Playing back WMV-HD disc on your PC
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Postby HDRJason » 26 Aug 2005, 15:42

Q: What is WMV-HD?
A: WMV-HD stands for Windows Media Video High-Definition. Basic information about it can be found at www.wmvhd.com

Q: Are there samples of this content available?

A: Yes, Visit www.wmvhd.com for information on new WMV-HD releases along with many titles to preview right on your home PC!

Q: What is this I hear about VC-1?

A: VC-1 stands for "Video Compression 1". This is the open specification Microsoft presented to the SMPTE standards organization.

Q: What audio codec is used in WMV-HD?

A: Currently WMV-HD titles use WMA Professional 5.1 channel audio. This is steps above the current WMA audio that you might encode content with in Windows Media Player 9 Series.

Q: Can I use my PC's 5.1 speaker setup with WMV-HD titles?

A: Yes you can. The URL below will help you out with this.

www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/windo ... audio.mspx

Q: Why isn't a Lossless audio codec used?

A: Currently due to space constraints. A DVD-9 disc can only hold about 7.95GB of data. If a Lossless audio codec were to be used the video bitrate would have to be chopped down to make room for both on the disc. Lower video bitrate means lower video quality.

Q: Are there any Audio/Video Receivers that support decoding WMA Pro?

A: Yes, currently the Pioneer VSX-59TXi does. This is the only one right now, but look for more to become available. Pioneer now has 4 additional AVRs that support WMA Pro over SPDIF. Please see Pioneer's website for updated information.

Q: Why is Dolby Digital (DD) not used for the audio?

A: WMA Pro 5.1 can offer better sound quality then DD at this point. Knowing this is basically up for debate you can decide for yourself about which is better. Any third party could create tools to add AC3 or DTS functionality to a WMV encoded file. As of now, only Microsoft's tools for encoding WMA have been released.

Q: Can I transcode the WMA Pro soundtrack to DD, so I can run it through my AVR?

A: Yes you can. The first option is if you have an nForce2 motherboard with SoundStorm you can set it to transcode the WMA Pro 5.1 to DD over SPDIF. This is limited due to the number of people who have (rather don't have) nForce2 motherboards with SoundStorm.

The second option will work for most others. Using the AC3 Filter (Currently in beta) from Sourceforge.net you can do this. Please see http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthre ... id=3820212 for more information and help with this.

**System Requirements**

Q: What OS is required to play a WMV-HD title?

A: Windows XP is the preferred OS for WMV-HD playback. There are many reasons for this, the top one being only WMP 9 for XP allows for WMA Pro 5.1 decoding. So if you wish to enjoy the 5.1 sound track you must have Windows XP with WMP 9.

Windows 98SE/ME/2000 may be used as long as you have Windows Media Player 9 installed. The 5.1 channel WMA Pro will be down-mixed to 2 channel stereo when using Windows 98SE/ME/2000.

Q: Is Windows Media Center supported for playback?

A: You bet! Windows MCE even provides control via your MCE Remote.

Q: Is windows 98 (Non-SE) supported?

A: No, Microsoft doesn

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Good discussion...

Postby JasonGawker » 30 Mar 2008, 09:05

On the ever interesting debate of HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray I'm definitely a Blu-Ray fan. It's cleaner, smoother and optimized to a larger number of systems. What's your take on the subject? I think this thread is great - very informative and to the point. I have always tried to find solid WMV-HD equipment, and there I found it, really excellent. Me - I'm waiting for the time where I could view these wonderful fish in HD - http://www.thereeftank.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112496 - Now wouldn't that be just neat?

I think so.


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