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World's first multi-stream, multi-room wireless HDTV system

Watch different HD channels in different rooms across the home

August 9th - ProVision Communications will demonstrate AXAR2010, the world's first wireless, quad channel, multi-room HD video system at the CableLabs Summer Conference in Keystone Colorado, August 15-18.

The AXAR2010 can simultaneously stream four independent 1080p HD video channels over a standard 5GHz 802.11n wireless network throughout a home. The system is highly robust, reliably steaming the HD video through walls and floors to multiple HDTVs and mobile devices.

The technology's introduction means, for the first time, a household will be able choose to watch HD content streamed from four different sources in the living room – for example two live HDTV channels, a Blu-ray movie and a recorded TV programme on the PVR – and watch them simultaneously in any room in the home.

Using open technology standards for video-encoding, video packet transfer and wireless broadcast; enables the licensed IP to be cost effectively built into a vast array of set top boxes, TVs, laptops and Smartphones from multiple manufacturers. AXAR's real time protocols support fast channel hopping and interactive TV guide operation.

Dr William Cooper of the converged communications consultancy informitv, notes "People increasingly want to be able to view media anywhere in the home on different displays, from smart phones to tablets, laptops and desktops as well as television screens."

"Technology will soon be built into televisions, set-top boxes and other devices to allow users to send and receive audio and video reliably and robustly from one room to another over their wireless home network, enabling more convenient viewing to suit their lifestyle."

Backing up this statement, ABI Research recently predicted that 1 billion Wi-Fi chipsets will ship throughout 2011[1], and the number of networked consumer electronics devices will grow to more than 285 million by 2012[2], with 20 million networked TVs shipping in 2011 alone[3].

The AXAR2010 can be a standalone aftermarket system or integrated into the HDTV, set-top box and/or residential gateway, opening up new business opportunities for TV operators and manufacturers. AXAR can co-exist with wired technologies such as MOCA, Ethernet and Powerline, extending any wired multi-room system for wireless connectivity to PCs and Smartphones.

"AXAR software technologies are sold under an IP licensing model and will be integrated into set top boxes, TVs, DVD players and media routers from major consumer electronics manufacturers and multinational OEMs" said Steve Cliffe, CEO of ProVision.

1 – One Billion Wi-Fi Chipsets to Ship in 2011 Alone – ABI Research, August 2009
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About ProVision

ProVision is a world leader in the design, development and licensing of high performance consumer HDTV wireless multi-room distribution technologies.

The technology enables people to access HDTV content from different sources such as PVRs, cable and satellite receivers, IPTV and Blu-ray players in any room in the house and view it on a TV, PC, laptop or smartphone or tablet device.


Posted by Shane Sturgeon, August 9, 2010 8:55 PM

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