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Paris, France - HEAVENT - November 22nd, 2005 - Doremi Labs showcased its V1-HD JPEG2000 compressed HD video server at the HEAVENT event & presentation expo in Paris, France. Two V1-HD Servers played back 4 streams of 2k resolution video to Sony's new SXRD 4k Digital Cinema Projector.

The Stunning 4k material was provided by Philippe GERARD of INRIA; the French Research Institute for Computer Science and Automatic Control. INRIA created a five minute video sequence using a 10 megapixel digital camera. Each TIFF file was split into four parts and the sequence was transferred to Doremi's V1-HD server via Ethernet.

The two V1-HD units were easily locked to provide four synchronized HD-SDI streams to feed the Sony SXRD 4K Digital Cinema Projector.

The V1-HD is ideal as a playback device for large screen presentations, digital cinema and other large high-resolution display applications. The dual-link HD-SDI inputs can also be used for 4:2:2:4 recording of video and key, and are also useful for ultra wide screen projection and 3D video.

HDTV's high resolution demands large amounts of storage. The V1-HD features selectable JPEG2000 video compression up to 320Mbs. This high quality video compression helps to preserve the quality of the video image while significantly reducing storage requirements.

The V1-HD is housed in a compact 3U chassis with up to two removable hard drives. A single drive can provide approximately 4 hours of storage at 160 Mbs.

Doremi Labs Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of video disk recorders (VDR) and video servers for the professional video and audio markets. Founded in 1985, Doremi Labs is based in Burbank, California, with sales offices in France and Tokyo. The Doremi Labs V1 family of VDRs is a market leader with thousands of installations worldwide. Doremi Labs' product line has expanded beyond the video server market and now includes DVI converters, test generators and HD MPEG2 encoders, decoders and video players.

Posted by Dale Cripps, December 1, 2005 6:36 PM

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