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Fall 2006 HDTV Study Results

Study Title: Fall 2006 HDTV Study
Start Date: 22 Aug, 2006
End Date: 1 Oct, 2006
Respondents: 1281

If you wish to republish any of this data, please reference the "Fall 2006 HDTV Study" and "HDTV Magazine", with appropriate links to the study results page and our web site, respectively.

1. Have you ever visited the HDTV Magazine website? (http://www.hdtvmagazine.com/)

1135 - 88.6%
146 - 11.4%

2. How many HDTVs do you own?

656 - 52.6%
305 - 24.5%
3 or more
164 - 13.2%
122 - 9.8%

3. What type(s) of HDTVs do you own?

CRT (Non-Projection)
296 - 18.2%
CRT (Rear Projection)
313 - 19.3%
CRT Projector
24 - 1.5%
LCD (Non-Projection)
345 - 21.3%
LCD (Rear Projection)
116 - 7.1%
LCD Projector
59 - 3.6%
188 - 11.6%
DLP (Rear Projection)
158 - 9.7%
DLP Projector
53 - 3.3%
64 - 3.9%
7 - 0.4%

4. What is the size of your largest HDTV?

< 25'
11 - 1.0%
25 - 29'
40 - 3.5%
30 - 35'
177 - 15.4%
36 - 40'
95 - 8.3%
41 - 45'
113 - 9.8%
46 - 50'
182 - 15.9%
51 - 55'
151 - 13.2%
56 - 60'
117 - 10.2%
61 - 65'
130 - 11.3%
66 - 70'
16 - 1.4%
> 70'
116 - 10.1%

5. What type(s) of content do you watch most?

570 - 19.9%
Network Television (Primetime)
710 - 24.8%
387 - 13.5%
Televised Movies
463 - 16.2%
Recorded Media (DVD, etc.)
521 - 18.2%
Other (please specify)
106 - 3.7%
Other Answers:
4DTV (1)
Adult (1)
all (1)
all news media, travel doc. etc. (1)
all of the above (1)
Anime (1)
Any HD broadcast channels (1)
any hd programming (1)
anything in HD (1)
as long as its HD (1)
basic cable tv channels (1)
Broadcast HD (like 'Lost'!) (1)
cable news (3)
cable programming (1)
cable series (1)
cable shows (1)
Cable televised shows (1)
Cable TV Programming (1)
Cable TV, & concerts (1)
CBS-Young & Restless (1)
cnn (1)
Concerts (3)
DirecTV (1)
DirecTV Sports (1)
dis-hd (1)
Discovery Channel (1)
Discovery HD (1)
Discovery HD channel (1)
DiscoveryHD-A&E-HDNet Movies (1)
Dish/ Voom network (1)
Downloaded HD movies (1)
DVD (1)
DVD Movies (1)
DVHS (1)
Educational (2)
educational and travel programs (1)
Food and H&Garden (1)
Food Network (1)
Foreign channels (1)
Fox News (1)
hbo series (1)
HBO, FX (1)
hbo,showtime (1)
hbo.starz (1)
HD News on HDNet World Report (1)
HD Programming (1)
HD satellite (1)
HD Satellite/OTA (1)
HD Travel & Nature Specials (1)
HDTV SAT Movie channel + HBO (1)
Home Movies (1)
I don't watch HD programming (1)
large use of tivo to jump over commercials (1)
Live music (1)
Movie features (1)
my digital pictures and video (1)
nature (1)
Nature & Discovery HD (1)
News (5)
News Channels (1)
news on cable (1)
news, comedy (1)
News, televised movies & DVD SD), (1)
news/weather (1)
Non-network HD Channels (1)
Non-network primetime (1)
office promotion tape(HDTV) (1)
pbs (5)
PBS - Nova, Nature, Nat. Geogrphc (1)
PBS kids (1)
premium channels (1)
premuim content (ex: HBO series) (1)
Public TV and BBCAmerica (1)
RAVE (HD music events) (1)
Religious Programming (1)
Sci-Fi (1)
science (2)
Science and Nature (1)
Science Fiction, Comedy (1)
science, military, history (1)
SciFI channel, HGTV, FoodTV, Discover (1)
Showtime, HBO original series (1)
Talk - Political (1)
Tech,hobbies,and News (1)
The O'Reilly Factor (news) (1)
traded HDTV (1)
voom all channels (1)
Xbox (1)
XBox 360 (1)
XBOX360 (1)

6. How do you receive your HD programming?

Over the air antenna
520 - 32.9%
511 - 32.3%
531 - 33.6%
I don't receive any HD programming
20 - 1.3%

7. Are you able to receive digital programming, either over-the-air or via your current cable/satellite provider?

1079 - 97.1%
17 - 1.5%
Don't Know
15 - 1.4%

8. Are you able to receive HDTV programming, either over-the-air or via your current cable/satellite provider?

1080 - 97.2%
22 - 2.0%
Don't Know
9 - 0.8%

9. HD DVD or Blu-ray?

161 - 13.4%
108 - 9.0%
I'm waiting until there is a clear leader/winner
761 - 63.2%
175 - 14.5%

10. In deciding between HD DVD and Blu-ray, what is the most important factor?

Picture Quality
459 - 35.3%
264 - 20.3%
Titles Available
248 - 19.1%
Brand (Manufacturer)
21 - 1.6%
Max size of media
47 - 3.6%
Other (please specify)
131 - 10.1%
Other Answers:
Combo Player Available (1)
100% compatibility between the two formats (1)
1080p (1)
1080p output and studio support (1)
? (1)
A balance of Picture Quality and Price (1)
a format with legs (1)
All (1)
All of the above (1)
all the above (1)
am using hdmi cable on a panasonic,,,,terrific picture (1)
Anything that requires a cpu and software is a risk and that HD DVD (1)
Asset value of personal library (1)
Assuming that quality will not be an issue, I will wait to see which format wins. (1)
Backward compatibility + Blu-ray's meda-size (1)
Backwards compatibility with DVD (1)
being here in 5 years (1)
best technology (1)
Blu Ray isn't ready, still single sided, and using Mpeg2. And not support by DVD-forum (1)
bonus features (1)
brand is major beause my whole system is sony. (1)
Clear leader (1)
clear leader/winner (1)
clear winner (1)
combo that plays both (1)
combo w/ playstation (1)
Compatability (1)
compatibility (2)
compatibility with existing DVDs (1)
connect at 1080p to pc (1)
copy protection scheme (1)
Cost of recording with them (1)
Determining what format will be the winner, I don't want to waste money on one when only to have it fall out of production. (1)
did not check (1)
Disc storage capacity and available with Playstation 3 (1)
Discrete 8 channel Audio Decoder (1)
distribution (1)
Don't care (1)
don't know (1)
Don't want anything to do with something from Sony (1)
Dont care, so long as standard is established (1)
downward compatibility (1)
DRM (2)
DRM hassles (1)
External Control, RS-232 (1)
functionality, compatiblity, user friendly (1)
Future prospects (1)
General Market Penetration (1)
HDCP- I have an analog display :( (1)
HDMI v1.3, and 1080P, availability of rental HD (1)
HTPC and Recordable (1)
I bought a Beta way back when. Need I say more? (1)
I don't care which one wins. (1)
I have both and want current releases (1)
I want FORMATsboth in the same player (1)
I want to be able to record my own shows (1)
I'm actually interested in both and haven't seen either, so will probably get the first one I get to see, then the other later, if I am waiting, it's for one that will record. (1)
I'm tired of throwing money away. I have 4 betamax vcrs. does that tell you everything. I can wait until there is a combo player. I have thousands of dollars of DVDs. I'm not buying anymore now. (1)
inclded in ps3 (1)
Industry commitment to one standard for a long time - not the shocking behavior around SACD and DVD-A (1)
industry standard format (1)
Just don't like Sony (1)
less DRM (1)
lifecycle of model purchased (1)
Lossless 6/7.1 audio (1)
market acceptance (1)
Market dominance & popularity (1)
Market leader (1)
Minimal DRM (1)
Much hype, little benefit (1)
N/A (2)
need to upgrade other equipment (1)
No DRM (1)
none-dont wnat-dont need (1)
not interested yet (1)
One damn HD format or I'm not buying (1)
one format (1)
one format, not two (1)
one industry standard (1)
One will win, one will lose (I don't want to buy the loser) (1)
other compatibility (1)
Picture, Max, Titles, Price, Brand (1)
Player grace (1)
Playstation 3 (1)
playstation!!!!!!! (1)
Popularity of the particular technology (1)
PQ and audio (1)
price/performance (1)
Quality of finished product, no growing pains (1)
quality of the unit or player (1)
quality,price, titles available are equally important (1)
recordability, connectivity, flexibility (1)
Reliability/Rip Ability (1)
reprocessed movies in HD (1)
several of these factors (1)
speed (1)
standard (2)
Sticking with plain DVD (1)
That they fix the 'problems/bugs' (1)
The winner (1)
the player that will not be replace in 6 months with a better one as HD DVD is about to do! (1)
The standard (1)
The winner (1)
Too early to decide (1)
trade off between price and quality (1)
Universal player (1)
usability (1)
value and content availability (1)
Video editing/burning on Apple. (1)
Wait until I upgrade my HDTV set (1)
Waiting for ability to record HD (1)
waiting for combo player (1)
waiting for price to fall and winner to emerge (1)
waiting... (1)
what is bluray? (1)
when current player dies (1)
Which one will have longevity (Betamax vs VHS) (1)
Which technology wins (1)
Which will survive (2)
Whichever is most successful (1)
whichever wins the shootout (1)
Who ever wins the battle (1)
xbox 360 add on drive (1)
` (1)

11. Which is more important to you?

Quality of HD programs
905 - 75.2%
Quantity of HD programs
299 - 24.8%

12. Would you classify yourself as an Early Adopter (One who embraces new technology before most others)?

975 - 80.7%
233 - 19.3%

13. As it relates to high definition, for which of the following areas do you have an interest? (please select as many as apply)

795 - 11.0%
544 - 7.5%
772 - 10.7%
Peer Discussion
267 - 3.7%
739 - 10.2%
814 - 11.3%
83 - 1.2%
559 - 7.7%
772 - 10.7%
562 - 7.8%
491 - 6.8%
647 - 9.0%
171 - 2.4%

14. Approximately how much do you have invested in your home entertainment system (components, cables, media, etc)? (US Dollars)

