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What is the average cost for an HDTV in 2011

Posted: 15 Jun 2011, 05:01
by Guest
What is the average cost for an HDTV in 2011 and what was it in the year 2006? Looking at a 60" HDTV.


Posted: 15 Jun 2011, 05:35
by eliwhitney

A) -There weren't any of that display size in 2006.

B) - Plasma or LCD, a 60" s/b in the lo-mid-$2,000 range.

C) - strictly in my own view, never a rear projection!


Re: What is the average cost for an HDTV in 2011

Posted: 30 Dec 2013, 03:08
by eliwhitney
FOR: sidneychristman .... A Clarification, pls!!

- - - Just on the Off-chance that yours was NOT another Case of the very-frequent 'SPAMMING' that's on-going herein ....

...there's Far More to obtaining any lovely, new HDTV for One's viewing pleasure than simply picking-out the very largest display panel that One's budget can withstand, of course!

First and Foremost ... is that THE proper display size for the SPACE in question? ...a multitude of Charts and Formulae exists for this determination, naturally. One school-of-thought centers around the 'HD Immersion Effects' which involves the Optical Effects of our Peripheral Vision!! ...and, this is NOT to be confused w/ anything associated with 3 D, of course.

Such a consideration wlll determine a display's vertical dimension multiplied by 3.0 / 3.2 to be the appropriate Viewing Distance from One's eyes-to-that-panel! ..... E.G. = In the case of a ~ 60" Display, this would be suitable for a distance of some ~ 98" or slightly UNDER!

Also, a near-mandatory part will be some sort of external Sound System, inasmuch as ZERO of the current, 'super-thin HDTVs can contain appropriate Amplifiers and Speakers to provide the 5.1 Dolby Sound Reproduction, a critical part of the HDTV Experience!

LOTs More, {IF} you might be interested? - - - Have a Great NYE and 2014!! ... eli