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HDTV Magazine Podcasts Archive (June, 2014)

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General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #641: Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers and Receivers

By The HT Guys • Jun 27 2014, 9:08am

When we first read the press release about Dolby Atmos enabled speakers, we'll admit, it sounded a bit puzzling and we found ourselves scratching our heads. Atmos enabled receivers? Sure, that makes sense, but what does it take to make an Atmos enabled speaker? We've never heard of a Dolby TrueHD enabled speaker, or a DTS-HD Master Audio enabled speaker. So what is the difference with Atmos that it needs, or can even provide, a special speaker?

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #640: ATSC 2.0: Over the Air gets Better… But is it too late?

By The HT Guys • Jun 20 2014, 9:45am

Before there was HDTV there was NTSC (National Television System Committee) or, as it was known by most people today, standard definition. That was the standard developed in 1941 and was in effect until it was superseded by ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) which brought us high definition television - which in turn gave rise to this podcast!

General Interest

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #639: Sonos Playbar and Sub Review

By The HT Guys • Jun 13 2014, 10:33am

We've reviewed multiple soundbars in the past, from a wide variety of companies, but we've never reviewed a Playbar. What is the difference between a soundbar and a Playbar? Quite a bit as it turns out. Knowing Sonos we expected big things, and we weren't disappointed in the slightest. The Playbar sells for $699 and the optional Sub for an additional $699.

Internet HD Video

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast - Podcast #638: Slingbox Sharing

By The HT Guys • Jun 6 2014, 9:39am

You know we are fans of the Slingbox and have used them to 'Sling' our local TV from one side of the world to another. Ara spent a week in India and never watch a single minute of local television opting to watch football from the USA instead. Slingboxes are quite simply the easiest way to watch your local content wherever you want, provided that you have an internet connection.