Less than $5K
340 - 28.5%
$5K - $9K
345 - 28.9%
$10K - $14K
189 - 15.8%
$15K - $19K
100 - 8.4%
$20K - $24K
75 - 6.3%
$25K - $29K
42 - 3.5%
$30K - $39K
41 - 3.4%
$40K - $49K
18 - 1.5%
$50K or more
45 - 3.8%

15. Approximately how much do you spend annually on Movie and Console Game purchases/rentals for your home entertainment system? (US Dollars)

Less than $250
550 - 46.1%
$250 - $499
356 - 29.9%
$500 - $999
164 - 13.8%
$1000 - $1999
84 - 7.0%
$2000 - $2999
22 - 1.8%
$3000 - $4999
11 - 0.9%
$5000 or more
5 - 0.4%

16. Which of the following home entertainment system components and services do you own and/or subscribe to? (please select all that apply)

Plasma/LCD TV
510 - 11.4%
184 - 4.1%
65 - 1.4%
648 - 14.4%
HD Projector
136 - 3.0%
HD DVD Player
82 - 1.8%
Blu-ray Player
19 - 0.4%
Satellite Dish Service
612 - 13.6%
Cable Service
619 - 13.8%
High-end Audio System
742 - 16.5%
HD Camcorder
64 - 1.4%
478 - 10.7%
Xbox 360
131 - 2.9%
Sony PS3
27 - 0.6%
HDPC/Media Center
170 - 3.8%

17. Do you intend to purchase an HDTV within the next 6 months?

305 - 25.6%
596 - 50.1%
289 - 24.3%

18. If you intend to purchase an HDTV within the next six months, which type of HDTV are you most likely to purchase?

CRT (Non-Projection)
23 - 3.4%
CRT (Rear Projection)
12 - 1.8%
CRT Projector
3 - 0.4%
121 - 18.1%
LCD (Non-Projection)
246 - 36.7%
LCD (Rear Projection)
22 - 3.3%
LCD Projector
16 - 2.4%
DLP (Rear Projection)
78 - 11.6%
DLP Projector
29 - 4.3%
98 - 14.6%
22 - 3.3%

19. Are you planning on buying a Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) within the next 6 months? (assuming they stick to the 11/17 release date)

1016 - 85.9%
Yes, the $499 version (20GB HDD)
12 - 1.0%
Yes, the $599 version (60GB HDD, HDMI, Wi-fi, Flash card reader)
155 - 13.1%

20. Assuming neither technology pulls ahead, are you planning on purchasing a next-gen DVD player within the next 6 months?

156 - 13.2%
Yes, Blu-ray
147 - 12.4%
883 - 74.5%

21. Which other home entertainment components and services are you planning to purchase in the next 6 months? (please select all that apply)

Satellite Dish Service
110 - 11.4%
Cable Service
64 - 6.6%
High-end Audio System
123 - 12.7%
HD Camcorder
105 - 10.9%
172 - 17.8%
Xbox 360
47 - 4.9%
HDPC/Media Center
81 - 8.4%
Other (please specify)
133 - 13.8%
Other Answers:
2 DirecTV MPEG-4 receivers (1)
52' dlp microdisplay HDTV (1)
a better surround processor (1)
a/v receiver (1)
A/v receiver with DTS-HD (1)
add'l HD capture card (1)
Akimbo (1)
Amp (1)
Apple Mac mini as HTPC (1)
Auto surround system (1)
Better speakers (1)
Blu-ray recorder (1)
Blue-ray reciver (1)
Buffalo theatre link (1)
Building Home Theater Computer (1)
Change from Directv to DishNet (1)
computer (1)
computer componets (1)
Digital Camera (8+MP,6-12X zoom) (1)
Direct TV HR-20 (1)
Direct TV Mpeg 4 HD DVR (1)
DirecTV's new HD DVR (1)
DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) and HD digital Radio (1)
DVD Burner for storage (1)
dvd player (1)
DVI/HDMI HDCP compliant adaptor for my CRT FP (1)
FiOS (1)
FIOS (if available) (1)
Front Projector (1)
Have all I need/want. (1)
Have Cable, add more pay Cable HDTV (1)
hd blu-ray (1)
HD Digital Fiber Optics TV (Verizon Fios) (1)
hd dlp proj (1)
HD DVD Add On to XBOX 360 (1)
hd dvd movies-in wall speakers (1)
HD DVR (1)
HD recorder if one becomes available (1)
HD supplementary components (e.g., switch) (1)
HDTV tuner to use with projector (1)
I am waiting for HDMI v1.3, 1080P, and available rental of HD discs (1)
I rely exclusively on the networks, which I recieve OTA for free (1)
I will purchase a hd dvd recorder as soon as it is available (1)
I'll wait and see what comes up. (1)
Interconnect cabling and speaker stands (1)
IPTV (Verizon FiOS) (1)
just bought a CRT HDTV (1)
kaleidscape (1)
LCoS 1080P projector (1)
LCoS 70in RPTV (1)
lcos front projection (1)
Macintosh (1)
media server components (1)
Mega storage Upconverting DVD player (1)
mid-level audio (1)
Miglia HD for my Mac (1)
MPEG4 HD Satellite Receiver (1)
multi-room digital audio (1)
Netflix (1)
NETFLIX SD and HD Discs (1)
New A/V Home Theater Preamp (1)
new computer (1)
New digital A/V rcvr (1)
New speakers (1)
New Stereo Receiver (1)
Nintendo Wii (3)
No decision yet (1)
none (22)
None . . . got it all! (1)
none listed (1)
none of the above (2)
None, I have what I need for now. (1)
Nothing (1)
nothing except Blue ray (1)
nothing new, within 6 months (1)
On the fence regarding HD/Bluray dvd (1)
OTA hdtv receiver (Tuner) (1)
PC TV Tuner Card (1)
PS3 (1)
PS3... (1)
Receiver (2)
screen (1)
Sony Blu Ray Recorder (1)
Sony vw50 (1)
Tivo type unit (1)
To Qualify the Audio System it needs to support Dolby Digital True HD Dolby Digital Plus and DTS HD plus 7.1 Channels (1)
tv (1)
TV thru telephone AT&T FiOS (1)
universal remote (1)
Upconvert DVD w/HDMI output (1)
upconverting dvd player (1)
update current audio system (1)
upgrade Direct tv to expanded hd service (1)
Upgrade DirecTV Sat receiver (1)
Upgrade Directv Service (1)
upgrade my current cable package (1)
Upgrade Satellite to more HD channels (1)
upgraded Escient system (1)
Upgraded HDTV PC Tuner (1)
Verizon TV (1)
Video Scaler (1)
waiting for high definition dvd recorder (1)
will wait and see. (1)
Would like the HD DVD recorder when available or the Blu-ray recorder when available, or the R5000 solution for my 4dtv HDD200. (1)
xbox 360 hd-dvd add-on (1)

