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Reviews: Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player

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Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player
Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player
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30%So so
51%Toshiba HD DVD Player
51%Great HD and HD Upconverter
41%Solid performance, specially for the price I got it at
41%my review
5Want the latest Toshiba DVD player? Here's how to get it for five bucks
20%Complaint !!!
51%Excellent Product a must have for movie buffs
41%Very good DVD player
5HD-DVD The One That Should Have Been
41%Toshiba HD-A3
4Dark picture
51%Toshiba HD-A3 and Sony BDP-S350: peaceful coexistence at last!
51%HD-DVD is a great bargain
4Good solution until Blu-Ray technology gets cheaper
51%one fantastic hddvd/upconverter
50%Very good product for this price.
50%Well worth it
50%Excelent Purchase
4works great with my 720p/1080i TV
41%Hate The Game, Not The Player...
20%Crippled playback, Noisy MPEG decoding
51%Toshiba HD-A3
51%Now that HD-DVD is "dead" ...
30%found this causing dvd defect
51%incredible value
51%This is a terrific player
30%Good picture, slow response, update a problem
30%TOshiba is no longer making hd dvd players
41%Superb Viewing Quality
50%I paid 78$,
41%Toshiba HD-A3 works for me
30%just keeping it as a backup
41%Toshiba HD works fine
51%A great unit, still a great value
50%As Promised
10%Don't Buy - Discontinued Format
51%Great product!
51%What a great player!
51%Excellent performance
51%Purchased after HD war finished...
51%Great Product
51%Great Player
51%I am glad I got one!
41%A3 Review
51%Great Buy Great Player
41%Great HD DVD player - Pretty Decent DVD Player but Slooowwww
51%Grab one while you can!
51%Great DVD Player
41%Still Worth Buying
51%Good Product
30%Too bad HD is out...
30%A lot of misinformation here re. "upconverting"
41%Almost Perfect ... Almost
41%Cheap, upconverter, free DVD's....great for the living room
10%My New HD DVD is the New BETA
41%Great player......
51%HD DVD is Dead, but the Upconvert LIVES!!!
20%Would have been great but.........................
41%HiDef for cheap
41%A good deal for the cautious, despite the obsolete format
51%Great Plater! Great Format!
51%toshiba hd
51%HD DVD player
30%works great but........
41%Great player!
51%great player they practically give away
41%Good deal for the price.
51%Great job Toshiba
41%Can I pick 'em or what?
4Bummer they are going the way of the Dodo
30%Great player, I got a bad one :(
51%Toshiba HD-A3 HD-DVD Player
5Incredible Up-Conversion
51%My A3 was bug free. Works great!
5Toshiba HDDVD
50%great dvd player
40%DVD Player without a format
51%excellent upconversion
51%Great Product!!!! Great Price!!!!
51%Great player without a format future
51%Still best deal
51%even if the format dies..
10%Dead format and a dead end player
51%Great Hardware
50%At under $125 - Highly Recommended
5Toshiba HD at a Great Price
51%Excellent starter unit!
51%Best Upconverting Dvd Player I've Seen
51%Toshiba HD-A3 OK!
51%amazing value
51%Amazing quality
51%Great player
41%Better than I expected, actually
51%Toshiba HD-A3 excellent purchase
51%Awesome HD DVD player
51%Excellent Entry-Level Player for a Excellent price
51%Excellent product
51%Well worth the cost just as an upscaler for regular DVDs
41%dvd player review
51%best hd value out there!
5Great Unit
40%Good bang for the buck
40%Too bad HD is dying
41%Good HD player for the money
41%Excellent upconverter
51%Fantastic HD-DVD Player w/Outstanding Upconversion of SD DVDs
41%very nice
51%Affordable yet simple HD DVD Player
51%Great product
31%HD Performance is Fantastic - Controls are Quirky
51%Great Bang for the Buck
51%Very good player
30%Full Screen and Wide Screen auto detection.
51%Toshiba Rock's
41%Overall pleased, but a few issues
51%Good Player
51%I Love It...
51%Well Done!
41%Good entry level HD DVD player
4Happy with purchase
51%Best HD Player for the money
51%Incredible Picture - DVI , A real Wow unit for little $$
51%Excellent Value
41%Good Introductory HiDef Player if You Don't Need 1080p
5It's a real shame about Warner
51%Item Works Great
51%This is a must have!
