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Spring 2007 HDTV Study Results

Study Title: Spring 2007 HDTV Study
Start Date: 6 Apr, 2007
End Date: 30 Apr, 2007
Respondents: 1035

If you wish to republish any of this data, please reference the "Spring 2007 HDTV Study" and "HDTV Magazine", with appropriate links to the study results page and our web site, respectively.

1. Have you ever visited the HDTV Magazine website? (http://www.hdtvmagazine.com/)

817 - 78.9%
218 - 21.1%

2. How many HDTVs do you own?

526 - 51.9%
267 - 26.4%
3 or more
139 - 13.7%
81 - 8.0%

3. What type(s) of HDTVs do you own?

CRT (Non-Projection)
194 - 14.3%
CRT (Rear Projection)
195 - 14.4%
CRT Projector
15 - 1.1%
LCD (Non-Projection)
379 - 28.0%
LCD (Rear Projection)
77 - 5.7%
LCD Projector
43 - 3.2%
176 - 13.0%
DLP (Rear Projection)
160 - 11.8%
DLP Projector
44 - 3.2%
LCoS (SXRD, D-ILA, etc)
71 - 5.2%

4. What are the sizes of your HDTVs?

< 25'
94 - 6.6%
25 - 29'
90 - 6.4%
30 - 35'
247 - 17.4%
36 - 40'
161 - 11.4%
41 - 45'
180 - 12.7%
46 - 50'
204 - 14.4%
51 - 55'
116 - 8.2%
56 - 60'
100 - 7.1%
61 - 65'
111 - 7.8%
66 - 70'
16 - 1.1%
> 70'
97 - 6.9%

5. What type(s) of HD content do you watch most?

169 - 6.1%
Educational & Documentaries (Discovery, PBS, etc.)
506 - 18.2%
198 - 7.1%
Primetime TV (Lost, CSI, etc.)
628 - 22.5%
Recorded Movies (HD DVD, Blu-ray, etc.)
275 - 9.9%
538 - 19.3%
Televised Movies (HBO, etc.)
402 - 14.4%
Other (please specify)
35 - 1.3%
Other Answers:
AppleTV (1)
biography, hallmark, INHD, UniversalHD (1)
Cartoons (1)
D-VHS (1)
D-VHS + D=Theatre (1)
Discovery HD (1)
dishd (1)
dvd (1)
Gallery and Tresur es (1)
gaming (1)
HBO series (e.g. Deadwood, Sopranos) (1)
Home made HD video material (1)
I have no access to HD programming (1)
Nature programs, PBS (1)
None at present - Just received - will return by 30th April 2007 - Require at least 40' HDMI 1.3 features, 40', True Black etcetera (1)
none yet. purchased sat receiver just last week (1)
None-no HD provider (1)
Opera (1)
Podcasts (1)
Rarely watch any TV (1)
Regular DVD upgraded to 1080? (1)
Satellite (1)
sd dvd movies (1)
TCM (1)
Timeshifted (1)
travel (1)
upconverted dvds (1)
Video Games (4)
video podcasts (1)
voom (1)
Xbox 360 (1)

6. How do you receive your HD programming?

Over the air antenna
467 - 34.0%
DirecTV Satellite
256 - 18.7%
Dish Network Satellite
159 - 11.6%
Other Satellite
27 - 2.0%
Time Warner Cable
91 - 6.6%
Comcast Cable
154 - 11.2%
Other Cable
143 - 10.4%
Verizon FIOS
11 - 0.8%
Internet (downloads, video netcasts, etc.)
48 - 3.5%
I don't receive any HD programming
16 - 1.2%

