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HDTV Magazine Columns Archive (September, 2012)

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HDTV Expert - When a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings – Pete Putman

By Pete Putman • Sep 26 2012, 9:11pm

Video streaming started out quietly enough, but is now forcing major changes in the way we select and watch movies and TV shows - an upending many established business models along the way...

Cable HDTV

HDTV Expert - Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime (TV) Blues – Pete Putman

By Pete Putman • Sep 14 2012, 9:49pm

It will come as no surprise to most readers that this is a tough time to sell televisions!


HDTV Expert - No OLED-TV Panel Production from LGD until 2013 — by Ken Werner

By Pete Putman • Sep 10 2012, 6:48pm

LG Display's 55-inch OLED-TV panels will not see volume production until 2013, reported Digitimes' Julian Ho and Alex Wolfgram this morning, citing an unidentified 'report from Japan.'   Although this is not the strongest imaginable sourcing for a story, it is highly plausible.  Let's see why.
1.  It is September.  If LGD hasn't gotten beyond pilot production [...]