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Panasonic Expands Its Award Winning Line of Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Players

DMP-BDT100 Joins Panasonic's Family of Full HD 3D Home Entertainment

SECAUCUS, N.J., July 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Panasonic, an industry leader in Full HD 3D technology, announced today the expansion of its line of Full HD 3D Blu-ray(TM) Disc players to include the DMP-BDT100. The DMP-BDT100, available in August, joins the DMP-BDT300 and DMP-BDT350 in providing superior 2D and 3D picture quality, as well as such innovative features as VIERA CAST(TM) internet functionality. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

The BDT100 continues the commitment to excellence established by the BDT350 which made its US debut at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, where it received the esteemed Innovations Award for 3D technology.

"From the beginning, Panasonic has led the way into the 3D era with end-to-end solutions ranging from our critically-acclaimed Full HD 3D VIERA Plasma TVs and 3D Blu-ray Disc Players, to professional 3D camcorders and our work with Hollywood studios on the authoring of Full HD Blu-ray 3D video content," said Richard Simone, Vice President, Panasonic Networking Group. "The addition of the BDT100 3D Blu-ray Disc Player to our line-up marks one of many planned expansions of our 3D offerings designed to give consumers more options and greater access to the immersive world of 3D entertainment for the home."

The BDT100 outputs stunning and immersive Full HD 3D imagery to compatible HD displays. The player also handles a wide variety of audio standards, and upconverts all standard definition video formats to 1080p, the highest-possible video resolution. For nearly 20 years, Panasonic has maintained a base in Hollywood, via Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory, where it has actively studied and created high quality image reproduction technologies in tandem with a number of leading movie studios. Many of the advanced image technologies originally cultivated by Panasonic through this experience are incorporated in the DMP-BDT100. Based on these technologies, the DMP-BDT100 reproduces the ultimate in 3D images, rendering them extremely faithful to the original movies.

In addition to producing superb picture and audio quality, the DMP-BDT100, like the BDT350, also features VIERA CAST, Panasonic's proprietary internet functionality, which brings a variety of streaming services including NETFLIX(TM), Amazon VOD(TM), Pandora®, Twitter and YouTube(TM) Videos into the living room. Wireless LAN capability(*1) eliminates the need to connect a LAN cable, so the DMP-BDT100 can be used without having to worry about the length of the cable.

Users can also watch 2D images (JPEG) and movies (AVCHD(*2)/MPEG2(*2)) from digital cameras and camcorders via the integrated SD card and USB slot, as well as 3D Content shot by a Panasonic HDC-SDT750 Camcorder.

Ease of use remains a major consumer concern and the BDT100 addresses the issue of boot up time by reducing the time to 0.5-second.

As a green innovation company, Panasonic also focuses on important environmental issues in its production system. For example, the single chip LSI, UniPhier, is used for image signal processing. Unification of this chip helps to lower power consumption and achieve a more compact design (reducing the DMP-BDT100 size by 1-17/32 inches(*3)) while also decreasing the burden on the environment by using limited natural resources more efficiently.

For more information on Panasonic's Full HD 3D technology, visit www.panasonic.com/3D.

About Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company

Based in Secaucus, N.J., Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (PCEC), a market and technology leader in High Definition television, is a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE:PC) and the hub of Panasonic's U.S. marketing, sales, service and R&D operations. Panasonic is pledged to practice prudent, sustainable use of the earth's natural resources and protect our environment through the company's Eco Ideas programs. Information about Panasonic products is available at www.panasonic.com. Additional company information for journalists is available at www.panasonic.com/pressroom.

(*1) For this function, the purchase of the Wireless LAN Adaptor (DY-WL10) is necessary. This function is not compatible with public Wireless LAN.
(*2) SD Memory Card only
(*3) Dimension size. Compared with the DMP-BDT350.

Technical Specifications

[High Quality Picture and Sound]
True to Cinema Picture Technology

FULL HD 3D Blu-ray Disc(TM) Playback (All Models)

Advanced 2D image technology accumulated over the years at the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) has also been applied to 3D image playback, allowing high-quality images to approach original film quality. Lifelike 3D images with enhanced depth, deep color and texture are beautifully reproduced.

PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus

PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus is a high quality image-processing technology developed to precisely process each pixel of the Blu-ray Disc(TM) video signal in the vertical direction. It reproduces color data with twice the accuracy of conventional systems to keep colors faithful and sharp.

New P4HD Enhanced Full HD Upsampling

With the new P4HD enhanced Full HD upsampling, the standard definition movies in DVD also approaches Full HD quality. The picture is intelligently analyzed to have the best matching process done on each pixel.

96-kHz Re-master

The 96-kHz Surround Re-master function enhances the sound quality of CDs and other sources, and even raises the quality of the multi-channel audio data on Blu-ray Discs and DVDs. It increases the amount of sound information, to produce highly realistic sounds.

*CD sampling is done at 88.2kHz. DivX® can be re-mastered both on DVD and CD whereas MP3 data can only be re-mastered on CD.

[Easy to Use]
0.5 Sec Ultra Fast Booting

The boot time from standby to power-on has been greatly reduced from prior models.

* Your TV Set must be 'ON'. Ready in 0.5 sec from Power Off (with Quick Start Mode).

VIERA CAST(TM) with Wireless LAN System

With optional wireless LAN adaptor (DY-WL10) plugged into the USB terminal, VIERA CAST(TM) can be enjoyed wirelessly by accessing to your Wireless LAN router. You can access NETFLIX, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube(TM) and other Internet sites from the special VIERA CAST(TM) Home screen.

*For this function, the purchase of the Wireless LAN Adaptor (DY-WL10) is necessary. This function is not compatible with public Wireless LAN.

*VIERA CAST(TM) home screen is subject to change without notice.

*The services through VIERA CAST(TM) are operated by their respective service providers, and service may be discontinued either temporarily or permanently without notice. Therefore, Panasonic will make no warranty for the content or the continuity of the services.

*All features of websites or content of the service may not be available.
*Some content may be inappropriate for some viewers.

*Some content may only be available for specific countries and may be presented in specific languages.

*Google, Picasa and YouTube are trademarks of Google Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

*Amazon, Amazon Video On Demand, and the Amazon Video On Demand logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

*Requires broadband Internet service.
*Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

*Be sure to update the firmware when a firmware update notice is displayed on the screen. If the firmware is not updated, you will not be able to use the VIERA CAST(TM) function.

[Environmentally Friendly]
VIERA Link(TM) Reduces Power Consumption

With Energy Saving Mode, power consumption is automatically minimized when VIERA TV's power is turned off with remote controller. The Blu-ray Disc(TM) players feature compatible Unselected Device Save(*1) which puts Blu-ray Disc(TM) players into standby mode(*2) when the input switches back to TV after movie finishes.

(*1) Available for 2009 and later VIERA.
(*2) With Quick Start on.

[High Quality Picture and Sound]
-- FULL HD 3D Blu-ray Disc(TM) Playback
-- True to Cinema Picture Technology (PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus & Adaptive High Precision 4:4:4)
-- Enhanced Full HD Upsampling: New P4HD (Pixel Precision Progressive Processing for HD)
-- 96-kHz Re-master

[Easy to Use]
-- VIERA Link(TM)(*1)
-- Ultra Fast Booting with Quick Start Mode

-- VIERA CAST(TM) (NETFLIX, Pandora, YouTube(TM) Videos, Picasa(TM), etc)
-- 3D Video content shot by Panasonic camcorder HDC-SDT750, Movie (AVCHD / MPEG2) & JPEG View with SD Memory Card Slot
-- Music (MP3), Photos (JPEG), and Video (DivX®(*2) and DivX HD(*2)) Playback on USB (Front1)

[Environmentally Friendly]
-- Low Power Consumption 0.1W in Standby Mode with Quick Start Off
-- Compact Body (W16-15/16 x H1-3/8 x D8-5/32 inch)

(*1) Not all VIERA Link(TM) features are usable with earlier VIERA Link(TM) compatible products.

(*2) DivX® is a registered trademark of DivX, Inc., and is used under license.

Source: Panasonic

Posted by Shane Sturgeon, July 27, 2010 8:08 PM

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