22. What else is on your mind?

Other Answers:
My interest is in finding a max-pixel HDTV set at a reasonable price. Screen-size can be on the small size, and I prefer an LCD. (1)
Making 1080P or 2K an HDTV transmission standard. Failing to do this will limit the State of the Art of our television system. It would be failing the opportunity to give our viewers the choice of the highest quality possible. (1)
No one sesm to know what I can do with my Sony 60 inch LCG projection set since the PIP is analog. How will I get PIP once all the signals are converted to digital? I like the side by side PIP, but they must have a solution to this since I can only PIP half my channels. (1)
Prefer Blu-Ray spec, but waiting to purchase combo player. Will purchase Blu-Ray - R drive for computer-authoring HD disks. (1)
the fact that less than 33% of hd tv purchasers actually watch hd programming The continued focus on price as a key factor not as only part of the purchase. the ongoing belief that cable is cable and that 5 cent a foot stuff is as good as the well designed cable. Coporate greed, the insanity of Mppa and the content providers continiung battle to strip consumers of fair use recording rights Beleiving that Best Buy boy is more knowlegable than a qualifed and trained specialty retailer who cares about a/v quality . The incredible misformation between those involved in the industry and consumers. (1)
'HDLite' is on my mind. I'm becoming increasingly annoyed at the lack of picture quality as broadcast by my satellite provider (DirecTV), as compared to the OTA broadcasts. In the short time I've had HD satellite capability, I have noticed the PQ degrade significantly. FIOS is not an option where I live, nor is cable because I've been so peeved at the cable company (Comcrap) that I swore them off no matter how bad it gets. (1)
0 (1)
1) I'm tired of DirecTV reducing the quality of HD. I'm about ready to go Dish. DTV local NY stations are noticebly worse than the OTA signal. Looking at the blocking on Sho and HBO movies, one would wonder how this ever got to be a standard. Answer: it didn't. It's DTV standard. 2) High Definition DVD? Nope - not when movie studios keep imposing unreasonable copy protection schemes on the home user and not while corporations engage in pissing contests rather than respect the end user. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are not consumer options; they are only the end result of ego at two large Japanese corporations. 3) No more trailers for movies at the beginning of DVDs I bought--especially the ones you can't skip or fast-forward through. I bought the DVD to see a movie, NOT the previews. 4) Shorter menus on DVDs - I don't want the long, cutsey, animated, surround-sounded menus - just let me get quickly to the movie or options I want to set. (1)
1)The availability of HD programming via satellite is still very poor compared to non-HD offerings, even with partial local channel capability. 2)Is it my imagination, or does MPEG4 compression of HD sport content (football) create more frequent and intense image artifacts than MPEG2? (1)
1080p (1)
1080p Inputs over hdmi 1.3 1080p24sf displayed balanced @120 Hz (1)
1080p/24fps player video scaler to 1080p/60fps or 1080p/72fps DLP Projector 1080p/24-48-60-72 (1)
3 chip DLP (1)
4DTV/HDD-200 HDTV Programing OTA HDTV Programing (1)
? (1)
A HD DVD Recorder/Player when the price comes down. (1)
Ability to record HD, transfer from one TV to another (1)
Actually, I was ready to buy a LCD HDTV until I learned about native resolution. I want it to display 1080p natively. Also, the key to the whole thing is a high def recorder, the TIVO series 3. (1)
Antennas and getting the best OTA HDTV experience- Especially pulling in far-off channels/stations. In particular, for apartment dwellers who can't erect a huge antenna in their yard/on their roof. (1)
articles on world HD isage ie: Japan almost totally HDTV (1)
As far as HD or Blu Ray, I am waiting to see HDMI 1.3 implemented in both players and recievers and to see how many features in 1.3 will be activated in these products. I am also waiting for the inclusion of the more robust audio features, such as Dolby True HD and DTS HD. I'm also waiting to see if the Blu Ray group solves the Picture Quality problems on many of the first generation discs. Actually, I don't know if it is a disc or hardware problem--maybe both. Normally I am an early adopter, but there isn't sufficient software and improvement yet for me to feel that I haven't wasted my money. (1)
As far as I'm concerned the whole HD/Blu-Ray DVD situation is a ridiculous fiasco. All this hubbub over 1080p is equally a joke. The co-implementation of these two is limited to DVD. The networks aren't going to be going to 'p' anytime soon. So, all this buzz just for DVD???? There are WAY too many people on the street who are still VERY clueless as to what HD actually is. A 16x9 display is NOT HD be default. You well know that conventional DVD is NOT HD. There's just too much misinformation to overcome at the street level before HD anything really means something. (1)
Better coverage of law and regulation would be useful. (1)
better over the air transmission of HD signal - more power needed for a better, unbroken, signal from most broadcasters. Also, the stations need to attend to their HD broadcast better, many have their people sleeping at the wheel from switching from upconverted programming to HD programming (when HD is available, after commercials, they start sending the upconverted stuff until someone wakes up and switches back to their HD transmission). (1)
Better programming with bandwidth are essential for the future of HDTV. (1)
Better quality programming; picture and content. (1)
Better quality titles from HD-DVD and Blu Ray studio Producers. (1)
Biggest problem with HDTV is the over compression and hence poor picture quality (HD-Lite!) (1)
Blue Ray and HD DVD forces should have their heads banged together for not agreeing on a common format. I predict both with lose and the whole HD DVD may wander in the wilderness for a long while. (1)
Blue Ray or HD-DVD who cares, everyone knows its the money Sony pours in that will determine the winner! Consumers have no say in what comes to market, but they do have say on what stays in the marketplace. (1)
Both the quantity and overall quality of current HDTV programming is dismally disappointing. (1)
CableCard in PC Media Center with 2 tuners so that I can replace my Cable HD DVR. (1)
Can a 1080i hdtv be converted to a 1080p hdtv? (1)
Comcast should spend less money on marketing HDTV and more money on actually providing it to people. It's pathetic. I live in an area where they haven't upgraded the fiber, and we're missing out on so much. We have to sit here paying the same amount of money as people in neighboring cities while we watch them get more and more channels. (1)
Concern for broadcasters controlling what I can watch and record. (No broadcast flag!) (1)
Concerned about lack of quantity and quality of HD on Directv. (1)
concerned about low megabit transmission speeds resulting in less than ideal video to the set; apparently early HD-DVD and (more so) Blue-Ray transfers are poorer than should be as well, giving me pause for purchasing (1)
Concerned about the quality of HD via Directv. Seems that crispness and quality of experience has diminished. (1)
Content providers needs to provide more HD 720P should be abolished-useless/annoying Need to know when/if combo players for HD-DVD/Blu-Ray are coming out to mitigate risk of investing in 1 vs the other Need to know if more content will be released on HD vs Blu-Ray before investing in collection (1)
Copy protection is driving me crazy. I cannot record on DVD from my TiVo since everything is x'ed out. I cannot copy from my cable HD movies to my D-VHS since verything is copy protected. And it seems to be getting worse all the time. (1)
CRTC Canadian government regulations that deprive me (and many others) of cable services we want but are not allowed to receive (ie. Direct TV and/or ESPN). Also, I have been amazed at how many people have equipment that would allow them to receive HD and do not take advantage of it ... mostly through ignorance and not realizing just what they are missing. (1)
Curious about new digital/HDTV stations available to me (1)
Customer of Direct TV and they are falling behind in HD programing. Were it not for the HD Football package I would switch to Dish Network. (1)
Digital Rights Management , I do not like for other people to control what I pay for. (1)
DirecTV HD Programming choice... or lack thereof! (1)
DirecTV is making it VERY difficult to do an Upgrade of Receiver/Dish. They are throwing terms like H-20 Receiver, 4Peg, and 5 LNB/22 inch Dish. I currently have Oval 3 LNB Dish, Sony HD-300. However, can not receive my Distant Network East/West Coast HD channels. I lost them about 3 Months ago. All was fine before that. I was told by DirecTV that a 5 LNB 'large' dish was required to receive these channels. BUT, they said they would not install this system in my RV which I am approved for. Currently receive SD Distant Network channels, I do receive all other HDTV channels (ie, TNT, HDN, ESPN, etc.) Why should an RV'er who has been a customer of DirecTV since inception Oct 1995 be penalizeed this way???? We live fulltime in our RV, but now NO HDTV Networks !!! (1)
DirecTV needs to bring local HD channel service to San Antonio and launch more national HD channels. Toshiba and Sony need to be slapped for not combining forces for high definition DVD players. (1)
DirecTV's two new satellites in 2007, adding I hope additional channels besides locals, which I already get better HD w/OTA. (1)
Disappointed with the way HD-DVD is progressing. There is no clear-cut leader between the two candidates. If this continues, I hope a combo Blue Ray-HD-DVD player becomes available. (1)
disappointment with blu-ray and impact on new playstation (1)
Do other peoples Sony HDTVs break down within the first couple of years. I am 2 for 2. I have had analog Sonys last for years (1)
Do you know if any manufacture is going to make a HD-DVD(blu ray) jukebox? (1)
Do you think DTV will ever carry the local OTA network subchannels ? (1)
Don't you dare spam me. (1)
drm will slow the adoption of new products. particularly netowrked media products. if the mpaa/riaa want ce products to include these 'features' they should pay to include them. they result in a tax for features I do not want. let the ce manufacturers make non drm products and let the content folks decide if they want to sell content for those items or not. they are welcome to withhold their content. (1)
Education of the general public, people are terribly confused about HDTV (1)
Enjoy the Dicovery HD programing. It is the best part of Digital Cable. (1)
Ever since TV's [4:3 aspect ratio]came of age in the 50's wide screen movies from 1:78 to 2:35 were formatted to fit the standard 4:3 TV. What's the purpose of switching to the new standard 16:9 if most but not all theatrical movies are released for TV and DVD alike in 2:35 or even more lately 2:40? (1)
Extremely disappointed in the amount of HD content available. Gov't set up timelines and then they are not enforced after I buy the new equipment. I see no rapid growth of HD on cable. 15 channels. There should be much more than this. (1)
FCC/Congress/CEA/Cable folks bungling the transition to digital (1)
full implementation of 1080p, and HDMI 1.3 in all TV formats. (1)
General annoyance over hi-def roll out. Only HD player is clunky in operation and has a badly programed chip resulting in crappy picture. Only Blu-ray player has available software only incoded in antiquated MPEG-2 resulting in crappy picture. All hardware and software manufacturers interested only in getting the biggest piece of the 'royalty pie' and the quickest and largest 'market share'. As usual, the consumer/early adopter gets screwed. (1)
Get dish network to broadcast in 1980x1080I (1)
Getting a better antenna or gears necessary to capture the OTA free HD programming in my region. Signal is temperamental, if I have a good image, there is no sound and vice versa others are almost clear but the sound comes and goes with loud white noise in between!?! There is a rather big Yagi-stile antenna on the roof but I guess it doesn't foot the bill for HDTV... (1)
Getting all the HD content that's out there available in all markets, specifically local affiliates who don't carry HD content and Fox's extortion of the NFL. (1)
Happy right now with where I am at regarding HD. Trying out ITVN Broadband HD. (1)
Have enjoyed many of your articles, and reviews. Keep up the good work. (1)
Having to wait until early 2009 for all network locals to go full power and then MAYBE hdtv. Bummer!!! (1)
HD content is still lacking. Not even all NFL games are in HD yet, let alone in my area only ~50% od MLB games are HD (1)