7. Which next-generation format have you invested in?

97 - 9.7%
95 - 9.5%
71 - 7.1%
732 - 73.6%

8. If you have not yet invested, which way are you leaning?

174 - 20.1%
277 - 32.1%
119 - 13.8%
294 - 34.0%

9. In deciding between HD DVD and Blu-ray, what are the most important factors?

Picture Quality
505 - 20.5%
Audio Quality
245 - 9.9%
495 - 20.1%
Titles Available
458 - 18.6%
Brand (Manufacturer)
103 - 4.2%
Max size of media
130 - 5.3%
315 - 12.8%
Other (please specify)
106 - 4.3%
Other Answers:
# of studios supporting it (1)
...and it came with my PS3 (1)
40% higher capacity (1)
Ability to create and standardize (1)
Able to record (1)
all (1)
Apple (1)
backward compatibility (1)
belief of winning format (1)
bias against Sony (1)
Bluray has a lot of problems (1)
both are opsolete (1)
came with PS3 (1)
Companies backing the formats, NOT content (1)
comptibility (1)
computer industry support (1)
disc protection (1)
Do not want another Betamax (1)
dominant format (1)
DRM (1)
Dual player for $300 & I'm sold (1)
ease and reliability and long last (1)
Format victor (1)
Format war winner (1)
format's final acceptance by public (1)
hardware available (1)
HD Record capability (1)
HDMI 1.3 (1)
I do not want to invest in the next Betamax (1)
I want both (price) (1)
I want to be able to record to a disk (1)
I will wait for 1 format or a universal player (1)
I'll take whichever wins out (eventually) (1)
integration with game systems (1)
Java base (1)
lack of obtrusive drm (1)
Leading Format (1)
Long-term acceptance (1)
Long-term Popularity & Availability (1)
longevity (1)
Longevity (who will win out) (1)
longevity of availability of media (1)
Make my own high def videos for distribution. (1)
managed copy (1)
market analysis (1)
movie studio support for media (1)
Must be able to play both formats (1)
neither (1)
none (3)
not Blu-ray (1)
One definitive format. (1)
One that doesn't phase out like Beta did (1)
Only ONE format (1)
Own X Box 360 - bought add-on drive (1)
PC-Based drives (I use an HTPC for playback) (1)
PS 3 play games and watch Blu Ray (1)
PS3 (5)
PS3 gaming (1)
Quality (1)
Quality of codec minimum artifacts (1)
recording OTA HD on hardrive like TIVO Ser 3 (1)
Region Free (1)
renting access (1)
see question 11 (1)
Sony Playstation 3 (2)
standardized technology (1)
Studio and manufacturer support (1)
Survior (1)
THE BEST TECHNICAL SYSTEM - this is anothere BetaMax vs. VHS war that must decidedly go one direction or the other before I will invest in either format! (1)
The eventual winning format. (1)
the winner of the format war (1)
Toshiba makes a nice upconverting DVD player (1)
use component cables (1)
value (1)
value, price vs features (1)
wait for a standard format (1)
waiting for 1 to take the lead (1)
Waiting for a winner to be declared (1)
Waiting for combo affordable player (1)
waiting for the dust to settle and prices go down (1)
waiting on industry to decide which will be standard (1)
Waiting until winner is chosen (1)
want one standard (1)
What to buy defacto standard (1)
which ever one 'wins' (1)
Which format is going to win? (1)
which format will win (1)
Which format wins (1)
Which format wins out. I don't want to get stuck with another equivalent of Beta Max (1)
which one will be the accdepted format eventually (like Beta vs. VHS) (1)
Which one will be the market winner (1)
Which will become the standard (1)
Whichever has a HD recorder first for the PC (1)
Whichever one wins (ie VHS over Betamax) (1)
Will one survive and the other not? (1)
will wait until I know it will stay (1)
winner (1)
Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive (1)
You haven't taken into account a single player for example LG Super Multi Blue BH 100 but better made than the BH100. Blu-ray copying HD DVD for example interactive features and improving quality. (1)

10. Assuming neither technology pulls ahead, are you planning on purchasing a next-gen DVD player within the next 6 months?

