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OTA USB Hopper Modulator

Posted: 17 Aug 2016, 08:12
by irished
Members, Excuse any dumb mistakes i might make in this post. I joined almost at the inception of HDTV Magazine and I have never posted a thing. I noticed when signing on today, my last sign-in was in June 2005. I am a Dish Customer (16years) and about five years ago I installed a OTA antenna. Dish Tech wired this while performing other duties here. Immediately I had around 12 channels in Yellow on my Guide page. Since I have frequent rain/snow disruptions I am able to watch local stations. About two months ago all the OTA stations disappeared from my guide. Dish Tech visited and said I needed to order a OTA USB Modulator and install in the back side of my Hopper Receiver. To my knowledge I never had that before? He did not remove one from my Hopper that I know of? Dish has showed this part ($30.00) out of stock for the past month, and no hope of getting it back in inventory, bad customer relations if you ask me. Any suggestions on why my stations disappeared from my guide? Do I need this part to get back to local stations. And finally if I have filed this issue in the wrong place, somebody please help me. Thanks, Ed