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HDTV Magazine Podcasts Archive (May, 2009)

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #375 - HDMI 1.4

By The HT Guys • May 29 2009, 5:23am

It seems like all of the HDTV shows we watch have ended for the season, so we're clearing out the divvers and watching alot of Netflix. While the world of HDTV may not be terribly exciting right now, we still have a ton of stuff to talk about. One of our favorites, 1080p, is back. We get into two-way communication and finish with HDMI 1.4. Enhancements in the new HDMI spec include Ethernet networking, audio return channel, 3D capability, improved performance and new connectors.


HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #374 - Fall TV Lineups

By The HT Guys • May 22 2009, 7:10am

The major networks have all finally released their fall TV line ups. We now know for sure what's coming back and what's been terminated. If you've been waiting and waiting to hear what will happen to your favorite shows, wait no longer. We have all the details.

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HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #373 - Portable Digital Televisions (ATSC)

By The HT Guys • May 15 2009, 6:03am

With the digital switch taking place right in the middle of Hurricane and Tornado season many of our listeners wonder what will replace the trusty old portable analog TV in emergencies. Apparently a lot of people have been thinking about this. In Amazon.com's list of popular TVs there are two portable digital models. So for today's show we thought we'd rundown your options.

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast #372 - Harmony Remote Round-Up

By The HT Guys • May 8 2009, 5:57am

The secret ingredient in any home theater is the right universal remote control. And it's no secret that our special blend involves a few different Harmony Remotes strategic placed throughout our homes. If you're still living without a universal remote control, still forcing friends and relatives to sort through multiple remotes just to do the simplest things, you owe it to yourself to spice it up a bit. Give it a try, you'll love it.