98 - 10.3%
Yes, Blu-ray
140 - 14.8%
709 - 74.9%

11. Please enter any comments you have regarding HD DVD vs. Blu-ray:

Other Answers:
I can't believe they're this stupid to lock consumers out because of their single-minded greediness......none of my audio/video friends with big bucks to spend on this hobby are investing in BD or HD-DVD....also, can't get a clear explanation of HDMI (1.3)and where it fits with HD DVD & BD. (1)
Still to early to tell My experiences with both have been positive as for a/v quality . now the quality of the players is more debatable. (1)
'Why can't we just get along?' (1)
1) Sony PS3 is on the shopping list. 2) A 1080p video projector with HDMI 1.3 and an LED light source is on the shopping list. 3) Internal/ External PC Blu-Ray 4-8x writer is on the shopping list. I have tons of edited/rendered NTSC/HDV home and cable/ antennae NTSC/ATSC video in Windows Media video format on hard drives waiting to be burnt to Blu-Ray, when I can do it at a descent transfer speed. (1)
3 yrs before this issue shakes itself out (1)
? (1)
All major studios will have to support one format or the other before i will buy any high definition hardware or software. (1)
All too expensive at present. I think I will get either a OPPO or Samsung in the interim. (1)
Already have Blu Ray. It is spectacular. (1)
Already have the xbox 360 hd dvd attachment wich works great, but there are more titles available in the blu-ray format. (1)
Already own a PS3 (1)
Already own a Toshiba HD-XA2 and the XBox 360 HD-DVD add-on. HD-DVD was first to market, reasonable cost and a fully defined mandatory set of standards .. video quality is excellent and Dolby TrueHD offers lossless audio. Blu-Ray technology was rushed to market, won't have minimum mandatory standards until 31-Oct-07 and virtually every first generation Blu-Ray player will be obsolete by the end of the year. Won't look seriously at Blu-Ray before 2008 and frankly would like to see it go under although I don't see this happening any time soon. (1)
Already purchased the Sony. (1)
Am leaning BD but waiting for price to come down (1)
Am not convinced that either format is at a point where I would pay for the hardware. I believe one will fail, but cannot tell which at this time..... (1)
Angered by all the companies involved in another Beta vs. VHS war. Annoyed there was cooperation to set CD and DVD standards to avoid that, but that's fallen by the wayside at the consumer's expense. (1)
Another ridiculous and unnecessary format war. I have seen both displayed and the picture quality difference between a good upconverted standard DVD player and either one is not a big deal. That coupled with the inevitability of one format becoming extinct causes me to sit and wait. The LG combo player may help to some extent, however. (1)
Are they really that much better than DVDs? (1)
As long as I own a 4:3 CRT HDTV (Sony KD-36xs955)I'll prefer a standard DVD at 480P. (1)
As long as there a 2 incompatible disc formats, I will not buy either, unless there is a universal player with full access to all features of both formats. (1)
At the moment I don't plan on investing in either format. So far no titles that I know of have come out on either format that really make me want to invest in either of these players or to re-buy my dvd collection. I don't see that happening anytime soon. (1)
be one (1)
become one (1)
Betamax all over again! (1)
blu ray is stil too expensive (1)
Blu-Ray has bigger capacity, that's the biggest advantage for them. (1)
Blu-Ray has just been too expensive to buy into compared to HD-DVD. The pic quality on HD-DVD is outstanding on my XBox add on, but not all disks will play on it. But now that Blu-Ray is starting to improve on the quality of their picture and if the prices come down to sub $500 I might be motivated to buy one of those units too. (1)
Blu-Ray has the content. Price will come down fast to compete with HD DVD. (1)
blu-ray has the most to offer (1)
Blu-ray is an inferior technology forced down on you by Sony. (1)
Blu-ray is priced much too high (1)
Blu-Ray is the technology leader, but historically this has not been the deciding factor in popularity. I am hoping that the superior product and format will win this time. The SONY Betamax format lost the consumer war, but stayed in production for professional users, so I have hopes that this will not be the case with Blu-ray. (1)
Blu-ray may be a higher quality technogoly but if the prices are higher then the HD DVD Blu-ray will lose. Remember Sony BetaMAX!! (1)
Blu-ray may be more expensive, but is of higher quality (capable) and can store more material. (1)
Blu-ray seems to be backed by more companies that support higher end components (1)
Blu-ray seems to be selling more titles. I plan to make a decision within approximately one year. (1)
Blu-ray seems to have more new offerings (1)
Blu-Ray will win in the end (1)
Blu-Ray [Sony] needs to lower price of player; discs are already lower-priced than HD. I will not buy a combo player. Skeptical about dual format discs (1)
Blu-rays substantially larger capacity will allow for more flexibility as new audio and video improvements are brought on line. HD is 'maxed out' as far as capacity is concerned, and this will become evident as program suppliers (both game and film) figure out ways to use the added storage capibilitys. (1)
Blu-Rey is fantastic (1)
blue ray will win. (1)
bluray- more units shipped & movies shipped (1)
Both are good but ps3 puts b ray ahead in my opinion (1)
Both formats are very good. I have bought into HD DVD because of price. I see the upgrade in quality very clearly. (1)
both have excelent picture quality,hd dvd has the edge in over function. blue ray has better sound quality. hd dvd needs more content. (1)
Both seem to perform equally well...I see no difference! (1)
Bought Toshiba HD DVD player. Later bought PS3. Own a few (5) HD-DVDs, do not own any Blu-Ray yet, have only used PS3 for games so far. I will eventually own Blu-Ray DVDs too, and I believe Blu-Ray will become the more popular format. (1)
Bought xbox 360 & HD DVD drive because it was available early and was cheap and stable. I'll buy Blu-ray when better hardware comes down in price. (1)
By far, the titles that I want to watch are issued on HD DVD. (1)
Cautiously optimistic that blu-ray will win, based on CE and Studio support, PS3, and Brick & Mortar Retail support (1)
CD & DVD owe much of their flexibility and usefulness to support from the computer industry and becoming commodity products. In my opinion, Hi-Def optical disc cannot thrive on pre-recorded titles alone. (1)
Cheaper is the winner. Like VHS. (1)
Cheapest will win (1)
Choose a winner! One should buy the other out and proceed. (1)
come out with players that will play both (1)
Come to an agreement (1)
Competition should not exist between formats. (1)
Copy protection. Get rid of that and bring out a recorder and they will have a customer! (1)
Did neither group of companies learn from the VHS/Betamax battles. I am not investing until either both technologies merge or one is defeated. (1)
Don't care at all - plain old DVD is just fine with me (1)