51%Trust Me
51%Plays HD content burned onto standard DVDs!
51%Great value for the price.. highly recommend
51%Wonderful player, very happy with my purchase!
51%but in 6 months it might be free when you buy a TV
51%The Best DVD Player I Have Ever Owened
5excellent product
41%Works great
30%Not for OLD TVs.
51%Exceptional Player. Great Value. Highest Quality Out There
51%Great high-definition player for a great price!!
51%Outstanding player!
10%Excellent picture when it works
51%Nice Machine
51%Great DVD and HD-DVD player
51%It comes with the latest firmware.
41%An exceptional value for the price...
51%Best Deal!!
10%Warning - Poor Movie Selection
51%Safe bet for HiDef movies...
51%Got this on Black Friday
30%No obvious difference from HD-A2, worse?
51%Outstanding, well polished product, even given latest WB switch.
41%Beautiful Picture Quality, Highly Recommended!!
51%Great HD system works wonders on regular/Standard DVD!!!
51%Awsome Player
41%Awesome HD Player!
41%Works great and the 30 day price guarantee is helping with Warner Decision
51%Great UPCONVERTING dvd player :) plays hd dvd's too!
51%Good buy with high performance!
51%great buy
2Nobody told me about the limited selection!
51%very good for the money
51%Great Product
51%Great player for a great price
20%It's an awesome player if there's no playback problem. Unfortunately, this player has tons of it.
51%What's the hurry?
51%excellent product, extraordinary value
51%Excellent HD player!!
51%Rock Solid
50%Buy An HD-DVD Player , Studios will have to follow
51%Wonderful Upscaling DVD Player / Great HD-DVD Player
30%Player fine, but ordering process and customer service poor
51%Outstanding picture quality
41%What happened to all the reviews?
51%Great Player
51%For the price, a great bargain
41%An Inexpensive HD Upgrade
51%Not a bad purchase for under $200
51%GREAT player, even if you only use it to upconvert
51%Great piece of equipment.
51%Best upconverting player I've ever seen
51%Great player, great price
51%Excellent HDDVD player
4Good Value
40%Think before buying
40%Great picture and sound for the price, poorly designed otherwise
41%Works perfect if you don't mind the wait
41%Toshiba HD-A3
20%Cheap HD DVD Player
51%Still a GREAT HD experience!
41%toshiba dvd a3 player
51%Buy It Now
51%Great player for up-converting regular DVDs and getting some free movies
10%Not so good :(
10%Be careful...
51%No regrets
41%Was going to return, gave it a chance, now keeping it!!
51%Love my new Toshiba HD-A3 HD-DVD Player!
11%Not one of the lucky ones!
11%Didn't work
5What's with all the whining about the death of HD-DVD?
41%Toshiba HD DVD player
40%Great Product Great Quality , But Will Software Support Last?
11%Good Player, but no Warner Bros(from mid 2008)/Disney/Sony movies?!?!
41%Great product
40%Great Affordable Player
51%Great DVD Player
30%Dead Format
50%Nice unit
31%Worked as expected
50%Great Picture - Not One Problem Setting Up
51%Awesome Player, AMAZING PICTURE
50%Great cheap 1080i player
10%Expected More
11%Standard DVD ok- Intolerable HD DVD performance. Substandard.
40%Price will decide the format war. Priced Right!
10%Low Quality
50%Warner Pictures goes Blu - player is Awesome for price
30%Good player, but may be losing format war to Blu-ray now
1A big unresolved problem..
20%nice player, but super slow
51%Decided to put in my two cents after seeing these 1 star reviews.
3Simply won't play rented discs reliably...
51%Great value for the price
51%Toshiba A3 Affordable HD
50%A steal! Excellent bargain priced HD player!
51%Works wonders...right out of the box.
40%HD DVD player review
51%HD-A3 worth the money
51%Toshiba HD DVD Player
3Great picture but player has some kinks
41%Excellent player at a good price
51%I can't find a complaint
5Works great. Picture quality is amazing!
51%Great video, easy to use
21%Released too soon?
4Great HD DVD player after initial set-up
3good but not perfect
50%Much better than 1st generation
50%Very Pleased
5Easy as Pie!
5Good Player / Features for the price.
30%Toshiba HD-A3
10%not that great
4Works well after a slow startup
5Great HD DVD Player
41%Slow but Steady
40%Very decent product
4Fingers crossed...
