Component Video

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Component Video

Postby Richard » 01 Jun 2004, 14:33

While this may look like RGB due to the red green and blue color coding on the wires or connectors it is not. Component video is a form of compression used with DTV and DVD for consumer applications.

The green wire is the black and white video portion of the signal. The red and blue represent the color difference signals which are encoded from the original RGB source. The signals on the red and blue are significantly less than the green and that conserves bandwidth requirements. Once this signal enters the display is must be decoded back to RGB to display the image.

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Postby tolomeeceseno » 13 Dec 2010, 07:23

Okay may have figured this one out ... removed the yellow cable video from the set top box on the A/V connector just using the red and white and the component cable blue, green, and red. I also set the channel to 2 during the VMC setup.


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