don't want to get screwed in a betamax sort of way (1)
drm and competing standards are killing my desire to invest in any one of these at this time. (1)
DVD devices to test one's HD systems, both video and sound would be an asset. (HD sound and HD video!) (1)
end format war (1)
enjoy picture and sound (1)
even though I still have a working beta deck connected, I'm not such a fan of Sony technologies anymore. (1)
Fix the mess or get I'll wait until the replacement technology with even more capability. The Industry acts like children. (1)
Format needs to standardize (1)
From everything I've read, I am EXTREMELY disappointed in both the formats, players and discs. There have been no 'raves' about either, and I'm not about to 'take the plunge' until there is a significant improvement. Oh yes; I'm not about to pay $15 over and above the price of a DVD for a (possibly) SLIGHT improvement in picture quality. It just ain't happening! (1)
From what I read, I assume Blu-ray will win the format war. I will purchase a Blu-ray playere within the next two years. Right now I have two upconverting DVD players that I am happy with. (1)
From what I've read HD DVD plays standard DVD's better than Blu-ray and offers DolbyDigital HD audio DTS Master Audio (1)
Get a great game machine and a player... Sony PlayStation3 probably get a recorder for computers (1)
Give me a multi-format player with HDMI1.3 (1)
Got stuck with beta player. Not doing that again. (1)
Great another component when I was trying to simplify. (1)
Harddrives are cheaper. (1)
Have an Hd-DVD player for xb360. Great quality, low cost. But I'd just like them to pick a format and go with it, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, don't care, just get the format on the ground and running, or else high definition movies could be subjugated to fringe status. (1)
Have and enjoy both but think Blu-ray will win due to content available. (1)
Have never tried Blu-ray. So I can not comment on it. (1)
Haven't seen a demo of either. (1)
HD DVD appears to have problems that I have not seen on Blu ray. One major problem is picture freezing that requires starting the disc again and fast forwarding to the freezing point. A bit inconvenient. (1)
hd dvd doesn't have as many titles that are to my taste. blu-ray has more titles at the moment, and most of them are OWN movies as supposed to RENT ONCE movies like most of the titles on the HD DVD list. (1)
HD DVD gives me the best high definition experience that I have had, (& I have been getting high definition for well over 6 years!) I considered getting Blu-Ray also, but when I have seen it demoed, it always looks a little 'digital' to me. So instead, I bought a second HD DVD player! (1)
Hd dvd has great picture and sound. All the upcontent features were mandated from the start so the early adopters like myself won't have to buy a new player in order to get the latest content. The lower cost of HD dvd will make many choose that format thereby increasing demand for content. Movie studios are motivated by profit, so all studios will put out content for Hd dvd (1)
HD DVD is technologically obsolete out of the gate. Just seeing 40Mbps scenes in Blu-Ray tells most of the story, and the PS3 is only $499. (1)
HD DVD maybe the better format: better picture and possibly sound quality. Both should also have; All HDMI 1.3 features Pause/Digital Video Recorder, Time Slip, Eight Days TV Guide, two Air-to-air or Air-to-free air digital tuners with the ability to record from also; Cable, & Satellite. Iwould also want to be able to record at least two different channels whilst watching either a third channel or watching a recorded programme or film. It should be able to upconvert normal TV to at least 720P and 1080i but preferably 1080P. Play and record in all formats. wireless, best picture quality in standard and high definition (HD). A combined an excellent HD DVD vs. Blu-ray into one player - The LG's BH100 is useless and Blu-ray wants the new standard by October 2007 I think it is to interactive features similar to HD DVD. New HDMI mini connectors haven't been installed yet, I don't think, which should be included. Three to five years warranties should be included. (1)
HD DVD seems like a more logistical purchase for many reasons price of the movies, price of the players, and accessability to new users (1)
hddvd sounds so much better than blueray to much hassle with blueray (1)
heard good things about both formats. another VHS/Beta war to me, just waiting for a clear direction for HD to go. at this point the only logical choice would be a dual format player, except for the investment in media. doesn't make sense for a consumer to jump on one yet. bad for business all around imo. (1)
HiDef burners for pcs are important to me, and Blu-Ray has burners for pcs. (1)
I am going to wait until there is a clear winner before I invest in either one. (1)
I am in the DVD replicating business, consiquently I have done substantial research both from a personal and company viewpoint. Blu-ray with it's 40% higher capacity will be the ultimate winner as it allows for less compression and adoption of new lossless audio, not to mention the potential for eventual interactive features. From a manufacturers viewpoint we would LIKE to see HD win only because we can convert our current DVD replication machines to manufacture HD for roughly 10,000 each. Replicating blu-ray requires an entirely new machine at a rough cost of 1 million dollars each. Once machines are on line however, actual replication costs are identical wether we do DVD, HD-DVD, or Blu-ray. (1)
I am leaning towards blu-ray because it holds more space to get better quality. (1)
I am learning - your Web site is helping! (1)
I am not investing yet because both require HDMI for any quality gain from standard DVD. (1)
I am not planning on purchasing either HD DVD or Blu-ray until it is very clear that one or the other is going to be the dominant technology. I'm also waiting for them to get the bugs worked out of the devices and for the price to drop down to the $250 range for a player. The last thing I want is a really expensive buggy player that collects dust. (1)
I am not yet enthralled by either (1)
I am planning to purchase a new HDTV (either Plasma or LCD),soon. I am waiting for a non-SONY model to become available that has: HDMI 1.3- outputs; 1080p-(1920 x 1080); 'SUPER' DOLBY DIGITAL SOUND. When I buy this, I then plan to buy the next gen. HD-DVD (HD-AX2). I may also purchase a Blu-ray at this time. I would preder to purchase a dual Hi-Def DVD player, but it must have both formats in 1080p. (1)
I am still uncertain which format I will be going with. (1)
I am thinking about the product that New Medium Inc is bringing out. Red laser HD. (1)
I am waiting for a clear winner to establish themselves and for the prices to drop. (1)
I am waiting for a combo player and the format war is over. (1)
I am waiting for one of them to emerge as the clear winner in the format battle (1)
I am waiting for this silly format battle to end! (1)
I am waiting for who ever wins technology race (1)
