would see the demise of our beloved DVD as a video format. I cited economies of scale for the Studios and the sheer perceived (and actual) value for the consumer, in the form of clearly obvious performance superiority in both audio and video as the drivers. It didn't happen. Here's why I think it didn't.

The long overstayed stinko economy has taken a toll on almost everything, including...

Satellite HDTVService & RepairCable HDTVDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV Almanac - TiVo and DISH Bury the Hatchet

By Alfred Poor • May 3 2011, 1:00pm

TiVo was one of the first two companies to come out with digital video recorders (DVR) and the one to eventually dominate the market and kill off the video cassette recorders (VCR). (They will not be missed!) But then the consumers rapidly shifted from over-the-air television to subscription service with cable or satellite. TiVo deftly [...]


HDTV Almanac - 46″ LCD HDTV Under $550

By Alfred Poor • May 2 2011, 1:00pm

I know. Posts about “Look at this incredible HDTV deal!” are dime a dozen and I really try to avoid doing them because I don’t think that they really tell you much that you didn’t know already. And it’s an immediate invitation to play “Top This” where everyone wants to chime in with an even [...]