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Reviews: Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player with HDMI, 1080p Up-Converting, DivX & SACD (2008 Model)

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Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player with HDMI, 1080p Up-Converting, DivX & SACD (2008 Model)
Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player with HDMI, 1080p Up-Converting, DivX & SACD (2008 Model)
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4It's all that !
5All region capable; well regarded by those in the know
4good! for the money?
2Never again
10%Poor quality
5Good DVD player
51%Highly Recommended
31%Great in USA, tough when travel
40%Oppo Review
20%Would not play homemade DVDs
5oppo 981h
51%Love it...
51%pure ectasy
51%No problems paired with Sony rear projection HDTV
51%Worth the price
51%Janice's Stamp of Approval
10%rj tech did it better
41%SACD/DVD-Audio features
51%oppp dvd player review
51%Great upscaling player - highly recommend!
51%Great DVD player
51%Oppo DV 981HD
51%Another positive review.
51%Do yourself a favor and Buy It!
20%Gone too far!
5Amazing DVD for the price
51%This unit is AWESOME
5Great DVD Player
50%Great player but came with ants (very strange)
31%Player freezes up at startup
51%Outstanding piece of hardware !!!!
51%The greatest dvd player i've ever owned.
10%Not worth the money or trouble for setting it up
51%Great Up convertind DVD player
41%Great player
51%Great Player, small and any region works!
5Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player with HDML
20%Not as good as reviews
21%Missing Half-Note
51%Outstanding Performance and Price
51%Don't Believe Everything You Read About DLP
51%An unknown player takes the title
41%Sleek and slick
41%Meets Expectations (which were high)
51%Great Choice !
41%excellent picture, analog sound works great
51%Another Satisfied Customer
50%Great player but beware tech support / customer service
51%Simply unbeatable! - SACD via HDMI as 5.1 PCM 88.2 kHz
20%oppo dv981hd
51%Excellent DVD Player
5Great DVD player for what it does.
5the best
20%Be sure you know what you're getting
5Oppo's a wonder!
5100% Satisfied
51%Great DVD Player
51%Great player!
51%Excellent service!
51%Don't buy a HDMI cable! It comes with one.
10%Two have failed on me
51%Worth every penny!
5Best DVD Player on the Market -- But . . .
4DV-981 Review
51%Up-converting DVD player does not get better than this!
51%Amazing value for a solid 1080p, multi-region, multi-code, multi-voltage player
41%Oppo has a winner
50% an excellent choice
50%Super DVD Player
40%great dvd
51%It is just...AMAZING..!!!
41%Fine Player with marginal remote
51%In one word......Awesome!
51%Why YOU need this DVD player! Points to consider.
51%A really excellent DVD player
41%Incredible Picture & Sound Quality - Convenience Issues
41%Twice the enjoyment
51%Who needs HDDVD or BluRay
41%Did I Need This?
51%Great upconversion for my dvd collection...
51%Fabulous value for money
51%Oppo DV-981HD DVD Player
51%Great DVD player
51%Oppo DV 981HD DVD Player
51%Loving It!
51%Clear upscaling with no blocking or edge problems
10%My experience is different....
51%Superlative unit
51%Excellent Upconverting Player
5Great DVD Player!
51%excellent unit
51%excellent DVD player
51%great DVD player
51%Great Player!
51%Amazing upconverter until the format war is settled
51%Great Player
40%Oppo DVD Player
41%Awesome - except for one thing.
51%What's in a name?
51%Perfect for an HD T.V
51%Oppo DV-981HD DVD player
41%Watch out for burn-in on plasma monitors!!
5Excellent Upconverting DVD Player
41%OPPO DV-981HD 1080P Up-converting
30%No mp3
51%Oppo DV-981HD DVD player the best of them all
4Great price for a sophisticated DVD/etc.
51%Astonishing DVD player.
5very good player -
51%Excellent product!
41%Great player
51%Excellent DVD player
41%This DVD player has excellent high resolution audio for audiophiles
51%Execellent DCD Player
51%Oppo 981HD as good as all the hype!
10%broken on arrival
51%Good Product
51%Outstanding Does-It-All DVD Player
41%Works well
51%Delivers the goods
51%I'm impressed!
51%Oppo DV-981HD
51%Clarifications, a little instruction and admonishments
51%Excellent Value
41%satisfied customer
51%Great Machine
5Good product
51%One GREAT DVD Player!
50%Strongly recommended
51%Love it
40%excellent value
51%Good product. Very happy.
5The best DVD Upconverter
51%Great Product!!
5Oppo 981 DVD player
31%Make sure it's compatible with your TV
30%NO HD DVD Here !
51%Oppo DV-981HD
41%Solid Quality, Just don't expect miracles
51%Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player is worth a look
30%Not terribly impressed
51%I Love This Thing!
5High Quality
51%Do you really need an HD/Blue Ray DVD Player
51%It's just what you want, truly.
51%reeds every type of disks
51%Oppo DV-981HD
51%Great DVD Player
10%Why I only gave 1 star
51%very pleased
41%DVD upping
51%If you don't want to go Blu-Ray or HD DVD, this is your ticket
51% Must have for HDTV owners with standard dvds
50%its good
40%Great Picture, no true digital 5.1 DVD audio out!
5Oppo DV 981 HD DVD player
30%Buy a Toshiba HD-A2 or HD-A20 HD DVD Player Instead. HD DVD plus Up-Convert!
41%OK, I'm impressed
50%Awesome player
51%Incredible picture quality
5Just a consumer
40%If you don't need region free capability...
51%Just what I wanted...