I am waiting to see if one format wins out over the other and/or if the price drops on players that can play both without a significant quality difference. (1)
I am waiting to see if there is a winner, or if an alternate format / delivery comes into play that might take over both. (1)
I am waiting to see which format achieves dominance. At the moment, I am more that happy with standard movie DVDs from Netflicks displayed on a 50 inch plasma screen. (1)
I am waiting until one becomes the standard technology. (1)
I am willing to wait until I know which format will be the dominant one. I once owned a Betamax you know! (1)
I Believe Blu ray will pull out on top because of all the major studio support and the install base of the PS3. (1)
I believe that Blu-ray has more to offer when you look at the storage capacity that can be used. This allows for more information to be stored. Meaning that a lot more extras can be added to their media for consumers to use. (1)
I could have gone either way between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, but studio and consumer electronics manufacturer support currently seems higher for Blu-Ray, so I expect to buy a Blu-Ray player in the next month. I am hoping that the format war will be over within a year. (1)
I currently am using a Sony upconverting DVD player connected via HDMI. Until the price of the HD and Blu-ray players and the movies become price competitive, I will hold off on purchasing a new player. (1)
I do not like the two formats. It would be much nbetter to have some sort of compromise between the companies. I will not purchase untill there is a definite winner or compromise. (1)
I don't like / don't trust / don't want to buy Microsoft (1)
I don't plan on buying until the format war is settled. (1)
I don't think either format will previal, and they'll both muddle along with little acceptance by the general public. A huge percentage, according I believe, to your own survey, of viewers are quite satisfied watching their SD DVD's on an HD set. (1)
i don't watch dvd (1)
I expect that eventually Apple, Inc. will include one of the formats (probably Blu-ray) in its new computers. That will influence my decision, but I'm in no hurry. The industry has shot itself in the foot on this one! (1)
I expect to be a 'late adopter' on this one. I was an early adopter of ATSC (Raleigh, NC, 6 OTA stations) to solve NTSC multipath reception problems, but HD DVD/Blu-Ray solves no outstanding problems for me. (1)
I feel the picture quality will be the same and in time the price will be similar. I like the fact that Blu-ray has twice the capacity. (1)
I find some of the terms confusing - it is a lot to learn and I am a technophile so I can only imagie someone who is not navigating this info. (1)
I find the whole thing complete garbage. The powers that be needed to compromise so the masses can be satisfied. I would love to be able to choose now but will not until one side effectively 'dies'. I originally liked the name HD-DVD and thought it made sense from a familiarity stand point and a production stand point and would like to see it win. Unfortunately i do not think that will happen. Unlike the beta days it looks to me like Sony will get its way. (1)
I hate the Beta Vs VHS, ATRAC vs MP3, and DVD-A vs SACD pissing contests Sony gets us in to. In this case, I'm equally pissed at the two camps for putting -- once again -- incompatable formats on the market. I have a blu-ray player because it came with my PS3. Otherwise, I would not have bought either format. (1)
I have a large investment in the 'old' DVD format and recently invested in an upscaling Samsung DVD player to feed them into my new 720P Samsung LCD (32') via HDMI. I feel I'll be spending a lot of time viewing my existing (mostly never watched)library and am likely to be upgrading my primary TV (old 61' RCA RPTV) to new technology and HDMI long before considering a HD DVD format. (1)
I have a PS3 and love watching movies on it. (1)
I have already purchased an HD DVD Player for my Theater Room (1)
I have audio drops outs using the coptical connection to my receiver from the PS3, but only on DVDs and Blu Ray, not any of the video games which are using the same audio connection. (1)
I have both, but I am more pleased with HD-DVD. The most impressive part of the HD-DVD player (Toshiba HD-1) is how well it up-converts normal DVDs. I am somewhat more appreciative of the current lowwer prices of the Blu-Ray movies, however most of the next-gen movies I wathc are rented from either Netflix or Blockbuster Total Access. A disapointment has been not being able to rent Next-Gen movies from the physical Blockbuster locations/stores. (1)
I have found some 'quality' issues with both systems that resulted in unplayable discs (one or two examples in each format) which, to me, indicates a possible problem in the production chain. On the whole, I have preferred picture quality on Blu-Ray to that on HDDVD - but they are pretty much neck & neck. I dislike the combo (HD/reg DVD) discs. They have been the source of most of the HDDVD problems I encountered. They are, in my opinion, unnecessary & overly expensive. (1)
I have HD-DVD add-on for XBox 360 with only one movie (king Kong), and many many Blu-ray movies for my PS3 and they keep growing as they keep coming out. HD-DVD only from Netflix if the movie is good. Blu-ray 100% supporter, HD-DVD as a complement only because I love HDTV. (1)
I have HD-DVD, but I am afraid Blu-ray will win. I actually watch more HD movies on HBO, Showtime, HDNET, Starz, and TMC. I have a HD DVR and DVHS, so I record the movies that look interesting a watch them later. (1)
I have not yet made the leap because once again 2 systems. I have not yet chosen well as evidenced by my collection of Beta, Laserdisc and DVD movies. My audio is now in ready, the room lighting controlable and its time for a front projector. Once that is installed - It is time for a 1080P source and that has prevented me from pulling the trigger on the projector. I don't want to choose wrong again and I feel that it is unfair to be expected to buy 2 disc players so I am happily listening to my Aerial 20T's, 9's and CC5 with a Theta Casablanca and Citadels - but the urge to continue to 1080P and Dolby HD is bubbling just under the surface. I doubt that I will last 6 months without making some comitment. I made hold out to see what comes out at Cedia, but not much longer. (1)
I have selected to purchase a PS3 because, even if Blue Ray fails, I'll still have a unit that can be useful. (1)
I have the PS3. (1)
I have two words - OPEN Standards. Whoever keeps thier format proprietary will LOSE! (1)
I haven't researched the issue enough to have made any decisions on choice. (1)
I hope that Sony's strongarm tactics backfire on them. Resisting the DVD alliance to create an incompatible format was a bad move, strategically. Their blunders in launching BD (Samsung player and lackluster PS3 launch/sales) hopefully point to a steep uphill climb. I feel that the fact that Sony IS a movie studio puts them in a very awkward position in the 'format wars'. (1)
