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HDTV Magazine Podcasts Archive (March, 2010)

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Front ProjectionPC & Laptop TechnologyDLPDLP HDTVs

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #418: Front Projector Technologies

By The HT Guys • Mar 26 2010, 3:39am

We have to admit, we got a little giddy when we got an email from Jason asking us to go over the various technology options available for front projector home theaters. With rear projection television fading into the sunset, we don't often get the opportunity to talk about the various merits of LCD, DLP, and LCoS projection technologies anymore. It'll be like the good old days.

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #417: ZVOX 575 Single-Cabinet Surround Sound System

By The HT Guys • Mar 19 2010, 5:21am

We understand that many of our listeners don't have the space for a full blown home theater system. However, those same listeners don't necessarily want to listen to their movies through the TVs tiny speakers. For them a single unit solution is what the doctor ordered. The ZVOX 575 (Buy Now $699) is such a system that takes all of 10 minutes to un-box and start enjoying fuller richer sound from your home theater.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)HTPCs & LaptopsDigital (DTV) Transition

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #416: Cryptography, DRM and You

By The HT Guys • Mar 12 2010, 8:07am

We talk about DRM quite often. Technically it stands for Digital Rights Management, but we did have a listener recommend we try to change that to Digitally Restricted Media. The point of DRM is to protect digital media files from piracy. The actual result of DRM is a lot of frustration for those who just want to watch movies and listen to music.

Cable, Satellite & FiberCable HDTVHD Video ProductionPC & Laptop Technology

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #415: Switched Digital Video

By The HT Guys • Mar 5 2010, 5:36am

Last week Braden wrote that Cablevision is planning on rolling out network DVR functionality in April. This technology has got us excited because it shows that Cable is pushing itself to compete with Satellite, FiOS and U-Verse. One area that cable still falls a little short when compared to these other services is the number of HD channels they offer. A new technology called Switched Digital Video is being deployed that will allow cable companies to increase the number of HD channels they offer. But not every is happy about it.