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HDTV Magazine Reviews Archive (May, 2007)

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HDTV Displays

Panasonic TH-50PZ700U

By The HT Guys • May 30 2007, 3:52pm

We just reviewed the Panasonic TH-50PX75U, which comes with a street price of $2100 a few shows ago. We loved the TV, but it's still a 720p model. We got a ton of email asking why we were living in the past, why we would have anything to do with a 720p plasma when the new 1080p model, the TH-50PZ700U, is already available. To be perfectly honest, we didn't have much luck getting our hands on one of the 1080p sets, so we went ahead with the 720p. Add on the fact that we still really like the 720p set, and our minds were made up. But not to turn a deaf ear to our loyal listeners, we tried our best to find a way to review the 1080p model. By the way, the extra pixels add up to a street price of $2900.

HDTV Displays

Panasonic TH-50PX75U 50 Inch Plasma TV

By The HT Guys • May 22 2007, 2:00pm

Back in January of this year we reviewed the Panasonic TH-50PX60U and were impressed with what we saw. At that time we had three things we didn't like about the TV. Today we take a look at Panasonic's new 50 inch 720p plasma, the TH-50PX75U, which comes with a street price of $2100 and addresses the three nit picks we had with the earlier model. This is a 720p TV with a resolution of 1366 x 768, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, two HDMI inputs, and an SD card reader. One of the issues we (mainly Ara) had with its predecessor was its silver bezel. The 50PX75U comes with a thin black bezel that hides the speakers very well and looks quite good even when its off. Rounding out the features, the TV come with built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC Tuners. Build quality is quite good. The product dimensions are 47.7 x 3.8 x 31.3 inches and it weighs 89.8 pounds which is almost identical to the previous model.

HDTV Projectors

Panasonic PT-AE1000U LCD Front Projector

By Richard Fisher • May 7 2007, 3:32pm

Starting with the PT-AE700 720p projector, Panasonic has built quite a reputation around their extremely wide installation capability and inexpensive pricing using transmissive LCD technology for the last couple of years. Panasonic continues their 720p capability with the PT-AX100 while introducing new 1080p24/60 capability in the form of the PT-AE1000U for a mere $4,000 USD street price, which is expected to get even lower as the months pass. This has certainly been the year for new 1080p front projection below $5,000 USD.

Transmissive LCD projection technology is well over a decade old using red, green and blue LCD panels. No color wheel is required and therefore no concerns over rainbows; those are a DLP issue only related to the size and expense of 3 chip capability as well as supply and demand of the devices. In the early days...

HDTV Displays

Samsung LN-T2332H 23" LCD HDTV

By The HT Guys • May 3 2007, 7:43pm

There's an old adage that says "never shop at Costco when you're hungry." If you do, you'll typically walk out of there with way too many snack foods. We'd like to extend that adage to include "never shop at Costco when you've got an HDTV itch." It's just way to easy to walk out of there with a new television. That's exactly what happened to Braden a few days ago. He was at Costco, because, well who doesn't want to go to Costco? And of course, needing a new HDTV, happened upon the Samsung LN-T2332H 23" LCD HDTV. Having passed finance committee approval (the finance committee was waiting in the car), the set has since made a great addition to the Russell family abode. At a price of $499, how can you go wrong?

Upconverting DVD Players

Panasonic DMR-EZ47VK DVD Recorder

By The HT Guys • May 3 2007, 5:51pm

The Panasonic DMR-EZ47VK can be thought of as a digital video Swiss Army knife. It has a built in ATSC tuner, DVD recording capability, VHS Playback and dubbing, and its an upconverting DVD player (up to 1080p via HDMI) to boot. So with all this capability we were excited when the unit showed up at the home offices of the HT Guys. On paper this device was too good to be true. So how did it fare in the real world?