I invested heavily in Beta. Bad move. I won't do that again. Will wait to see which format goes into widest distribution. (1)
I just do not see the value in either,yet. I still need more exposure to both technologies at retailers before I can formulate an opinion. I guess the up scale formatting capabilities of either technology might be what weighs my future decision based upon the number of standard DVD'S I already own. (Over 1000) (1)
I keep reading HD TV for any info (1)
I like both equally. (1)
I might buy a combo unit, but that's only if I don't think there will be a clear cut winner (1)
I might consider buying a HD DVD, Blu RAY combo player (1)
I might purchase a new stand-alone player once a fully featured dual system (both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray) comes into a reasonable price range. Until then I'll use my PS3 and Xbox 360 has next gen disc players. (1)
I most likely wouldn't have invested any in Blu-Ray if not for getting it for 'free' with my PS3. (1)
I need adequate descriptions and evaluation of players, displays and HD program recordings in both formats. What player brands and models best provide super audio and video. Digital audio is as important as video, and until both are outstanding, I will remain with my BRAVIA 32' Sony, 1080i, and my ARCAM audio with DVD-A and SACD. At present, manufacturers' promotional flak does not enable discrimination. From what I read, high quality, full spec audio/video technology has not yet arrived in the marketplace. When I know it has arrived competitively, I will obtain it in double the size of my present display, probably flat panel LCD. (1)
I only used OTA antenna - no cable - for 25 years. Intend to do the same as soon as a hard drive digital recorder ( same as TIVO Ser 3 ) becomes available w/o the silly $15 / monthly fee. Do not see need of buying DVDs or downloading via 'on demand', etc., since great majority of current programing is quite horrible!! I.E.-'Lost, Survivor, Bachelor, Deal, Amazing Race, CSI-LasVegas, American Idol, Extreme Makeover, etc, etc.. (1)
I own a PS3 as my Blu-ray player. (1)
I personally believe both formats will fail, I just bought my player for the upconverting, and the HD was a nice added benefit. (1)
I plan on purchasing a playstation 3 (1)
I plan on waiting this out until there is a winner (1)
I play my HD-DVDs from a computer based device (the Xbox USB drive). Eventually I will replace it with an internal drive for my computer that plays both types. (1)
I prefer HD-DVD due to the lower price while still delivering the same HD quality content. (1)
I produce event videos and the lack of standardization is hurting the transition to HD in the DVD format. (1)
I purchased a ps3 for the blu-ray player which is great. However, if I could have found an HD-DVD player that played at 1080p (XA2)in a store in Ottawa, I would have purchased it. From what I've read, the authouring of the HD-DVD library is far superior to the polished turds that Sony is s_______ out. The most recent b-r disks are very good, but still playing catch-up. MPEG codec still looks wobbly. (1)
I really don't know much other than larger capacity + cooler name = my interest in Blu-ray (1)
I remember the Beta and VHS wars. Beta had the better picture and VHS had the longer playing and recording time, My brother brought a Beta and just as I was about to buy one... VHS was declared the new standard. I have an upconversion DVD player-recorder and I'll wait until the duel format systems prices are more respectful or the HD-DVD vs BLu-ray war is over which ever comes first with a 'recorder'. (1)
I see a better future for Blu-Ray. The same multilayer technology that gives HD-DVD the capacity for HD can be used in the future on Blu-Ray. This would make for a larger capacity disc. Taken to the extreme, multilayer becomes a halogram, such as manufactured by In-Phase. Yet, even thought Betamax was a better format than VHS, it was low price and longer record time that beat Betamax. (1)
I still own a beta-max. Don't use it but it shows that the best doesn't always win. I won't buy either until I am sure that it isn't a fad. That is why a multi-player is best (ie my dvd player plays DD 5.1, DTS, mp3, cd's and more). (1)
I think Blu-Ray will win the battle (1)
I think Blu-ray, unlike HD-DVD, was better thought out as a format and offers the greatest possibility for maximizing the viewing/listening experience. (1)
I think both formats have a lot of potential but the average guy on the street seems to be confused enough to not yet understand what HD actually is. So many people still think that the ordinary DVD is HD when dispalyed on a flat screen. We've still got a long way to go. (1)
I think both will survive for a long time especially if future Xbox versions contain a built in HD DVD player (not an add-on) and the price remains less than PS3. I'm guess PS3 systems will add still more features and command a strong upper tier market--the device itself feels and looks so much higher quality than existing HD DVD players and the news blip about the PS3 processing power (foldingAtHome)suggests that the unit has power to burn for other high demand applications. (1)
I think everybody loses until we have either a unified HD disc format or a clear winner between the two. (1)
I think I would prefer a hybrid player just to permit me to be able to make use of ALL types of pre-recorded HD content. (1)
I think they just should get along (1)
I think they will co-exist. (1)
I want HD DVD and Blu-ray to merge together as one big company. (1)
I want a clear winner. (1)
I want to play them from my linux media system, not a commercial player. They simply do not want me as a customer. (1)
I was burned by the 1970's format war with the competing autdio quad formats; (I had THREE decoders! None lasted two years!) then again with the SACD format war. I will not get sucked in again to a format battle. (1)
I was going with HD DVD but after seeing my friends Blu-Ray that did it for me. (1)
i was stung in the Betamax VHS debacle and went with Beta Max due to the better picture quality. Obviously I lost my gamble. I will definitely wait until one format wins definitively. (1)
I will buy a player that handles both formats like the LG Blu-ray / HDTV player. The player must allow 24 FPS output. (1)
I will let it play out. I am perfectly happy with my upconverting Oppo DVD player (1)
I will not be stuck with an orphaned player. I will not buy either HD disc format until the war is over and there is only one format left. (1)
I will not buy an HD capable DVD player until the industry decides on one standard. I know from experience with the VCR 'war' between BetaMax and VHS not to jump into the game until one standard emerges. (1)
I will not buy either until the compatibility and DRM issues are settled and can be assured that the content I purchase will be viewable in the future. (1)
I will not invest in a high definition player until there is a one that has full functionality to play both media. (The new LG dual player's lack of full HD-DVD functionality means that it is not the answer.) (1)