40%HD DVD--Pretty nice machine
10%Component Video Interface/Copy Protection
51%Awesome Player but Blade Runner Clicks- Anyone Else?
41%good dvd player
41%awesome hd dvd
51%amazing picture and sound and no problems with playback
51%HD-A3 big bang for little buck
10%A3 HDMI does not work with Samsung P6163W DLP TV
51%Incredible hi-def player at a fantastic price!
40%nice and slow
4Great HD Player ( after you figure out how to set it up!)
40%Good player BUT you must download first
20%Locks up
10%Great picture, When it works
20%Poor choice for plasma owners
10%This player freezes on all movies
51%Beautiful HD DVD Player
51%Great product, great price!
51%Excellent Buy!
5I Love HD
41%Toshiba HD-A3 review - excellent starter
51%Great Player, Awesome Features and Picture
51%Pleasantly Surprised
41%Toshiba HD-A3
31%Bad error handling
51%HD DVD the best option
51%Super Duper
10%Beware this unit - again
51%Toshiba A-3 HD DVD rules!
51%Very Good HDDVD player
10%Always start over after stop!!!!!!!!! Don't Buy!!!
51%Great Picture and sound quality, even for SD DVD
40%Good, functional HD DVD Player
50%Terrific Pictures and sound
50%Expect More with HD DVD
51%Very sharp picture, easy to setup.
10%Beware of this Unit
51%Amazing Value!! Great Price!!
41%Couldn't be happier
51%Not for the Technically Proficient
51%Phenomenal 1080i High-Def Picture Quality
31%Some rough edges
10%Disappointing!!! Forget about RENTALS.
51%Don't be fooled by the poor reviews!!
51%HD-A3 working great
5Good introduction into hi-def world
31%Decent for the price
50%Amazing picture with amazing sound!
50%Toshiba HD-A3 720p/1080i HD DVD Player
40%Great Picture
50%Incredible Value - Truly incredible
51%Toshiba A 3 HD DVD
41%Solid, basic HiDef player at the right price; no upgrade from A2
41%Hi-Def is Now
50%I was concerned now Quite pleased with my choice
50%Just ordered it and having trouble downloading firmware to CDR
51%Great HD player
50%Upcoverts my DVD+R's
40%Excellent with one caveat
5What they say about HD-DVD's are true!
51%Excellent Product and Excellent Deal
30%Why am I NOT impressed
51%I love it!
41%Steal of a deal
30%Great picture quality but...
10%piece of junk
51%awesome player and afordable
51%Great High Definition at an Affordable Price
41%Good unit, great price
10%Save your money...
51%First Impressions
50%Great player at a great sale price
50%Great Bang for your Buck
50%No problems worked out of box
51%UPDATE: Toshiba admits flaws - 2 defective units sent back for refund
41%Finally, an Affordable/Quality High Def DVD Player
51%Almost Free!
51%Great Product
41%Good price, nice quality video, firmware and HDMI tips
50%Great Player; Resolution is more than perfect!
31%Decent player with some small flaws
20%Not a very good player.
20%Picture is good but not stable - I hope I don't ruin it for you.
40%Stunning Picture and Sound that you have to wait for.
51%Just a few words regarding firmware upgrade times...
21%A lot of work for Toshiba
20%Here's the REAL scoop.....
51%Polished third generation HD DVD player at a great price
10%Buyer Beware Of Toshiba!
51%Great Bang For Your HD-DVD Buck
51%simply awesome!
51%i'm hooked!!!
51%Stunning Picture on HD DVD and even standard DVD
51%GREAT HD-DVD / DVD-upscaler player!!
41%Just Arrived...(3rd update!!)
30%Pretty Good player
51%Best deal on Amazon!
41%Excellent player for first time HD-DVD
51%Using Component Video instead of HDMI improves the picture.
51%Just in time for holiday and family getherings
50%HD DVD A3 is the coolest thing.
51%WOW! - 10 Free HD DVDs and a Player for $199!!!
10%Great Picture when it works - stay away till Toshiba fixes the errors
51%Excellent player!!
41%Toshiba A 3 HD DVD Player
51%Great player
40%Nice DVD player with good upscaling
51%Wonderful picture quality and a great deal
40%Toshiba HD-A3 720/1080i HD DVD Player
51%Fantastic Sleek Player!
51%Fantastic Hi Def player for a great price.
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