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Reviews: Toshiba HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player

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Toshiba HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player
Toshiba HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player
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As of: 2015-03-19
List Price: $199.99
Lowest Used Price: $115.00

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5HD A-30 an underrated player
51%Fire sales make HD DVD a bargain
5 Excellent EBay seller.
2Not worth the money
4HD Play
4Quite the bargain.
4Toshiba HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player
4great price for a good player
51%Refurb, but in great condition
51%Seem to be unopened box
20%Toshiba HD-A30
51%Only paid $99 at Amazon Marketplace
3Not Bad For The Money
31%Rode Hard And Put Away Wet
11%Bit the dust after 5 months
11%Warehouse Deals by Amazon
41%Very good DVD player
3Toshiba HD-A30 player
4Good upscaler
40%Good player
5Happy with our HD-DVD!
51%love it!
51%Wow! the price more than doubled!
5HD-A30 already becoming rare
3Pretty good player
51%Where are the free Movies
41%Toshiba HD-DVD A30
51%it's actually free if you think about it
41%Great Price for a Great Product
41%A great bang for the buck while waiting for enhanced Blu-Ray players.
41%All This "BLUE" Ray Advice !!!!
51%Excellent 1080/24 player for the price!!
31%brilliant playback for hd dvds-soso playback for standard dvds
30%What a disappointment
51%A Great Player
5awsome player
51%excellent performer
4Excellent Technology
51%So what if HD lost -Not in my house
20%It's being phased out
51%Very happy with it!
51%Best Value....Even For A Dead Format!
51%I don't care...this is a GREAT machine
41%HD loses, but that's okay
41%Toshiba HD-A30 - Excellent video quality
51%Toshiba HD A-30
30%The spoils of war.
20%Toshiba changed format
5Great player even though the format has lost.
51%Superb HD-DVD Player!
20%Hosed again.
20%Trouble right out of the box
31%What a waste....sought of.
4Good player, format is history.
51%Very Nice! Gotta love the cheapest 1080p player on earth.
51%Great Bang for the Buck
41%Still useful, no regrets
10%Nothing but trouble
50%Pray for the Fall of Blu-Ray
41%excellent player
40%Great Buy
30%5 free disk offer lie
20%verrry slow
30%OK for the price
20%Takes too long to get started
10%Toshiba drops HD DVD format
41%Very happy with player
20%Not even worth a discounted price
40%HD DVD, the Betamax of HiDef
51%Great value at $150 - Just Beware HD-DVD May be a Dying Format.
51%No Problems
51%A30 with 5087S
51%Great Upscaling!!!
51%This thing KICKS BUTT!
51%TOSHIBA HD-A30 - Excellent HD-DVD player
51%Forget Blu-Ray
20%Works, but not pretty - inside nor out.
40%too quick to buy
51%1080p for a great price!!!!
51%Excellent Player, stunning picture, Wonderfull upscalling
5Great Price
4toshiba hd-a30
40%whats all the hype about??
5High definition at bargain price
41%At these prices, you can't go wrong.
5for the price, it can't be beat!
41%Toshiba HD-A30 HD-DVD player
51%Unbeatable value - Great HD plus fantastic upconverting .
51%Real HD at less than many upconverters!
51%Great player and absolutely love it!
51%Best 1080p DVD upconverter bar none!
41%Unreal quality!
51%HD-A30 absolutely ROCKS!
51%Great Video Quality
51%Great HD-DVD player!
51%Great value and awesome performance
41%Wish it had more support
20%Slow, non responsive, and annoying.
51%Great buy for a great product
30%Benefit of the doubt
51%Great player, great price. Jump in with both feet..
51%Great Product
51%Toshiba HD-A30
20%Slow, slow, slow and no Blu-ray.
41%Toshiba HD-A30
51%Worth Every Penny
41%Great player but...
51%If you're in the market for an upscaling DVD player consider this!
41%24p HD that works right now
50%its great
10%Great player -poor future and lost format
51%Incredible Deal!!!!!!!!!!!
41%Worth the Investment?
51%Beautiful!!! Awesome at any price. A STEAL at this price.
41%great dvd player
10%Do Not Buy It
51%Excellent HD Player
51%Doesn't get any better than this!
41%Does exactly what it says, but no more
4Patience, patience
40%Toshiba HD-A30
30%nice player, but super slow
41%Excellent player...forget Blue-ray
4Good player if it works
41%Clear picture but audio blows you away
51%Superb image quality
51%Great Video!!
41%Great Player But Some Complaints
41%Great Quality
51%Phenomenal Picture
51%Toshiba HD-A30 DVD Player is absolutely great!
5WOW! HD at last!
30%Tales of Horror to Setup - No CS - Great Picture
5HD-A30 Great Product!
51%Simply outstanding
51%Awesome Picture quality compared to some Blu-Ray players and movies I seen!
40%1080p/24 force option?
51%HD is the way
51%Outstanding purchase
51%Love it, now on to building my HD library...
31%Excellent and Not So Excellent
51%Toshiba once again proves better than others...
51%What an upgrade over previous versions!
51%Awesome Picture. Really Impressive
41%Not perfect, but an excellent deal
40%Things to consider about this slow player
51%Great picture, many features, awesome value.
50%Bogus Posts
41%Happy HD Viewing
30%Good Player
10%Biggest POS I've Ever Bought!!!!
51%TOSHIBA HD-A30 1080p HD DVD Player
41%This player performs!
51%HD A30 a decent player but has problems
51%HD-A30 incredible upconversion and HD-DVD playback.
51%Everything That I Expected
51%Excellent product
41%Great player if you can live with the gripes
41%Overall good.
41%Does what it says...BUT
41%Good HD-DVD player, but better than A25 or A3?
51%going high tech this year
30%this is third gen?
41%Toshiba HD-A30 is a good player
41%HD the beginning
41%toshiba hd dvd player HD -30A
51%HD DVD Toshiba A-30
31%Nice but could be better
51%Great Product Highly Recommended
4Near perfect
31%Great picture, but DOES NOT pass the new Audio Formats
31%decent but probably not worth the $
31%3rd Gen Should be better than 2nd Gen
51%Makes my old DVD's look near-HD
31%Overall Good player for 1080p only, otherwise to expensive
51%An excellent effort by Toshiba
51%Movie Bliss
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