HD Pay Per View when is going to be avaliable so we dont have to rent movies from Blockbuster. (1)
HD programming provided by cable systems have a way to go....there are technological problems with some of our HD channels. For example, INHD and HDNET (as provided by Adelphia/Time Warner) have too many sound dropouts to bother watching these channels. Suggest surveying for quality of delivery. If this is the consumer experience, it would turn off customers from HD. (1)
HD Tivo (1)
HD TV-tuner cards (1)
HD video podcasts (1)
HD-DVD or Blue-Ray as a media for saving my own HD content. (1)
Hd-Lite (1)
HDMI 1.3 compatible equipment (1)
hdmi 1.3- i have 1080i can i upgrade to 1080p? (1)
HDMI capable dvs like panasonic sony, etc. provide a great picture without blue ray, etc.... (1)
HDMI is a pain. Copy protection of all kinds sucks, and hurts legitimate purchasers more than it helps the studios. Multicasting will kill OTA HD-PQ. (1)
HDTV delivered over the phone lines (1)
HDTV maganize is an excellent stuff. Can it post some reviews on different kinds of HDTV? Thanks. (1)
HDTV Magazine is a great resource, but too hardware-focused. I'd like to see more attention paid to the 'big issues' of the transition - public awareness, government policy, spread of HD programming (networks, production), bandwidth constraints, and similar issues. (1)
HDTV Magazine rules (1)
hdtv quality (1)
hdtv very slow progression (1)
HDTV with built-in DCR IPTV news, market trend, equipment, contents HDTV in Europe (1)
Hoping to be able to get more HD channels in the future. (1)
How about reviews of wireless audio theater systems with incorporated HD DVD players. (1)
How behind cable/satellite providers are with the HD transition...it's frustrating to both early adopters and new HDTV consumers. Each provider has advantages and disadvantages over the other (in terms of both hardware and the HD channels/services offered), with no one service really standing out. (1)
How calibrate a HD home theater? Reviews of HD media Reviews of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players (I know... there's only two... today.) (1)
How can we get the networks to provide more day-to-day programming in HD ... especially local news and most evening shows? I've been an early adopter of HDTV since OTA broadcasts began in 1999. I currently receive HDTV programming via Comcast, DirecTV, 4DTV (C & Ku band) and OTA from San Francisco. The speed of providing HDTV programming content has been moving at a snail's pace. After 7 years, both HDTV set sales and evening HD content has finally started to increase, so the transition is underway. Also, with my desire to receive the best possible picture quality, it frustrates me when HDTV service providers compress HD signals to deliver less than optimum video quality, when my system is capable of receiving much higher resolution. The rage now is 1080p, but most local stations struggle to provide up-converted 480i... some don't even have HD recorders to time-shift regular Network HD programming when sporting events run into overtime. 720p or 1080i programs come mainly from NY or LA Network feeds. (1)
How DirecTv plans to convert my receiver from MPEG2 to MPEG4. Why we are still denied access to East Coast feeds from the satellite. (1)
How in the hell I'm going to pay my kid's college tuition! (1)
How messed up the HD-DVD/Blue-Ray fiasco has become. Can't the idiots realize that most of us won't buy it if there isn't a single standard? Pathetic is what it is? What should have been a great product for them is simply a joke at this point. (1)
How soon is it possible to have burn out with HD? (1)
I am disappointed in the lack of OTA HD in my area. I think all broadcast facilities should be mandated to pass along network HD signals as a requirement of FCC licensing; I am disappointed in the lack of HD in network news. I do not understand why networks still broadcast a good number of sporting events in SD. I think satellite services and cable operators should be mandated to transmit HD signals at full resolution as a requirement of FCC licensing. (1)
I am enormously concerned about the trend to diminish broadcast quality via bandwidth reduction. I am outraged that we are forced to accept OTA HD signals that are reduced in quality as compared to the network feeds; we should be allowed to elect distant full-bandwidth network service in such cirmcumstances. (1)
I am hoping that more HD stations become available. I am also hoping I have more time to learn more about HD. I totally love my Samsung HD and can't imagine living without it! (1)
I am struggling to make up my mind regarding HDDVD and Bluray. I don't have the $$$ or the ambition to spend 1K+ on bluray so my only option is the PS3 which I plan to purchase. I have an Xbox 360, think I'd prefer one of the Toshiba HDDVD standalones I've heard such good things about. Still waiting to see how the HDDVD add on for the 360 pans out. I've never been a fan of using a console to play movies however. I guess we will see. Purchased the Sony 60XBR1 last year. Waiting to see if/when SED pans out. (1)
I am very anxious to see a HD DVD player that will output completely unconverted 1080p24. To go with that, I want a 3 chip, panel based projector (lcos, dlp, etc) that will accurately color calibrate, and can display 1080p at some even multiple of 24 frames per second. There is no reason that a panel based display cannot sync in multiples of 24 frames per second just as easily as multiple of 30 frames per second. As soon as we get a project along the lines of the $10k Sony lcos project that will connect to and run 24/48/x?p without any pull down, I will purchase the projector and dvd player immediately. (1)
I am very dissapointed with Dish Network and the rdiculous prices they charge, I have to buy so many channels I never ever look at in order to get to watch a few HD channels. Also tired of all the back to back commercials on most programs, in fact we do not watch channels loaded with commercials. (1)
I am very pleased with the OPPO Upconverting DVD player, which I learned about via HDTV Magazine. Also bought, at the same time (in July), a 50' Samsung DLP 1080P HDTV (it's just wonderful, even with the 1080i DVD input). I'll wait for Blu-ray to mature. Your HDTV Magazine will be the bellwether for my decision to buy into Blu-ray or ? P.S. I can not belive that Technicolor would add software/hardware into HD DVD Players to insert 'film grain/visual noise' back into a pristine video image (so video would look like film. If its done, let the director/producer do it during production). I believe any standards organisation (HD DVD) who agrees to do so has no place in my check book. (1)
I am waiting for SED television to get here so I can see how it compares to other technologies such as Plasma. I want a 65 inch set to replace my 55 inch Mitsubishi 1080I set that is about 6 and a half years old. I will buy an entire new home theater system when the new technology comes out. I hope my Mitsubishi lasts long enough. (1)
I am waiting for the second generation HDDVD player wich ever reviews the best blu-ray or HD. (1)
I believe HD-DVD will out sell Blu-ray. Mostly because of price and the name. People will understand what it is, a high definition dvd player. While Blu-ray is pricey and the name sounds esoteric. I beleive this because of the sheer number of people who have HDTVs and believe everything they watch on it is in High-def. There is a real lack of understanding of the technology amongst the general public. (1)
I believe that presently HDTV is more hype than substance at this point. The sad fact is that entertainment programming, both television and film, is the worst it's ever been; we needed high definition when there was programming on the air worth watching. Who in their right mind wants to watch crap in hi def? (1)
I bought my HD TV less than a month ago, so am just getting into the HD technology. (1)
I build 6.1 HomeTheaters systems, an the state of audio in most systems is horrible!!We need HDVOD,HDIPTV,HVD,as fast as possible!What we should have is a HDVOD setop box with 75-125 HD channels and everything else HDVOD!Thats a good starting place.Instead of 13 HBO channels there would be one or two HDHBO channels an the other 11 would turn into HDVOD on demand!Large SED,OLED,70inch+LCD/PLASMA,we need all these technologies if HDTV is going work long term. (1)
I can patiently wait 2 or more years for the HD player situation to play out. If both systems 'make it,' I'll probably someday buy a high end audio/DVD player that will play both HD formats as well as all CD formats, assuming such a beast will become available. (1)
I concerned that HD quality will be sacrifices for the quantity by the use of mutlicasting on sub digital channels. I'm also concerned that after 2009s release of analog broadcasts, that cable will convert digital to analog fill their bandwidth will this low quality signal to appease the installed base of analog TVs (1)
I crave a fun surround sound system that is very good audio, but certainly less than an audiophile might want. It should be easy to use for a nontechnical person. The firms I have worked with seem to give me high end equipment that they say is easy to work. After a montyh or so, I find out that it is complex to work. Sothese guys have kind of duped me into buyoing higher end stuff that I don't really need or want. I have put my tust in three firms, and each has done thesame thing. I guess I am not demanding enough. I don't follow the 'Fool me once .....' slogan. But why do they can't they be compltely honest and give me the system I want. I guess I just have to quit trusting the firms that I use. (1)
I don't know if my first results made it since I took the test early. I can't recall what I said here then. Basically I haven't made up my mind on next gen DVD. I've heard good things about the Toshiba HDDVD and I won't pay 1K for Bluray. I may settle for hidef movies played through game consoles, though I've never been a fan of that. Right now I'd like to see more HD from Directv, however the quality is already questionable. Praying the mpeg conversion will help this. (1)
I don't like the way providers are degrading the HDTV that is now available. Local stations multiplex SD channels with HD channels, lowering the quality of the HD picture. Satellite and cable companies are further degrading the signals by lowering the bitrate and resolution of the HDTV signals. There is no way for the consumer to know how the picture they are seeing compares with what the original supplier provides. (1)
I don't see how anyone can judge HD quality when watching film. Also, where are the quality music programs? I remember when Leonard Bernstein taught the Young People's Concerts. What a great HD opportunity for PBS... which is failing us big time in that regard (1)
I enjoy your informational format. (1)
I feel the public is being bamboozeled with things like HDMI, PlgIIX,12V triggers and HDCP. My CRT (2001) ISF'd RPTV only has component. My A/V receiver also (2001) has 2 sets of 8.1 analogs, which I use for my 300 discs of lossless music formats. I scale all my dvds' to 1080i. My hdcable box allows me to attach outboard SATA hd/drvs to record any & all HD movies that I want without spending a dime on new formats. My point is that the software producers have yet to produce products that my almost 6yr old hardware can't handle. So, theres' nothin on my mind, I'm just sitting here hoping HOLLYWOOD will start putting out more films with good stories rather than just flashy/'noisy special effects. Peter M. PS: I'm from Toronto Canada but I didn't see it on you list What (1)
I hate that the HDMI has made it very difficult to watch the same program on two different TVs (e.g., living room and bedroom) simultaneously, and will make traditionally simple accessories (e.g., video switch) much more expensive. I also hate that I have to downgrade my primary viewing site to standard-resolution in order to get get a standard-resolution output for a second, older TV. HDMI has taken away far more than it has provided (as opposed to component video, for example). Only a very small fraction of HD material needs, or ever will need, the degree of protection that was the motivation for HDMI. (1)
I have an over the air HD reciever but I watch little TV in HD. This is because the signal is marginal at best. Also the broadcasters have got to do some quality control with the audiol. The volume differs between programs and commercials, I am always adjusting the volume or pressing the mute button on commercials. (1)
I have and like DirecTV satellite but have to rely on OTA local HD which is poor at my location. Digital cable offers HD local but some reports question Concast HD quality. I'm now trying to resolve this dilemma. (1)
