INTERVIEW - 2001 - Richard Wiley, Chairman of ACATS

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INTERVIEW - 2001 - Richard Wiley, Chairman of ACATS

Postby Dale » 18 Oct 2005, 20:15

<strong>HDTV Magazine: What are the most important unresolved issues with respect to the H/DTV movement today at the end of 2001?</strong>

Richard Wiley: There are some major impediments for the digital television transition. I would identify four. Some of them are on the way to being greatly improved. One (of those) is the equipment. We now have over 350 models in all sizes and shapes, all of the highest quality. The prices are falling faster than anyone expected. The chicken in the 'chicken and egg' dilemma is being solved as we go. Now the egg--that being the programming--is the biggest impediment left. The compelling programming is still in short supply. CBS has clearly done a great job (with their prime time). I am pleased as punch to see ABC coming along. I would like to see Monday Night Football a part of it. I don't understand the plan for the others. When NBC went to all-color in the 60s the whole transition to color took off I would love to see that kind of leadership once more. Obviously, going to HDTV is something they must decide for themselves. I am just a K Street lawyer. I do know this: Without compelling programming we do not have a driving force.

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