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VIZIO e500i-A1 or VIZIO m501d-A2r?

Posted: 17 Dec 2013, 15:28
by s2s
I'm trying to decided between 2 TVs - the VIZIO m501d-A2r or the VIZIO e500i-A1. Essentially, I had to face the facts and decided that I will probably use my TV a good amount of time throughout the day however I won't utilize the 3D feature on the higher end model all that much unless my 4 nieces and 3 nephews like it more. I would say that I do watch a decent amount of ice hockey so 240Hz refresh rate could be an important thing to consider.

For the most part, I'm wondering if it makes sense to buy the more expense ($150 difference) TV with new technology; 240Hz refresh, slimmer panel, better internet and 3D (more very reflective screen). My parents have the VIZIO e470i-a0 and it has a nice matte screen and although it has great HD quality and is a Smart TV the menus are kind of laggy and the remote control is pretty unresponsive. I have heard the same for the higher end model too, regarding the remote and menus. So either way, I will most likely be getting a Mini-PC adapter or a Roku device.

* A quick side note~ whether you have experience owning either TV or not all opinions are welcome.

Re: VIZIO e500i-A1 or VIZIO m501d-A2r?

Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 05:30
by eliwhitney
TO: s2s

Sorry to appear as a 'Know-It-All' BUT.... {have assisted w/ Buying & Installing quite a few as a Volunteer for Seniors, etc..}

A) = NEITHER of those stated will be The Better to Buy at all!!

B) = Plasma is Far Better for successful 3 D Viewing.

C) = 'LCD Fast-action Blurring simply can NOT be cured with ever-faster refresh rates, be they 120, 240, etc.. - - - Plasma Technology NEVER has / NEVER will experience the succession of multiple ghosts of hockey pucks heading for the Net!!

D) - Panasonic Plasma {as well as Samsung's} sets have been offered since Black Friday at extremely-inexpensive Pricing.

E) - 'Reflective Viewing' Room?? ...Can not have simultaneously a lovely, Formal Room for Grand Visiting w/ Guests and a Proper HDTV Viewing room ... simply get rid of the Bright Light Fixtures & install faux wood, 2" blinds or lined draperies, etc..

F) - begin shopping anew, watching Plasmas, pls..

eli = P.S. - - 'Off-axis' Viewing {OFF To the Sides of the Display's Center} will be Much Improved w/ Plasma!!}

Re: VIZIO e500i-A1 or VIZIO m501d-A2r?

Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 04:51
by pkwaug
I have a 55" Panasonic G25 and can attest to Eli's comments. One note though--it has a shinny screen and is in a room with allot of large windows. Even without closing the drapes the viewing during the day is acceptable--even more so when I use the custom settings which are set for a little brighter picture rather than the THX settings used most of the time.

Friends and neighbors are always commenting on what a fantastic picture I have compared to theirs and are astounded when I tell them the TV was only $1,500, but are most surprised when they find it is a Plasma--they all have $2-3K LED/LCD sets.

Re: VIZIO e500i-A1 or VIZIO m501d-A2r?

Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 05:59
by eliwhitney
... pkwaug ....

Many thanks for sharing your Plasma Experiences! - - - In my Views, it is Very Sad to realize that the Production of Plasma HDTVs is nearing it's end, with some reporting this to be as soon as end-of-March??

A shame, as the technology certainly does offer / provide distinct advantages over the Other.

- - - - Have a great N.Y.E. and a prosperous 2014! - - - eli