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HDTV Magazine Columns Archive (November, 2014)

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General Interest

HDTV Expert - LG Display’s New Line for TV-sized OLED Panels to Ramp up this Year

By Ken Werner • Nov 18 2014, 12:01am

LG Display will ramp up its M2 OLED-TV panel line next month, according to a report in South Korea’s ET News quoted in English by Amy Fan and Alex Wolfgram in Digitimes. As prevously reported, the new $640-million line is expected to have a monthly capacity of 34,000 units, quadrupling the company’s current capacity. LGD […]

General Interest

HDTV Expert - It’s All About The Pipes

By Pete Putman • Nov 14 2014, 3:37am

It has become increasingly clear that consumers are moving to streaming and cloud downloads to watch TV shows and movies at home.

General Interest

HDTV Expert - Antennas, Antennas, On The Wall…Who Has The Best Reception Of Them All?

By Pete Putman • Nov 6 2014, 3:53am

Time to conduct another test of indoor digital TV antennas from Winegard, Mohu, and Antennas Direct. You may be surprised at the results!