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HDTV Magazine Reviews Archive (January, 2009)

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Upconverting DVD Players

OPPO DV-983H Upconverting DVD Player - On the Test Bench

By Richard Fisher • Jan 8 2009, 7:37pm

The very ability to inspect and view an HDMI video source goes directly against the copyright capability of the connection since the means to see it would infer a means to steal it. At this time the Panasonic PTAE-1000U has been kept in the stable just for the purpose of using the Wave Form Monitor feature. While the Wave Form Monitor does suffer when looking at high frequency response video such as bursts, it is also the perfect tool for checking IRE levels and color decoding. This does come with the limitation of only being able to check YPbPr output, preventing me from verifiying the switching to RGB output that would be required for a DVI input. Some of the results are based on visual calibration checks as well as signal and are noted. All tests were performed using Digital Video Essentials as the source material.

Upconverting DVD Players

OPPO DV-983H Upconverting DVD Player - Review Essentials

By Richard Fisher • Jan 7 2009, 11:15pm

Since 2006, OPPO has been providing a DVD performance envelope covering the main feature, the movie, at roughly the $200 mark directly competing with other players and external scalers costing $1000 plus. They have been earning my recommendation since then along with a full model line review last year. When it was announced that OPPO was releasing a flag ship DVD player at nearly double the price, I requested a review sample to find out how OPPO has raised the bar on an already very successful product line.

As with past models...