I will not purchase a next-gen DVD player until one format is standard and player/recorders cost less than $200. (1)
I will purchase as soon as I can make an HD recording to a hard disk. I will also then buy my first HD Camcorder. I need to be able to record to a disk to archive my recordings permanently. (1)
I will wait until I know which high definition DVD format becomes the 'standard'. (1)
I will wait until the price drops on the combo players or one format looks like the eventual winner. (1)
I wish they were conpattable. Will go with a player that playes both formats. (1)
I wish they would work together (1)
I wish this war was over! (1)
i wish we only had one format....this war is costing the consumer and the hd-dvd and bd ce backers. not sure how many more times sony(bluray) can drop the ball before people just turn to hd-dvd. sony better prey they don't loose exclusive studio support they have left. (1)
I won't buy either until this gets worked out. Not going to be caught with Beta again! (1)
I won't buy until I can play either with full features on one player at reasonable cost. They shouldn't have pulled this beta vhs war again. When I went to look for what movies where available I was frustrated to find I wanted content from both formats, I concluded I wouldn't buy either and play there game. (1)
I won't consider until one of the formats is clearly going to be around for the next 10 years. (1)
I won't invest until enough media becomes available-- many new releases of movies (1)
I won't purchase until there is a single format or a player that can play both formats. (1)
I would like Blu-ray to win because I think it is technically superior. (1)
I would like to see a HD DVD Player that would be able to play either format. Otherwise I will wait until one format wins, like Beta vs VHS. It is to expensive to purchase a DVD Player and the Movies, if in a few months they will be obsolite. (1)
I would like to see either dual players and/or DVDs that have both formats. (1)
I would like to see HVD(HOLOGRAPHIC VERSATILE DISC) replace both of these formats ! Its a high capacity optical disc solution , until a solid state format comes along ! (1)
I would like to see the technology stabilized before the rush to market either format. (1)
I would likely buy a universal HD player if the price was not too high. Probably won't buy anything until at least 3rd generation. (1)
I'd like to see a player that plays both, but has more features than the one from LG. (1)
I'll be getting the PS3, so that'll be my Blu-Ray player (1)
I'll either wait for this 'format war' to end or for a fully featured multi-format player at a reasonable price. (1)
I'll only buy when there's a reasonably priced dual-format player or when the 'format war' is over. (1)
I'll wait them out. It is ridiculous to have two formats!! It's Beta & VHS all over again and we wound up with the worst format! (1)
I'm awaiting a universal player of high quality for less than $500 (1)
I'm considering the dual format LG Electronics device (1)
I'm going to sit this one out for now. At the moment the players are too expensive and with neither side winning, it's not worth the investment. (1)
I'm going to wait until the market determines which will be the dominant technology. (1)
I'm leaning more towards HD-DVD for the simple fact that Bluray uses MPEG2 for their compression, where as HD-DVD uses VC-1 which is superior in picture quality. Also, not every Bluray disc is mastered in 7.1 surround where as I think every HD-DVD is? I've seen both formats. Because I work at Circuit City. I lean more towards HD personally. Anyways, I still live at home with my parents so I can't justify owning a huge movie theater setup so audio doesn't matter currently. When I get my own place I plan on getting an HD-DVD player as well as a 1080p set. My tv is only 720p now. (1)
i'm on a budget currently and refuse to make a move until one of these formats is the clear winner. not to mention the fact that the studios (that 'double dip' already by releasing a DVD; then the extended version; then the unrated version; then the director's cut) will get even more of my money as i go to replace my current DVDs with their HD versions (the Aliens and Matrixes on HD--yum!!!). yeah, i figure i'll wait. (1)
I'm planning on purchasing the Playstation 3 which includes a Blu-Ray Player. (1)
I'm waiting for a duel format player like Samsung's for a much lower price. (1)
I'm waiting for resolution of the conflict in technologies. (1)
I'm waiting for the dust to settle as I don't want to get stuck with an orphan i.e. picking the wrong format like the Betamazx vs. VHS fiasco! (1)
I'm waiting for the dust to settle. (1)
I'm waiting to see how things shake out. Unless dual mode players become available at a decent price point, I will stay on the sidelines. (1)
I'm waiting to see if the format war subsides and for the prices to come down. (1)
I'm waiting to see who comes out on top.. Not going to be caught in another Beta-VHS war (1)
I've had the HD DVD longer and I'm more familiar with how it works, so I prefer it. (1)
I've read the pros and cons of each and even if I could afford one, would not buy until I knew which would be the 'standard.' My sister invested in a Beta player and tapes, which became outdated when VHS became more popular. I don't want to be stuck with something outdated, so am content to wait until either HD DVD or Blu-ray becomes the standard--and the prices go down. Until then, I'm happy with my regular DVD player and DVDs. Note for next page of questions: I have two 13 inch analog TVs and recently purchased a 26 inch HDTV for my living area. Would need conversion boxes for these analogs so could use in bedrooms. (1)
If a clear winner hasn't emmerged by Christmas 2007, then I will most likely buy the new samsung dual player. (1)
IF any, A dual format receiver would br best. (1)
If previous question (10) had offered 'i don't know' as an answer, that would have been my choice. It depends on factors previously mentioned. (1)
If the price of players drops significantly in the next 6 months I'll would consider purchasing one of the next-gen formats. (1)
If the two competing formats and their companies don't decide or compromise soon, the buying public will give up and wait until a NEW format takes over. (1)
If those idiots can't get a common approach, I'm not going to waste my money. Until one wins - or a combined approach is arrived at, and that is then the winner, I ain't buyin'. (1)
In a year prices will be more reasonable. In the meantime my Oppo 970 gives me good PQ and sound from standard DVD's. (1)
Industry must offer a single format, or each player needs to be $150-$200 each. Plenty of cable HD movies available. (1)
irrelevant. have recording capability in Time Warner receiver and will use computer to record and store other (1)
Is it another VHS/Beta shootout where the lower quality wins because it's cheaper? (1)
It is a rip off (1)
It seems, as like Beta vs. VHS, which ever format has the better marketing firm behind it, that will become the standard. (1)
It would be good if a player would play both or if all media had both formats (double sided) (1)
