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WD-62527 Mitsubishi TV

Posted: 11 Jan 2014, 21:01
by miked24
I just got this 62" TV... I was told I just needed to replace bulb in back, so I ordered one... The picture quality is terrible... it's like watching TV 25 years ago.... I took apart screen and tried to clean inside the TV.. there was some dust I removed but the mirror looked clean... I took a lint free microfiber cloth to the inside of the screen and used lens cleaner on the outside of screen... when there is nothing on the TV but a blank screen, it looks like the screen has spots burned into it and some of the border is a lot darker.... any help would be greatly appreciated.. is there something deeper that needs to be cleaned???? I put in a DVD to see if it would be better but it wasn't

Re: WD-62527 Mitsubishi TV

Posted: 13 Jan 2014, 10:45
by jerryjam
Hi Mike, You have a problem that will require quite a bit of effort to resolve. I am an old Mitsubishi technician looking for an easy way to fix this problem for two of my customers at this current time. I have the training manual for this set but did not attend the actual mitsubishi training in 2005. Also, we have only recently received service requests on this LCD rear projection model so our experience is very limited. I am awaiting a call back from Mitsubishi technical assistance to learn about possible solutions to this problem. However; I suspect that the Smart Shutter High Contract Unit may be the cause of the problem (due to dust accumulation) or dust on the three DICHROIC mirrors in the LCD light engine and\or on the X-Prisim or dust on the projection lens. I hope the problem is not like that of Sony LCD optic blocks that had color filters which would discolor due to the bright light shining on them for long periods of time. I suspect that the three dichroic mirrors might be damaged in the same way or the X-Prisim may have experienced a similar damage. I will let you know after I repair one of these sets (if). If you have already removed the front screen there is a plastic plate above the light engine which can be removed by unscrewing two screws to clean the dust from the top of the light engine. There are three fans which need to be cleaned before you replace the lamp because the lamp will fail again soon if the lamp fan is not cleaned. FYI the main reason for most projection type failures is due to excessive dust buildup on cooling fans. I would even go further and say that this is true for most all electronic failures when cooled by air circulated cooling fans. I always clean all cooling fans when performing any service. That is the reason number one reason that I never sell replacements over the counter. :roll: JJ

Re: WD-62527 Mitsubishi TV

Posted: 01 Feb 2014, 14:26
by jesusisgod
Note folks Mitsubishi is out of the TV business . they just paid me $2100 for my Laservue tv .

It had white spots bad dlp chip .parts will become impossible to find at some point .