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HDTV Magazine Reviews Archive (December, 2012)

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Digital Video Processors

Review: DarbeeVision Visual Presence DVP 5000 (Darblet)

By Rodolfo La Maestra • Dec 28 2012, 3:52pm

I know what many of you would say: “if you are a purist, do not alter the original image; it should be viewed that way”.

However, you should give this little box a chance and see the results by yourself. Although I am warning you, when you do that it is almost guaranteed that you would never turn this processor off. You can adjust the effect to your preferred level of image realism and depth, and play with the settings for every content, and once you do that, there will not be a comeback to using your system without this box, you will be hooked.


Blu-ray Review: E.T.- The Extra-Terrestrial

By The HT Guys • Dec 27 2012, 3:41pm

A heartwarming story of the special bond 10-year-old Elliot forges with an alien he names E.T. The adventures they share as Elliot tries to hide his new friend and E.T. tries to get back to his planet provide plenty of action, laughter and tears.

E.T. is a very charming and warm classic piece of movie history that still remains to be relevant for today’s generation of kids. Spielberg does a great job of telling the story without simplifying the movie, which makes it relate to adults as well as children. It could be said that movie is...


Blu-ray Review: Brave

By The HT Guys • Dec 21 2012, 3:36pm

Scottish princess Merida uses her archery skills to establish her independence, but when she accidentally angers the ancient land's three powerful lords and is granted a poorly conceived wish by a witch, she must go on a quest to repair the damage.

Brave does a great job of examining the complex relationship of a mother and a teenage daughter. It captures the wildness of youth and the heavy responsibilities of adulthood in a magical story. All the characters are well defined and likeable, which makes the story very easy to digest. Half way though the film...


Blu-ray Review: The Expendables 2

By The HT Guys • Dec 20 2012, 3:26pm

In this high-octane thriller, Mr. Church brings the Expendables back together for an easy job -- but things go wrong, and one of the mercenaries is brutally murdered. Now the band of hired guns goes on a mission of revenge in hostile territory.

This movie isn’t shy about delivering the goods. If you like the action movies of the 80’s love movies with corny one liners, this movie’s for you. It’s...


Blu-ray Review: Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

By The HT Guys • Dec 7 2012, 3:04pm

Having ended their African adventures, Alex and his friends set their sights for New York City -- this time, hitching a ride with a traveling circus. But as they make their way through Europe, they run into their fair share of roadblocks.

I had fun watching this movie with my kids, but you won’t ever catch me watching it alone. It’s an entertaining silly movie, but it falls flat when...


Blu-ray Review: Prometheus

By The HT Guys • Dec 6 2012, 3:07pm

When scientific explorers unearth an artifact that points to the origins of humankind, they're pulled into the unexpected adventure of a lifetime. But if they falter, the very future of their species is at stake.

Prometheus is a not a typical science fiction film. Yes it’s a scary space movie about meeting aliens, but it...


Blu-ray Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

By The HT Guys • Dec 5 2012, 8:30pm

Honest Abe: he was the 16th president, the Great Emancipator ... and a righteous slayer of the undead spurred to action by his mother's vampiric murder. History and legend are both turned upside-down as Lincoln tracks the creatures of the night.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is not the type of movie you watch for an accurate depiction of history, great acting, or a heart wrenching story, but what you do get is a fun flick with some decent action scenes. In the wake of Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries, it’s nice to see a movie that...