I have been delaying the purchase of a HDTV to allow prices to fall further and possibly see current display technologies improve. Example DLP MITS promises laser driven display, and SED is promising. Better BLACK LEVELS on LCD displays are important. i expect this to happen in the next couple of years. The new Pioneet Elite 50' 1080p plasma is my top choice but too expensive. Maybe it's price will decrease. (1)
I have deep concerns about blu-ray vs HDDVD. Having been in the audio/video industry since 1979 I have seen many battles ie: VHS vs Beta, the AM stereo mess etc.. This one could cost us the most. I think an early decision is needed and hopefully, Sony and Toshiba can agree to adopt each other's formats on each others machines. (1)
I have HD Tivo via Direct Tv and am worried about content only being available for non-Tivo boxes in the future. (1)
I have just noticed a new lot of television sets on the market that deal in SDTV only. I am disturb that companies can't make ATSC receiver for SDTV set top box for are older tv that would work for (428i) or place them into DVD player or/and Tivo devices. I notice that any set top out now, is list well over $250. unless I'm not looking in right spots. email at xjm8611@hotmail.com (1)
I have two homes, one in Mexico and one in Seattle. I use C band, Star Choice, and DISH to give me my HD programs in Mex and COMCAST in the states. Less than 1% of the Mexican market has HDTV. www.starchoice.com provides me my local Seattle stations, 3 in HD in Mexico. (1)
I hope BluRay and HDDVD both fail. The arrogance and greed of all companied involved is astonishing! (1)
I hope Sony doesn't kill themselves with Blu-Ray. They make many good products, but this new format war is upsetting. (1)
I just finished upgrading my HD Theater, I bought the new Panasonic 58' and the KEF KIT100 HomeTheater in a Box, hooked them to my JVC DVHS and HD Cablebox. Perfect system. (1)
I just want all programs to be in HD format. I'm tired of waiting for everything (commercials, game shows, talk shows, reality shows, etc.) to move to HDTV. (1)
I just want to know when SED HDTVs will become avaliable (1)
I like the idea of HD for DVD's. However, until the format issue is resolved or a universal DVD HD player is available I'm on the sidelines. I'm only going to consider replacing my movie collection so many times before I call it quits. I'm also looking for more HD on satellite. I'd be happier with more HD channels and fewer SD marginal interest programming. (1)
I like your emails and website. I get useful information about High Def Television that, mostly, I can understand. Thanks (1)
i love cheese (1)
I love my RCA 38 inch model 38310 and have had no problems with it. I currently have 'Direct TV' but would possibly switch to 'Dish Network' if anything happened to the 'RCA' unless Direct TV increases their programing. (1)
I may not be a vast portion of your target audience but I wanted to quickly comment on my take on HD and its delivery and storage. I am interested in making the most of the decent choice of OTA/ATSC channels available in the Bay Area/San Fransisco. I maximize the content available via antenna by investing in HTPC in that I own both a Mac mini-based home theatre (using Elgato's EyeTV 500) as well as a 'for proof of concept' Windows Media Center 2005 PC with ATSC tuners. Using in-house hardware/DVRs I own, I retain the most control over my content. I can record/watch multiple shows (and shows at 1am when I am asleep) and therefore greatly lower if not remove any possible reliance on Cable TV Providers, Sat Providers where the HD STBs are closed and the monlthy fee is like rent, going nowhere. I have basically commited to giving up access to premium cable channels and have turned to the internet for accessing content provided by those networks (though not in show-format). I refuse to buy a consumer HD play until the Blue-Ray HD-DVD mess results in one clear winner or device that can play both. I am considering adding an Xbox 360 to the mix because it acts as a great HD extender. I _might_ consider the HD DVD player add-on if the price is low enough (ie. $199) and I'll simply use a serivce like Netflix (which I already use for DVD) to avoid buying titles. (1)
I mostly enjoy what PBS HD has to offer. (1)
I need a smoke (1)
I need more HD in the 4DTV mode. I have had HDTV for several years but only had HBO in HDTV. (1)
I plan to buy Sony Pearl to replace DWIN HD700 projector. My answers all relate to my home systems, but I also am in the business of designing and selling home theaters (CEDIA, ISF, H.A.A., AES, IEEE etc) (1)
I plan to see how things shake out with HD and Blu Ray and wait till things become more affordable on the DLP front as well. till then, it's all about waiting. Also - I don't see anything happening soon with broadcast 1080p. Most 1080i broadcasts have enough compression problems as it is. (1)
I really wish Hollywood and the Electronics companies would get their act together or neither BluRay or HD-DVD will succeed. The general public thinks DVD is good enough and without a clear choice there is no reason to upgrade. Look at SACD and DVD-Audio, both great technologies that are in the throes of death. (1)
I refuse to buy a HD-DVD or Blu Ray player until one or the other wins. I am tired of spending money on losing formats. I have a beta vcr, a laserdisc player and a DVD-Audio DVD player. I have spent thousands of dollars on equipment which is no use to me now. I am tired of all the greed these companies have. I think most of the public feels the same way about this latest HD-DVD or Blu-ray format war. (1)
I refuse to invest in HD DVD until they have a single format. I am tired of the industry constantly 'double-dipping'. (1)
I selected 'Buffalo' as local market but am in Toronto, Canada with Rogers Cable. (1)
I simply want more HD programming. I have had a HD Tv for more than 5 years and still feel I have bought in too soon. I am also tired of being fleeced by Hollywoods need to charge so much for DVD's In my opinion there is no need to charge more for HD DVD's. (1)
I think you should proof read your questions before you put them up READ Question 12 both answers are the same (1)
I want all those who say they are broadcasting in HDTV to use 1080!!! (1)
I want and expect, in no particular order: a) More HD programming b) More HD channels c) Comcast to CARRY more HD channels and add them quicker d) A move to 1080p in programming e) To be assured that HDCP is switched off permanently in the new high def DVD formats f) 1 high def DVD format, and lacking that, g) HD-DVD and BluRay to correct the ridiculous problems and bugs I'm reading about in their 1st generation players (and in some of the actual discs. (1)
I want content in 1080p (1)
I want local HD channels over my DirecTV.....Now! Everyone should have TiVo! I'm really pissed that my 5 year old Toshiba 56H80 HDTV doesn't have a digital input and the new HD dvd players only output 1080i/p over digital outputs. (1)
I want more HD channels on Direct TV or I am going to switch to Dish; as soon as they settle their lawsuit with Tivo. (1)
I want more HD Programming from DirecTV. They are supposedly the leader in Television programming, but DishNetwork is kicking it's butt with HD programming. (1)
I want more HD programming on COX cable. (1)
I want more HD programming on my cable system, Time Warner. (1)
I want the capability to store (in a high capacity HDD)and view delayed or live HD programs from any of my sources (HDD, DVD, Cable,DVR, OTA)easily on any (or all) digital TV sets in my home. This would require wireless remotes for a central receive and storage facility, user friendly program guides for each TV, an absence of interfering copy protection schemes thaty would prevent me from easily transfering programs from one media type to another for storage purposes. (1)
I want the high quality Audio that HD-DVD and BD can deliver. I may wait until Holographic Storage Devices (HSD) make their debut. That will make the HD-DVD vs BD battle a moot point since both those formats will die quickly at that point, given the 10x storage capacity advantage of HSD . (1)
i want to minimze having to always upgrade therefore waiting for HDMI version 1.3 in certain components (1)
I will be going to CEDIA to see what's new next month (1)
I will not get involved in the fight between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. I say put a curse on both their houses. (1)
I will not subscribe to satellite HDTV until they retransmit full resolution HD. I don't want HD-lite. (1)
I will purchase cable or satellite service again if the following occurs: I can purchase ONLY the programming I want. PBS is furnished free. When I require service or have a question I can talk to a knowledgeable person who speaks english and give a final answer. No level 1,2, 3, 4, ----------- crap. Japan has had HDTV for many years while in this country we're still fighting over formats, copy protection, ETC--ETC. The public is the looser. The PAYING public I might add. (1)
I wish full-length movies were being released in WMV-HD...the quality of the IMAX transfers to that medium is really outstanding and it would be great to see that as an alternate to the battle between HDDVD and BLU-RAY... (1)
I wish more local and national news would broadcast in HD!! Currently I have only one local station that broadcasts in HD but not a single national news broadcast. (1)
I wish stores would be clearer on 1080p and hdcp/hdmi --- that hdmi alone won't guarantee 1080p and new 1080p tvs may not play 1080p die to hdmi issues (1)
I wish the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray format war would be resolved and quickly. I would buy a player for the prevailing format tomorrow if one of them would just go away. If both appear likely to survive, my purchase will be delayed (but I will probably surrender and buy both eventually). (1)
I wish the TV Stations would identify on the screen which programs are being broadcast in 720 or 1080. I believe that would encourage people to purchase higher end HDTV sets. (1)
I wish Toshiba and Sony would unify the two DVD High Def formats. (1)
I worry that providers are squeezing the quality out of HD. Lack of bandwidth and multicasting threaten quality HD. (1)
I would appreciate an article on installing an off-air antenna with a satellite system. Thank you. (1)
I would buy a HDVD RECORDER for about $500.when it comes at that price. (1)
I would hope D*Tv would get on the MPEG 4 bandwagon. Thanks (1)
I would like our local cable company to provide more HD programming. And for the major networks to produce more programs in HD. MORE MORE MORE>>> (1)
I would like to get more HDTV from DISH Network. I get CBSHD now from New York, but no ABCHD,NBCHD, FoxHD or CWHD. I do get some of these HD channels over-the air,but sometimes the signal quality is not too good because the stations are so far away. I would also like to see the MLB sports package go to all HD. I would like to see the YES Sports Network(Yankees Baseball added to the Dish Network MLB Package. (1)
I would like to know more about DTV's future plans re HD programming including dates and content and the name and number of additional national channels to be added, also an exact release date for the new generation HD DVR that can record local HD content. If the airwaves belong to the people and do not exist solely for the profit of the networks, why (given the technology) can't subscribers buy any programming from any market that they want ? i.e. if a life-long resident of Chicago retires to Mesa, AZ why can they not continue to watch Chicago TV ? How can stations in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs, CA) continue to deny waivers to those who want HD from distant (LA) sources when there is no OTA HD content available locally? How can local stations that are licensed to provide OTA TV tell people to get cable when denying waivers? (1)
I would like to see a better quality and more consistent signal from my Cable TV provide (Adelphia/Comcast.) (1)
I would like to see an hd pvr for the home. Non subcsriptions, non revenue stream for some corp. (1)
I would like to see more articles about 1080P Plasma TV now or when they come out. I am interested in the 65 inch Panasonic Plasma (TH65PX600U)or the 58 inch 1080P that is scheduled to come out soon. (TH58PZ600U) Thanks (1)
I would like to see more HDTV free digital OTA channels. The FCC should give back the UHF TV spectrum to the OTA broadcasters; forget about the spectrum auction. (1)
I would like to see my sat provider broadcast HD in it's full resoulution. I hate HD Lite. I used to say 'WOW' which I watch Discovery HD and HD Net. I wished I could say that that now. (1)