30%Nice....but why?
51%...plus an excellent CD player
41%Excellent DVD player overall
40%Oppo DV-981HD Nice Improvement
51%This is the one!
51%Superior product, especially for the price
41%A Couple Things You Should Know
51%Oppo DV-981D
51%Simply Awesome!
20%Buy an HD-DVD player
5OPPO DV-981HD with Panasonic Plasma
5OPPO DVD Player
51%Simply awesome!
51%Oppo upscaler - looking good
50%Oppo DV-981HD DVD player
20%Great sound. There is no difference graphic.
40%Can't beat what you get for this low price
40%It's a DVD player
50%Gives new life to DVDs
51%Oppo DVD Player wir
41%Very pleased!!!
40%a solid DVD player
51%great upscaling DVD for $200
50%Great unit for a great price!
5Great upscaling player, does Divx/Xvid too
50%Viva La Oppo!
3The good and the bad
51%OPPO 981 HD
51%A MUST for Cinephiles!!
51%Best DVD
51%Excellent Upscaling DVD player for the money.
5Adding to the chorus of praise
51%Best DVD, SACD and CD available
51%Great picture at a great price
5Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player
51%I almost gave up on SD DVDs
41%you won't be disappointed
51%Works great for me.
51%High end dvd player and quality
51%User Friendly
31%If all you do is watch movies
31%Ok, but my PS3 upconverts better.
51%Simply Amazing!
50%Outstanding Audio Features for DVD-Audio and SACD.
31%Not as good as the reviews
51%Great DVD Player
51%Oppo = High Quality Video, High Quality Sound
51%No problems
51%OPPO is the Best on the Market
51% Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player
51%Wish I Can Take Full Advantage
5Astonish and Marvelous Product (plays all kind of medias from all Coutries)
5OPPO-tunity Knocks With This DVD Player....
40%Is it really 1080p upconverting?
30%DVD's from other regions don't work properly
51%Great DVD Player, with "region-free" bonus!
51%OPPO DVD Player
31%Great Player, Not For Samsung DLPs
41%Big Bank for the Bucks
41%Full featured product at low price
51%oppo dv-981hd dvd player
51%OPPO DV 981
5A jewel - very very nice
51%Excellent quality for a great price!
41%A Winner
51%Couldn't be happier with the Oppo DV-981HD DVD player
51%Absolutely worth every penny!
51%great picture
5oppo dv-981 heaven
51%Such a deal!
5Love it!
41%Still wanted more.
5Great DVD Player
51%Sharp picture, great product, and a useful cable!
51%Oppo DV-981HD
51%Do Not Look Any Further
4Pretty nice dvd
51%Some Stars are Brighter than Others
5My new Oppo
51%Oppo DV981 Review -- 5 Stars
4Oppo DV-981 HD Review
5The best DVD Upconverter under $1000
5Almost Perfect!
5Oppo is great
51%Terrific DVD player
51%Best upconvert DVD player I've ever used!!!!
5great dvd
51%OPPO Upconverting DVD player
5An Excellent Product
51%Great product and a good deal
41%No Real Difference Than Sony
41%It is a nice DVD player
51%A Real Gem
51%I feel like I've been let in on a GREAT secret!!!
5Oppo DV-981HD
51%Outstanding value
51%Oppo DV-981... Serious Bang-for-the A-V Buck!
51%way better than the sony
51%Does What It's Designed To Do
51%Amazing Results for an upconverter!
51%Making up for other's mistakes
5Great Audio features!
50%top class
51%Oppo is Wow!
51%For the price, it's Stuning!
51%What's not to love?
30%No big deal........
5Extraordinary Value
5First Kiss was The Best: Returning unit.
51%A Winner - Tested side-by-side with Samsung DVD-HD960
30%Great audio, but video has "Ghosts", splotchy blacks
51%Must have for HDTV
51%Highly recommended
51%Oppo DV-981HD
51%Expensive but worth it
51%Excellent DVD Player
41%No WOW! factor for me.
41%Pretty good product with a few shortcomings
51%Just Say OPPO!
21%REVISED REVIEW. Great Unit, Amazing Customer Service
41%OPPO takes over.
51%I'am officially stunned
41%Need to know info concerning HDMI and the optical digital audio output
51%Until you get your HD or BlueRay, you need this Oppo DV-981HD
51%1080P, on the cheap
51%The best of the upconverters
51%Oppo=Class Act
41%Outstanding with the best Quality latest Dvd's
41%Excellent Player....
51%Amazing picture, quality, and price !!!
51%Fantastic video, fantastic packaging, only minor flaws
51%" excellent'
30%Just got this
51%Worth every penny!
30%Good, but why not get the HD-A2?
51%EXCELLENT - Beats others costing 2x as much!
41%Great picture quality and very tweakable
51%Home Entertainment with the Oppo DV-981HD
51%Lives up to the hype
50%HQ on my Sharp LCD
31%problem with DLP technology
51%WOW! Oppo 981 has eye popping color and clarity!
51%Love this player
51%The return of the messiah
41%High Quality product but 1080p is not noticiable on a 46" LCD
5It's OppO-mazing!
40%Not bad for price, but there are better upconverting DVD players
51%My HD TV is alive!
51%Best DVD player I've ever owned
51%awesome player
51%the Holy Grail for the video masses
51%perfect region free player
51%Best Value to Bridge the DVD Platform War! + Great Audio too!
5Great alternative until either HD-DVD or Blu-Ray wins!
51%Perfect DVD player
51%Ultimate machine for your 1080p display ;-)
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