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HDTV Magazine Podcasts Archive (May, 2008)

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #280 - NetFlix Media Player by Roku

By The HT Guys • May 30 2008, 5:56am

So you want to watch movies with Netflix watch it now but you aren't thrilled about sitting in front of your computer to do it. Netflix and Roku have partnered together bring the Watch it Now functionality to your TV. We have one of these players and have spent a week putting it through its paces.

PC & Laptop TechnologyEntertainment

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #279 - Home Theater Memory Lane

By The HT Guys • May 27 2008, 9:15pm

Today we've decided to take a little walk down Home Theater memory lane. The last couple years have seen some significant changes in home theater technology, and we've seen a few devices go extinct. A few are still on the endangered species list, but will probably be gone very soon. We'd like to bid farewell to some technological advances that changed the way we enjoy entertainment in our homes, or were supposed to, but maybe it didn't quite pan out.

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #278 - Motorola Tuning Adapter and More Mobile Digital Media

By The HT Guys • May 23 2008, 4:23pm

Motorola Tuning Adapter MTR700
If you are a Tivo lover and have your Series 3 box so that you can watch and record HD from your cable company, you may be wondering what will happen to your service when your cable company rolls out Switched Digital service. We have great news for you! Your Tivo Series 3 will be compatible with the new format. You will need an adapter to make it work however.

More Mobile Digital Media
A few weeks ago on Show 272 we discussed the emerging mobile TV standard of the Open Mobile Video Coalition. At that time we discussed how the standard was just being deployed. We received an email from Glenn, host of “The ZA Show ” asking us to talk about a format that is already deployed called MediaFlo.

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #277 - Cooling your home theater equipment

By The HT Guys • May 20 2008, 7:33am

In keeping with tradition, we have a new show full of, dare we say, great content - even though we needed to take a few days off. All the stuff you'd expect: news, email and even a discussion on how to keep your home theater gear cool. But you have to listen to the show. No notes for this one.

High Definition ProductionBroadcast

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #276 - Free Over the Air HDTV

By The HT Guys • May 16 2008, 5:16pm

If you look at our DVRs you will see that the majority of the recorded shows are of over the air networks. These are high quality programs that arrive at your home free of charge. All you need to watch them is an ordinary antenna. On today's show we will talk about what you need to begin enjoying high quality picture and sound free of charge. We hope to give you the information you need to begin enjoying HDTV for free!

Cable HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #275 - Home Theater Heroes

By The HT Guys • May 13 2008, 6:35am

With Electronic House Magazine announcing their 2008 Electronic House of the Year awards, and Kobe Bryant winning the NBA MVP award, we thought it fitting to announce some sort of recognition ourselves. For the first time ever, we've decided to declare some 'Home Theater Heroes.' They are companies or individuals that we believe are doing the most to drive innovation in HDTV and Home Theater. We're either thankful for what they've done, are enjoying what they're doing, or are excited to see what they have in store. We know everyone on this list is extremely honored just to be mentioned, after all how many times do you get a couple of guys on a Podcast announcing your company as a Home Theater Hero? Without further ado...


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #274 - Sony KDL46XBR4 46 inch LCD HDTV

By The HT Guys • May 9 2008, 6:10am

As you would imagine being a close friend of the HT Guys comes with some benefits. We have a friend that just bought the SONY KDLXBR4 46 inch LCD and a SONY Blu Ray player. He asked for some help setting the TV up and of course we said yes. Well, we said yes because it provides good material for our show. Our friend uses Cox cable, OTA and Blu Ray for his HD material.

PC & Laptop Technology

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #273 - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

By The HT Guys • May 6 2008, 2:28pm

Mother's Day is coming this Sunday, May 11. Sure, you can be like every other guy out there and get your mom or your wife, the mother of your children some flowers or a nice meal (j/k) for Mother's Day, but is that what she really wants? Be bold, get her something she'd never expect. She won't know how great a gift it is until a few months from now, when she realizes that it's become a part of her every day life and she can't imagine living without it. Here are some of the best bet technology gifts for Mother's Day.

Digital (DTV) TransitionDigital Rights Management (DRM)Mobile HDTV

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #272 - Mobile digital TV standard

By The HT Guys • May 3 2008, 5:03am

Our recent discussion about the Digital Television transition prompted a few emails asking about emergency preparedness and how the loss of analog TV transmission would affect consumers in the event of a natural (or man-made) disaster. This prompted a great email from one of our listeners about the emerging Mobile Digital TV Standard. And we have a quick review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35A 10.1MP Digital Camera.