I would like to see the e-mailed daily HD programming guide sent out to include day ahead programming along with the current day's programming since by the time I see the daily guide it is already too late for early morning programs. (1)
I would to see more hdtv programing on direct sat. (1)
I would, like everyone else, like more and better quality HD programming. (1)
I'd like more honest appraisals of picture quality and connectivity of new HDTVs. What is the quatitative difference between 1080i and 1080p? (1)
I'd love to see which brand can deliver the highest picture quality with reasonable price. This is a big investment for normal people,which consist the majority of market. (1)
I'll wait until there's a winner (or a low-cost dual player) AND until the players are reliable and fast. (1)
I'm concerned about the various program sources (OTA, satellite, cable) lowering quality to add more channels (1)
I'm dealing with the following two issues: 1) Fox 55, Wausau, WI is still not broadcasting in HDTV 2) Because I am in a rural area, I intend to wait for HDTV until DirecTV is broadcasting HDTV locals over the satellite (1)
I'm disappointed in the number of HD stations available on DIRECTV. When inquiring directly about this issue, they offer no encouragement about upcoming additions. Any hints on what's coming online this year? (1)
I'm disappointed that my cable service only offers only one of the major networks in HD. (1)
I'm guessing that sooner or later I'll be able to get HDDVD or BlueRay for my Media Center. (1)
I'm quite disappointed with the very slow progress in the number of HD channels available through my very expensive cable provider (Cablevision). Since purchasing my first HDTV nearly a year ago, only 1 or 2 new channels have been added. We still have just 21 HD channels available, when others like NFL, HGTV, and ESPN2 could be added. Thanks for listening! (1)
I'm ususally first on block for new technology but currently waiting for Vista for next HTPC, waiting for universal HD DVD Player, waiting for HDMI 1.3 av receiver. (1)
I'm very concerned about investing in new equipment when HDMI/HDCP is evolving - I'm worried about obsolecence, and also about continuing to transmit HD signals around my house. (1)
I'm very interested in SED. Will the Toshiba/Cannon SED HDTVs be exhibited at Cedia? CES? I'm interested in DVD releases of Jeanette MacDonald films. Who owns the rights? Warner Bros? 20th Century Fox? How can I let them know of my interest? (1)
I'm waiting for more HD programing. (1)
I'm waiting. I'm waiting for amplifiers and new generation (HD-DVD and/or Blu-Ray to receive and send using HDMI 1.3. I'm waiting for 1080p projectors at a reasonable price that accept an HDMI input. My dollars are waiting to be spent on the next generation, but won't be spent until all things are finalized. (1)
I'm wondering when will CW be available on my cable HD service. I would like more HD-DVD titles. I would like reality-based shows (i.e. Survivor, The Amazing Race) to be in HD. (1)
I've been quite pleased, in general, in the progress of HD since I first started getting it in 2000. I'm looking forward to 1080p. (1)
I've been with directv for a long time, but if they don't get on the ball soon and keep up with dish I will switch. (1)
I've got one of the first generation HDTV 1080i and it doesn't have the HDMI connection. I would love to buy a HD DVD player but I'm not sure if I can hook it up without the HDMI? (1)
If America will ever recover from what Bush is doing. (1)
Information about cable (Comcast) HD programming - do they have any known plans for the future? (1)
Integrated Home Networking/Automation (1)
interest between jvc lcos and samsung new dlp with leds (1)
Interested in DirecTv 4 Meg HD service with local channels (1)
Is HD DVD or blue ray disc should berecordable in the nearest future? (1)
Is their a downloading Scan to attemp to rec. more hd signals. Do you people support smething like this through an hdtv guide . Which then in turn can be entered on my ati hdtv card for viewing. thanks again Mike Ps:I know living in Canada this could be a problem.Thats why iam reaching for help. (1)
Is your HDTV program guide available in hard copy anywhere like TV Guide? (1)
It appears you've made the normal mistake. THe scene is not about HDTV, it is about digital tv. (1)
It is difficult to know what to do ...there are so many options. (1)
It is more important to keep HD in 1920 x 1080 rather than hd lite. I've been waiting a long time to buy the Sony XBR2 60' (1)
It still amazes how 'ignorant' the general public is about HDTV. Most still don't know that you either have to subscribe, have a settop box or OTA antenna. The other thing that makes me crazy is that the consumer still insists on 'stretching' the screen on standard NTSC programs. But unless they FILL that screen, the jerks think they're getting short-changed. Morons~! (1)
It would be nice if network news was HD broadcast. It would also be nice if cable provided more HD channels. (1)
It would be nice to have more info on HD programming such as if it's a HD quality (as opposed to standard def on an HD station) and the amount of compression used for the broadcast. (1)
Joe Kane and the push to eliminate interlaced HDTV . We need 1080P /24 movies doubled to 48 with full HDMI input/outputs. We need 120HZ refresh rate on all LCD 1080P panels as this will handle all media including HDTV games. We need to adopt VC-1 as the recomended HDTV video codec standard and retire MPEG2 :) (1)
Just looking around to get the best deal. (1)
Just wish the cable and satellite providers (directv) would provide more HD channels. I am seriously thinking of switching to Dish due to availability of HD channels as compared to directv. Only the NFL ticket keeps me there right now. (1)
Keep up th egood work! (1)
keep up the great website!! (1)
lack of availability of local channels in high definition. (1)
Lack of media (1)
Lack of recognition by the Newspaper TV guides of HD programming! For example our local PBS station broadcast 4 or 5 channels in HD/SD and they are no where to be found in either reviews or lisings. (1)
lack of worldwide programming International HD news ie Most of Japan has digital HD now... (1)
leave my tv the way it is. (1)
Local broadcast stations and the cable / satellite networks need to move off the dime and transition to HD. I primarily watch CNN, CNBC, Fx, and local news coverage, none of which is in HD. Why would I spend money on a 3K HD monitor only to have to watch their poor quality SD programming? Answer: I won't. (1)
Local cable system needs more HDTV outlets including ESPN2 (1)
local channels, especially pbs, received via satellite. (1)
Local market question, I selected Wilmington. It is Wilmington, DE, not NC (1)
Local stations doe not support 5.1 surround sound on cable. Why? (1)
Long time subscriber to cable. Services, including HDTV quality, has been excellent. Cable has been slow to expand HD lineup. This may the issue that causes me to switch to satellite. (1)
Looking for more HD programming and channels on Comcast. (1)
Love LCD TV for performance and attarctive pricing, particularly Samsung. (1)
Love the Tips. Don't really use the Guide to much. Joined HDTV Mag about 4 or 5 yrs ago so I could make an informed decision on what type of HDTV to buy. I became a paying member to help the cause. I will stay a member to help out, for the Tips and for info on upgrading. You guys are great! (1)
Mainly Playstation 3 right now. Also, additional HD offerings on cable as time progresses. How the sale of Adelphia to Comcast will affect me. (1)
Make everything more simplier for us consumers to figure out.Were not Experts. (1)
Many OTA stations now choose to multicast during primetime, which oftentimes cause severe macroblocking when viewing fast moving objects. I would like these stations to limit or turn off multicasting during primetime so that the prime station can have a pristine picture quality. In other words, during primetime, I prefer quality of the picture over the quantity of the picture. Thanks! (1)
More articles on HD capture and compression (1)
More channels from Charter Cable. (1)
MORE HD channels from my local cable supplier (Cox). If they don't soon come through, I may be switching the Didh Network (which has 29 HD channels)!! (1)
more hd content please. (1)
More HD programing, more availability of HD programing, and especially more network HD programing. LED and Laser back lighting for LCD flat panel and projectors. SED flat panels. (1)
More HD programming (1)
More HD programming should be available via cable or satellite providers. HD-DVD/Blu Ray disk prices should be kept at reasonable levels. (1)
More HD Sports and Movie Channels and the local news in HD (1)
More HD.....NOW !! Sports and National Broadcast networks need to be HD.....100% (1)
More HDTV for 4DTv. (1)
more hdtv on cable & internet (1)
more over the air info on hdtv (1)
More quality HD channels should be made available. Last week, Comcast in Warren, MI added MTV HD. At the same time, it deleted INHD2. Please! Being over 50, I can't imagine EVER watching MTV. But INHD2 had movies and sports. Why should subscribers LOSE one HD channel when another is added? (1)
More surveys like this...let the industry know where we are. (1)
More than 4 hi def baseball games per week over the MLB Extra Innings package which I subscribe to for $180 per season. (1)
MX-950 Remote (1)
My bigest complaint with my HDTV system is that I can not dump my satellite HD DVR recordings to my DVHS. (1)
My biggest complaint about my cable service is that there is not enough HD progamming (1)
My cable provider making additional HD channels available to me. (1)
My computers do time shifting, how did TVIO manage to get a patent on something already existing? (1)
My goal is to purchase an HD recorder that I can use for both OTA and I want to record off of my 4DTV Satellite System. (1)
My HDTV provider is Comcast. I contacted them for any information on future HD stations, but they are non-committal, going so far as telling me that HDTV customers represent a tiny minority of their subscribers. They are more intersted in selling me more expensive packages or pay-per-view items. I want them to add National Geogrpahic, ESPN2, TNT, and other stations, and I want to know when they are going to do it. But as a 'tiny minority' of their customer base, I have absolutely no clout. How can we get them to offer more HDTV content???? (1)
My problem with either format is that they tell you something in the beginning and don't deliver what they promised. First, both camps talk about True Dolby and DTS HD and hardly any of the movies from both camps have these formats and if they do it's in 2-channel form or they don't have the internal or external processing for it yet. Don't sell a player and have a different one out in only 6-months to trump the first ones. What about the people paying good money for stuff that shouldn't be out yet until the product is ready? Why is Blu-ray putting any movies out yet? If your only presenter of your format is not up to par, than why bother? Don't give me single layer Blu-ray and tell me this is the best. Sony says that MPEG-2 is superior if the bit rate is correct, so why release the early movies at a lower bit-rate? Don't release any movies that are compressed from the original. You know what's going to happen, they are going to release the same movies again very soon with full bit rate dual-layer and all the audio options they talked about, so why buy now? Unless you like throwing away your money! Give me full bit rates on the movies if available and with all audio options w/HDMI1.3 capability. Also, are the original movies in the archives actually 1080p/24fps on MPEG-2? If so, why change them to VC-1. This would only cause problems with the originals because your changing the code. Give me the original format that the movie is on and full bit-rate. If it is originally on VC-1 than give me that. I have spent too much money on things to throw it away in a year or two. I will wait until the correct product is out. Mark Arnurius (1)
My TV has a 3-way tuner. I receive only over-the-air broadcasts, both digital/HD and analog. What will be broadcast after the 2009 cutover? (1)
na (3)
Need Charter Communications to pick up more HD channels. (1)
Need good HD news channel (1)
need more hd channels,also need hd network channels for us folks in rural areas that cant get hd channels OTA. (1)
Need more HD movies and better quality than what I've seen. (1)
Need more HD programming HD-DVD, Directv, Educational,Inhd,Discovery HD. Please no more movie or sports channals. (1)
Networks should not put Gray Bars on content. Sound levels are all over the place, between program content and between channels. (1)
