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HDTV Magazine Podcasts Archive (June, 2008)

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #288 - Turn your Xbox 360 into a streaming Netflix player

By The HT Guys • Jun 27 2008, 7:23am

Living large and lovin' life. Ara's back from vacation and we hit the ground running. Can you tell it's summer yet? Of course there's tons of great news and emails, but we also came across an article at lifehacker on how to turn your Xbox 360 into a streaming Netflix player. Pretty handy. Check it out.

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #287 - Next Generation Television

By The HT Guys • Jun 24 2008, 7:44pm

DisplaySearch recently released a report about what TV manufactures will need to do to sell more televisions in the coming years. One of the key features was network, and specifically Internet, connectivity. Just a couple days prior to that report we received a press release about the availability of HP's MediaSmart Connect for pre-order. We saw the demo at CES and liked the idea. All of this got us thinking; DisaplySearch says TV's need Internet connectivity, HP agrees in theory, but prefers the set top box route. If we could design our own Internet connected TV or STB, what would it do. From the "If the HT Guys ruled the world..." point of view.

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #286 - RF4CE: RF Standard for Remote Controls

By The HT Guys • Jun 22 2008, 4:44pm

Isn't it annoying when you want to turn on your home theater with your IR based remote control and one or more components misses the command. It could be that someone walked in front of the remote or that you just didn't keep it pointed at your system long enough for the entire macro sequence to be transmitted. That's why most integrators shy away from IR based remotes and use systems like Crestron or Control4 to transmit commands to a head end unit which then sends the commands via Ethernet, Serial, or IR via an emitter to the equipment being controlled.

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #285 - Custom Installers' Favorite Brands

By The HT Guys • Jun 17 2008, 6:11am

Every year CE Pro puts together a list of the top 100 custom electronics dealers in the country. Then they poll those top dealers for their favorite brands to sell in 37 different categories. Of course half the picture for dealers is how much profit they can make selling a particular product, but the other half of the picture is reliability and returns. We like to look at the list to see what all the custom home theater installers are endorsing. If you've narrowed a purchase down to two brands, it may help to swing your vote.

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #284 - Father's Day Gift Ideas

By The HT Guys • Jun 17 2008, 6:00am

Father's Day is in just a couple days. If you still need to pick up a gift, or help someone pick one out for you, we have a couple of ideas.

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #283 - Soundbar Shootout

By The HT Guys • Jun 12 2008, 6:01am

Home Theater Magazine recently put a panel together to look at five different soundbars. Since we've only ever used the Yamaha Sound projector, and often get questions about models from other manufacturers, we thought it would be valuable to share their results. The full article, called 'The Power of One' was written by Adrienne Maxwell. It's certainly worth reading if you're in the market for a soundbar, since we won't cover all the details. The five models tested were from Philips, Marantz, Yamaha, Denon, and Polk.

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #282 - Bathroom TVs

By The HT Guys • Jun 6 2008, 5:15pm

We have designed whole house video and audio systems and talked about them on our show. The one room we really haven't done much with is the Bathroom. We know what you are probably thinking: the bathroom is one area in the home where you don't want to be bombarded with the world's problems. We hear you; but what if you are in the middle of a football game and your wife tells you that its time to get ready so you can go to your in-law's? Having a TV in the bathroom sounds like a good way keep everyone happy.

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #281 - Eco-friendly technology

By The HT Guys • Jun 3 2008, 7:50pm

Today we got into a discussion on a recent article from the CE Pro Magazine website. It's about 17 "green" products installers can use to make their custom home theater or automation installations more eco-friendly. We thought some of the products were pretty cool. You can read the full article online.

And you really need to check out "The Ultimate Remote" if you haven't already. It might give the Harmony One a run for its money.