40 Year Old Virgin, The - DVD

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40 Year Old Virgin, The - DVD

Postby Richard » 30 Dec 2005, 14:22

The title says it all as Andy moves towards finally losing his virginity before it gets to be too late with the assistance of his coworkers in the local Best Buy look alike electronics store. I am sure the members of this forum will get a kick out of some of the scenes and the 4:3 stretched content presentation on the HDTVs in the store.

At Blockbuster only the unrated version was available and you should be well aware that this movie is chock full of four letter words and a flat out abrasive social culture that may very well test your boundaries and limits in what you are willing to view. On the other hand there are many other great moments to balance that and I found myself laughing through out. Only you can make the call as to it
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Postby stevekaden » 31 Mar 2010, 06:50

I'd like to add: watch it a few times.

I was a bit lukewarm the first time I saw it - even as it is my kind of humor. But I had the opportunity to see it again, and it just seemed funnier. Then again....it just gets better each time - literally Rolling on the Floor funny. And I know others who feel the same way. I guess you just get a bit more connected to the characters each time.

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