networks, cable cos, and sat companies continually destorying HD quality through bandwidth shaping, throttling, resolution reduction (HD Lite), useless sub channels, and the lack of proper equipment upgrades or monitoring quality control in DTV and HD channels. it seems to be just fine to let the DTV channel go to hell and even say so publicly. (1)
Neuroplasma and dust (1)
nil (1)
none (1)
Not enough quality programming in HD. For example non of the highly rated PBS shows are yet broadcast in HD suchas Mystery, Masterpiece Theater, Antiques Roadshow, Jim Lehrer News Hour, and so on. (1)
Not enought programming in high definition. (1)
not much (1)
Not sure; depending upon the advances; Enjoy the HDTV Magazine articles! (1)
nothing (4)
Nothing at this time (1)
Nothing right now - thanks for asking (1)
Nothing seems settled as to best display technology. (1)
Nothing. (2)
Now if HDMI 1.3 is so much better than what exists now will I change out all my equipment? Probably! (1)
nuttin (1)
One needs more patience. (1)
OTA Denver digital is a real political mess. I have a 80' Yagi on my roof just to pick up the digital stations. A bunch of NIMBY people and Jefferson County Commissioners are holding up full power digital in our area. I wish there were more HD movies available and I might spring for HD DVD or Blu-Ray. I subscribe to Moviebeam which you did not ask about. Very limited HD content but the ease of use is terrific!! They need a bigger hard drive and better relations with movie studios to make widescreen, 5.1 and HD more generally available. (1)
OTA quality is excellant, satellite/cable compression should not even be considered HD. I would prefer only one HD DVD or Blu-ray to win and also sell a HD burner. I will not pruchase any new DVD's untill there is either a winner of the new DVD units or a unit that play both types. (1)
OTA, Cable or Satellite programming in High-definition without a DVR is almost unthinkable. The selection of DVRs right now is proprietary and tied to the service you choose. The options for OTA HD DVRs are almost nonexistent unless you chose a HTPC. I wish this situation would change. (1)
Please list all HD channels on your daily email e.g. Starz HD (1)
Price of gas (1)
Programming is the biggest thorn in the side of a HDTV viewer. It seems, the same as what happened in the audio Hi-Fi field, that as the technology (hardware) improves the programming (software) declines. I rationalise that given the present day economy, broadcasters are seeking economies wherever they can to offset the expenditures required to convert to HDTV. Unfortunately they have chosen to reduce programming costs by latching onto 'game/contest' programs and to permit more and more commercials and promos, which effectively reduce the actual program time. Unless they level with consumers they run the risk of bringing about the demise of this sector of the ENTERTAINMENT world. No wonder consumers are seeking ways to eliminate these annoying interruptions while the other side is seeking to thwart their efforts. (1)
Programming quality is, for me, a huge sticking point. The bottlenecks associated with receiving HDTV via either a non-OTA soure or an OTA source w/ multicasting has yielded a great sense of dismay and, already, a longing for the good old days. The reduction in bandwidth and resolution (yes, I'm referring to DirecTV) have me anxiously looking for a new outlet of HD that I can get, though the continued 'dumbing-down' of this technology has me pessimistically believing that HD is going to go away. (1)
PS3 too expensive. I will only get it if the price drops or if is the definite winner of the next gen movie format and places like Blockbuster video adopts it! (1)
Purchased the HDTV in 2002 and am upset about the limited (6) HD channels that are available on satellite. We are too far from a metropolotan area to get over the air HD. The changeover to HD has been way too slow. (1)
Push broadcasters to provide more HD content at highest quality feed possible, not downgrade or split signal into multiple digital signals. (1)
Quality if image (resolution, bandwidth, etc.) of Satellite provided HD vs. cable vs. FiOS vs. OTA (1)
Quality not quantity where it comes to HD programming. Vroom and other 'bulk' services tend to be crap that use HD to justify high cost. I want existing channels to come on board such as The Golf Network, USA Network, SciFi, A&E, Travel Channel, etc. Also think the biggest stumbling block to HDTV deployment are the salespeople at stores like Circuit City, Best Buy, Walmart etc. who's customers are generally less knowledgeable and because sales people are so poorly trained that their customers are likely to leave the building with a 4:3, analog set. Perhaps if manufacturers stopped making these sets, that would help also. (1)
Quality of HD transmission. Control of Local sports programing by Comcast in the Philadelphia marketplace to exclude Sat. penitration into our market. (1)
Re HDTV, I'm pretty well set, but I will stay informed of new developments. (1)
Re: HD services. There is really no good provider of HD content. Direct TV seems to be migrating to incompatible format for it's industry leading HD10-250 equipment (moving backward in hardware quality). If there was a provider that included HD channels and decent equipment (including support for OTA) I would be on board. (1)
Receiving Reno broadcast network HD signals. Expansion of HD programming. Hoping that DirecTV can get their HR20 box working. (1)
Recording and editing HDTV material should be available and in-expensive to accomplish...This is the area that would be most promising in profits. (1)
Recording HD on my computer and viewing on my HDTV. Presently, I do this by burning DVDs which is slow and lossy. I use Beyond TV 4, an HD tuner card and an antenna. (1)
Retiring and enjoying my Entertainment equipment. I also want to get a 1080p television. (1)
Reviews of SXRD technology which I have not been able to find on your site. (1)
right now... my chair is irritating my butt. i need a new one... (1)
SAP for Descriptive Video Service included in HiDef audio. (1)
Satellite needs to expedite the roll out of HDTV programming. (1)
Satellite providers should be allowed to broadcast distant hd feeds in any area where any of the locals are not available via ota. (1)
Scaling and upconversion. (1)
Service providers need to do everything they can to get as much HDTV on there systems ASAP. Get National HDTV channels on NOW not 6 months down the road. The quality needs to be as good as possible as well. (1)
Sex? (1)
Should ask about the hybrid or dual format players. Might consider one of those should they appear and are decent. (1)
Since rural area people have less available & affordable options for entertainment, especially in the winter, TV is very important to many of us, yet we're the ones most left out. We often have little or no OTA options and quite often cable isn't even available. For many satellite TV is our ONLY option and it's getting more and more difficult to get the same simple network programming that everyone else in this country gets. HD networks are even more difficult. (1)
So far the Sony SXRD 60' XBR is the best quality picture I have seen (1)
Some of us download HD movies and shows from Usenet and other download resources and play them on our HD televisions via our computers. The size of a typical HD movie is large (10-15GB) but with a high speed connection this is not an issue. This is the main reason that I will wait some time for the Blueray/HD-DVD thing to shake out. You did not address this. (1)
Some of your questions, like the one about either blu-ray or HD DVD do not have a 'both' option, which is what I would select. (1)
Sorry to see 'H/D Lite' becoming the 'norm' I miss that 'eye popping' eye candy. Need more H/D programming on the Satellite. (1)
Still looking for a way to time shift HD content from the TIVO to tape or HD DVDs. Current restrictions are foolishness. (1)
stupid blu-ray, hd dvd problem, not gonna buy either until theres a winner or a unified format. stupid, just stupid (1)
Surround sound (1)
Terrible HD programming!!!!!!!!!! (1)
that manufactureres (tech area) provide knowledgable information when one is searching for information to purchase their product. (1)
That we see 100% HD programming on schedule (1)
The amount of HD channel made available by Comcast is not enugh (1)
The amount of misinformation about HDTV for the various companies (components, cable, sat etc.) monetary gain. (1)
The cable networks FX, SCI-FI, & USA should and must upgrade to HD; then, of course, the cable providers must carry them. (1)
The Cablecard issue is at the top of my list. I will only by an HDTV if it does not need a cablebox and I have to be sure that it will work for the life of the TV. At this point it appears that the cable companies will make cablecard one obsolete with their new scheme for using cable bandwidth. I am in the country and over the air is not an option. (1)
The companies that developed HDDVD and Blu-Ray have made a terrible decision not to come together with ONE version. I think it's going to be the old Beta vs VHS story all over again... and one will win and one will lose. (1)
The compression of the HDTV signal at times is POOR (1)
The current DRM situation is unacceptable. I will NOT purchase anything that prevents me from viewing my PURCHASED programming on anything I want. The current HDDVD/Blu-Ray situation is ridiculious. Jim Sanchez - Tucson, AZ (1)
The delay in SED coming to market. The HD-DVD/BluRay fight. The slow transition to HDTV programing. No Canadian location in your location question. (1)
The first weakest link in the HDTV chain is the home Set Top Box (STB). Units from DirecTV, Dish Network/Echostar, Comcast and Time Warner Cable are all terrible. A STB should have a mass storage DVR with extremely fast processors, excellent user interface similar to Tivo, Wifi 802.11 connectivity, firewall, USB 2.0, Ethernet ports, DSL interface and an integrated web server for user content and for users access to control functions. The second weakest link is the lack of content. (1)
The format war has to be resolved somehow. I'm so pissed off that both formats actually went to market. Theres nothing i'd like more than to have pre recorded HD content, but i don't have the disposable income to invest in a player that could be worthless a year later. Depending on the price of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player, I might buy one. But i'm still very pissed off about the whole situation. (1)
The format war with hd and blue-ray will stall hd purchases. I may opt for the playstation3 just because you get more for the money? (1)
The future of the Media Center PC. Windows Vista in particular. (1)
The largest complaint that myself & other HDTV owners that I know, is the lack of HDTV programming. (1)
The need for a la carte subscription programming. The overly compressed HD signals provided by DBS & cable services. (1)
The networks and local stations don't provide enough HD programming. ABC is the worst and FOX is the best. (1)
The number of Hi Def brodcasts available at this time is relatively poor. If the industry expects consumers to invest more money into HD components, there needs to be more HD programming to watch. (1)
the only thing i have is that earlier in the survey you ask about owning a HDTV & then later you ask about purchasing HDTV. i had to answer like i did not own one in the first place. that is about all i had to say that was 'on my mind' thanks, wayne/carol seay (1)
The overwhelming ammount of miss advertising that's out there! Most folks I talk to are simpley not interested in HD, not to mention digital TV. (1)
The quality of FOX's baseball telecasts sucks. I compare YES HD for baseball with the FOX game on Saturday and the FOX picture is more grainy, less HD like. You asked. (1)
The quantity of HD channels available on Sudden Link cable is currently my most important concern. Satelite options have been ruled out due to the poor picture quality. As for HD players, I will probably wait for a combination player to become available before I buy, but my preference is for HD-DVD. (1)
The question of either quantity or quality I really want both. I want more HD format TV of good quality. (1)
The rapid influx of fair-use prohibiting DRM technology, the mindless format war caused by the greed of large corporations, the decrease in true HD broadcasts (1920x1080)to save on bandwidth, the incrasing complexity of today's entertainment systems (if my mother can't workit, how can I try to have her accept better picture and sound). (1)
The rapidly decreasing prices in the flat panel TV market make those sets an increasingly attractive purchase, but the same rapid price changes can lead to buyer's remorse shortly after purchase. (1)
The rights restirctions in place on HDMI and other media have severly limited my appitite for high tec toys. The more expensive and newer the equipment the less you seam to be able to do with it. (1)
The roll-out of Blu Ray by Samsung makes it looks like HD DTV is going to be the winner. My HD DVD purchase may be driven by Apple since I use a Mac for video editing. (1)
The speed that technology is changing (1)
The whole HD program is very much overrated in my opinion. I have had an HD receiver/DVR for the past 6 years, and on two different HD TVs, the difference in viewable quality is virtually undetectable. If your HD TV is well adjusted and upconverts SD satellite or OTA, that's far more important to me than the teeny quality difference offered by HD. The ability to record and replay at your convenience is 10 times more valusble to me than the marginal improvement of HD. That's why I have 1 satellite receiver, 2 HD DVRs and 1 HD DVR. We watch NOTHING live. Frank Glindmeier (1)
The whole issue of HD-Lite. Where satellite and cable services are reducing the resolution and bitrate of HD channels to save on bandwidth and then still calling it High Definition when it's not really true HD. I'd rather have quality HD rather than a lot of HD-Lite. (1)
There are only a few HDTV channels available in my area ( alberta Canada ) for the 4DTV reciever. Picture quality however is VERY GOOD. Look forward to more HD product for the CBAND Dish. (1)
There is not enough HD programming. (1)
There should be more HD channels available to customers, i.e. HGTV should go HD, as well as MTV, TLC, History Channel, etc (1)
There's still so much confusion about HD and digital content in general - it is slowing the transition down quite a bit. (1)
This is on my mind - Investment without control! I have a DiercTV HD 'TIVO' however I no longer have DirecTV service. Now I can not figure out how to use the OTA record HD function, it will not respond without the DirecTV 'programming feed' even though I could easily tell it what to record. So where can I go to get help? (1)
Time for the format wars to end. No more disc based systems, download from the internet and use media servers. Of course the RIAA and MPAA need to grow up and realise we are the ONLY reason they are so rich. While I deplore piracy, I equally despise being told how and when I can store film and music I have paid for. Once they come up with a sensible media rights system that is open - i.e. supports more than Microsoft and closed systems made by the big manufacturers, we'll be in business. The future looks very very exciting if only the big manufactures, movie and music houses would stop getting it so wrong all the time. (1)
tivo hi def dvr (1)
To push for a FCC rule on what is true HDTV and what is HD-lite. Full-bandwidth is needed to make HDTV shine. (1)
Too many standards it's bad for everyone.One good standard and all will be happy.It is that simple. (1)
True 1080P, what's after HD, and are we ever going to get HDMI as originally promised (true video and all audio in one wire) (1)
TV stations should not sacrifice bandwidth and therefore picture quality in order to broadcast subchannels. Subchannels should be turned off while HD is on the main channel. (1)
Using my component cable only tv with new regulated hardware. (1)
Verizon Fios is coming to our community; I'm waiting for that before making a decision on HD services. (1)
very interested in XBOX 360 HD DVD attachment, hoping that comes out soon. I look frequently for when it will finally will be in stores, In addition I look for more HD Programming for Direct TV in the Atlanta/Southeast area, need more programing in HD. I am bewildred that channels like MTV, VH1, CNN, and MSNBC etc are not all in HD as yet. (1)
VERY REAL need for better local publications detailing HDTV Station Identification, Location by Network/Station Letters and Numbers, Program Listings and Schedules. Our Local TV Guide has now become a 'movie magazine' and really sucks when it comes to keeping local HDTV Listeners apprized of programming availability, especially when it comes to Sports, News, Documentaries, and other events important to the viewer. (1)
very worried the Echostar lost the lawsuit with Tivo over their pvrs. (1)
Viewing environment principles, web downloads for HD movies, and digital cinema. (1)
Waiting for a high-def player capable of playing either HD-DVD or Blue-Ray. (1)
Waiting for combo Blue Ray & HD DVD Waiting for SED Considering switch to cable for greater HD content (1)
Waiting for Denon a/v receiver with HDMI 1.3 and True HD Audio capability. (1)
waiting for HD DVD recorders (1)
Want a HD DVD that plays Blu and HD DVD's. Am disappointed that network HD resolution is at the low end of where it could be. Want true high quality HD and it is not readily available. Hope HD/Blu DVD's will offer true High Definition. (1)
want all stations hd (1)
want everything in 1080 hd..... no more blured sd. (1)
Want more HD programming. I am sadly disappointed with the lack of HD content, despite the big push from HD manufacturers to us consumers. (1)
Watching the prices of high-end DLP televisions (1)
We really need a way to record cable and/or satellite to a media-center type PC. HD-DVD looks superior right now but hopefully with 50gig discs Blu-Ray can take its rightful place at the top. That said, looking forward to the Xbox HD-DVD add-on. (1)
We would be inclined to purchase another larger high definition TV if we could get more programming, especially major networks. We're hoping when Sioux City TV boosts its HD signal, we'll be able to pull it in with our roof antenna. Otherwise, there's little reason to get another set until there's more HDTV programming available in rural areas. On certain days, we can pull in an HDTV signal from Omaha, but it is inconistent and often breaks up. (1)
We're at a crossroads with respect to technology and content protection schemes. We are waiting for our DTV service to be upgraded to HD (now digital with 16mps data rate)and will subscribe to ESPN HD and local programming. It's important to me that HD format war is settled before I purchase HD DVD player. I now use 'upcoverting' DVD player with HDMI interface which does improve picture quality on JVC 1080p screen. I have collection of 200+ DVDs and don't want to get many more until new HD titles are available in larger quantity. I prefer HD DVD format from what I have read so far. (1)
Well, I am getting hungry! (1)
What can I do to get my cable service to increase the High-Definition channels? (1)
what hdtv system to buy (1)
what mind? i spend too much time watching hdtv. (1)
What stations are going to broadcast 1080p. Most use 720p due to cost. So.. why buy 1080p (1)
What will be the new hd channels on DTV and when will they be available? Tired of waiting while DISH pulls ahead. (1)
When are we going to get real performing arts in on TV in the US. Only Discovery HD has occasionally. (1)
When can I record HDTV material to store favorite programs. (1)
When is Integra going to ofer a 1.3v HDMI plug-in card for my RDC-7.1 preamp, and when will the second gen HD DVD players be on the market? (1)
When teh best tiem is to buy a hdtv with HDMI with it being ugraded constently (1)
When will 1080p be standard? (1)
When will a room-to-dvr be available in the Washington, DC area. When will there be more HDTV programing? (1)
when will Direct Tv start selling more HD channels? (1)
When will I be able to get a 1080i or 1080p plasma TV, 50' or better, for under $5K? When will Fios be made available in my area (tentatively late fall)? When will everyone start using the 16x9 format so that I can do away with filler bars and/or stop stretching my picture for new and live content? Why can't all TV's have a slightly less reflective screen? (1)
When will magazines or reviewers actually do a gloves-off, no BS comparison of products without the apparent fear of ticking off the makers of the products? Real world testing by real people, not in the lab, perfect scenarios. When will electronic retailers (Circuit City, Best Buy, etc.) actually hire trained employees who can somewhat calibrate the TV sets, and answer questions about reflection and refraction of sound? That would be refreshing. (1)
Where do I begin...quality of service once bought HDTV equipment is appalling. TV 'engineers' have differnt views on what is an acceptable quality from a PLASMA HDTV tv.. Not enough support for the average Joe in the HDTV arena, we are spoken to above what we truly understand..if you get my meaning. Please feel free to contact me steven_jeffery@hotmail.com (1)
Where will 1080P go and when? what good things Sony will add to the mix and what impact will that have of an exploding technology. Where will over the air go and how soon? how long will it take for HD DVD to get cheap enough and stable before we loose patience. jfw (1)
Which HDTV technology is best for watching sports? (1)
Which system (HDTV) has the best ratings? (1)
why are all remotes a pain to understand??? Prices must come down!! EVERY broadcast should be HD!!! (1)
Why are the various technologies moving so slowly? Cable companies can' spell HDTV! (1)
Why are there no HD Commercials? (1)
Why DirecTV would want to lose all of us loyal subscribers. We want HDTV! (1)
Why does HD programing always have sections where the sidebars are added when switching scenes. I have a Plasma TV and I worry about the burn-in. Will this ever go away? Are programers considering this in the future? (1)
Why don't advertisers use wide screen if they can't afford HD? (1)
Why HD LCD television sets don't (commonly) include digital tuners? (1)
Why is there no one in TV departments that understands that connecting to a PC may not get 1080 thruput capablity. (1)
Why is there such little HD programming with the federal deadline so near? (1)
Why isn't 16:9 required for all tv? The 4:3 aspect ratio looks so lame on my set compared to 16:9. I love golf. The majors are in 16:9 and look super, but the other events are 4:3 and looks funny on my set. So do commercials and the news. (1)
Why isn't The SciFi channel in HD?!? They should have their feet put over the fire! (1)
why on my dish network does the local HDTV not broadcast in 16 by 9 format? (1)
Why so many stations breakdown and how long it takes to fix them and the poor quality of the broadcasts (1)
Why would I spend 2 or 3 grand on a plasma TV in a few months when HDMI 1.3 is coming out unless I can get an affordable one around $3g that will accept 1.3 I think the speed might come in handy with the PS3. I am going to buy a cheap A/V receiver just to push my nice stereo that I am purchasing then get a flagship receiver once 1.3 is out. I have seen websites saying don't wait on 1.3 - blah blah blah. If the average joe is spending $12 on a new home theater system - why not wait??? (1)
will a HD tv function without cable? (1)
will buy a hdtv 60/62 inch, prefer dlp but have always owned sony with great all around satisfaction. need to know when 1080p will be worth the investment (1)
Will Cable, ever add as many HD channels as the Satellite services--or will IPTV get to my area first. Trying to stay agnostic as to HDTV services, trying to balance between quality and quanity. (1)
Will probably purchase an HD-DVR recorder in the next year. I rent a DVR from the cable company an have put my own hard drive on it to increase the capacity. (1)
Will wait and see on HD-DVD or BLUE-RAY (1)
Wish HD DVD would hurry up and become affordable for the masses! We're waiting....... (1)
Wish the goverment would get off their asses and standardize HD programing instead of delaying it. (1)
Wish there was more network HD programming available in my area -- right now its just ABC (1)
With the liquid cash of Microsoft backing HD-DVD and the market influence of Sony going head to head, there will be no winner in the high-def disc competition. I will buy a PS3, but when the first hybrid player comes out, that will undoubtedly be the item I will purchase as my movie player. (1)
worried about the broadcast flag and the entertainment industries attempt to control what I can do with my own property, for example, preventing me from skipping things or making backups. (1)
Would like more information about direct TV's plans for upgrading to more HD service....and when! (1)
would like to have multible HDMI inputs on HDTV so I will not have to purchase HDMI switcher (1)
Would prefer to abandon OTA, cable, and satellite altogether... in favor of totally ala carte PPV via Bittorrent/HTPC. (1)
Wouldn't it help the cause of HD rollout if all the television schedules started noting what programs were in HD, so the average person could get a feel for how much of what he watches is in HD, and therefore maybe worth the investment sooner rather than later? (1)
You have left out SXRD for a display choice, since LCOS was the closer then the others I used that in place of SXRD. You really should add that option for both rear projection as well as front. (1)
your questions don't give enough logical choices. Like #21 (1)