It's inexcusable that we have another format war going on; this happened with SACD/DVD-A and the result was a loss for everyone. (1)
Just bought a up-convert DVD. (1)
Just waiting for a clear winner. Happy with standard DVDs and good scalers for now. (1)
Let's get one next-gen DVD player. (1)
Lets settle or make all players dual players, and make the players affordable. (1)
lg has hd-dvd blu-ray player (1)
like my blu-rey player (1)
Like storage capacity fo Blu-ray for backing up data from computer. (1)
Like the Warner Bros. idea of putting both Blue and HD DVD on one disc, but know Sony will not ever do this. (1)
Lokk toward some mode of compatability. (1)
Looking forward to a decent combination player. (1)
love blu-ray (1)
More company's need to make universal players. (like the LG player) (1)
Mostly just waiting for the prices to come down. Will go with up-conversion DVD for now. Interested in combo Blue Ray & HD DVD players coming out. (1)
My family is pleased with Blu-ray player and movies, both purchased and rented. (1)
My preference is for Blu-ray because of its technical superiority. As noted above, I'm holding out until there is a player that supports either the surviving system, or a dual player with a price of $300. (1)
My preference lies with Blu-Ray as it seems to be a superior technology overall. (1)
Need one unit to play both--all functions before I would buy an HDDVD PLAYER. (1)
Need only one! that's the main reason I have not purchased yet. (1)
Need to be a lot cheaper before I even consider a purchase. (1)
Neither that much better that the investment is worth making (1)
NextGen is too close for this fight to matter. (1)
no comment (1)
No comment. Botn of them are good investment. (1)
No comments. (1)
No format war! (1)
NONE (3)
Not enough difference between DVD and the new standards to spend $1000 for. (A couple of hundred maybe). (1)
Not interested in either format. (1)
Not interested now (1)
Not sure if DVD is going to be best way with the introduction of Downloadable content. Still too early to tell. (1)
Not worth it. Will wait for HD movies on cable. (1)
one format one player period that is all that's needed. (1)
Pick one and bring down the prices. (1)
Player < $100 Movies < $20 (1)
Please find a standard - let's NOT do the Beta/VHS thing again (1)
pointless to buy a next gen DVD player until a standard is established. (1)
Prefer Sony products. Probably will get a PS3 for Blu-ray playback. (1)
Price for player needs to drop below $150 for me to buy. (1)
price must come down more. (1)
prices ARE TOO HIGH FOR THE MOVIES. the trend of 30.00 + for a movie is way to high. (1)
Probably wait until a 'dual-format' player is available at a reasonable price ($300ish). (1)
ps3 good price great picture and it plays games (1)
PS3 I have the 60G and I think I'm going to buy the 20G for the bedroom (1)
PS3 is my blu-ray player. (1)
PS3 offers great picture and easily firmware upgradeable at a decent price (1)
PS3 will drive immediate need for Blu-Ray. I will most likely buy an HD-DVD player in the future to get support for the other format (1)
Re question 10, I'm actually undecided -- I might buy an HD DVD player. Definitely not a Blu-ray. (1)
regular anamorphic DVDs look great on my HDTV without the need for blu-ray or HD... I think this is a product in search of a market. (1)
right now I have a wait and see approach...my current DVD player does upscaling and gives me excellent quality. (1)
Right now too much money (1)
See 9 above (1)
See question #9 above. (1)
settle the damn thing. lived thru VHS vs. BETAMAX. that sucked. (1)
Shades of Beta v VHS... I waited and finally settled on VHS. Looks like we're in for more of the same with High Def DVDs. However, as I own 450 or so movies on regular DVDs, I'm not anxious to start over. And the DVD picture quality on my 60-inch Sony is very good. I'm thinking of getting an OPPO player to improve picture quality and I'll probably not switch over to High Def DVDs. (1)
sigh - another beta vs. vhs - won't they ever learn? (1)
Since HD DVD and Blu-Ray seem to be running neck & neck I find myself hesitant, committing to one format fearing I will fall into the video tape war problem of VHS and Beta formats and end up investing the losing end of HD formats. Hence I will wait until the smoke clears. (1)
since the adult entertainment industry has already begun to adopt HD-DVD, it will be the hands-down winner. HD-DVD is also easier to produce, and backwards compatible. (1)
So far Blue-ray is too expensive. I hate the split in title availability that these two formats have caused. They have not done the consumer any favors. (1)
So far HD DVD has better picture and sound quality. When a title is available in both formats I always choose HD DVD. (1)
So far, none of the literature that I have read about either has given me a reason to buy. I also have a nagging suspicion that both will be obsolete in the next five years due to a technology 'to-be-determined'. Since the quality of most regular DVDs is already pretty impressive, I can't see any reason to replace them unless it is with a radically new technology (much like the advancement of DVD over videotape). (1)
Sony and Disney are anti-christ type anti-consumer rights companies, therefore I am pulling for HD-DVD but have not invested in either. (1)
Sony has a habit of introducing formats that do not catch on. They seem to trying to force public opinion. (1)
Sony is arrogant and doesn't realize that price is everything when it comes to DVD or HD. (1)
Sony should use the extra disc capacity! (1)
soon to get the xbox 360 external hd-dvd drive. (1)
sorry state of affairs - you would think the industry especially Sony would have learned from the VCR wars (1)
Standard DVD movies are good enough for me. There is no way I am paying big bucks for a new DVD player in either format. I bought my HDTV to watch live NFL football, everything else is just gravy. (1)
still learning to get one (1)
stupid to have competing formats... it will let another delivery system grab the marketplace (perhaps not as good, but a clearer choice) (1)
Technically they are very comparable. I'm sorry that the mfg's didn't learn anything from the Betamax/VHS disaster. (1)
The available software for HD DVD is lower priced than the Blu-ray. It is unfortunate that corporate greed has confused the buying public once again. I thought Sony of all companies would have learned from the Beta/VHS fiasco in the 80s. A truly universal player (that conforms to all the specs not just a portion) would be nice not the semi-univeral player that LG is puttting out. Ultimately, I just wish the two would just agree on one product (using the best parts of each similar to what the original DVD)and split the profits as that is what it all boils own to (greedy buggers). (1)
The battle between the two has caused me to consider waiting for other digital formats, such as HD iTunes (which is likely to be available at some point - perhaps even before the format war is over). (1)
The best option and the one I would pursue woud be a player that will accept either foremat. (1)
The DVD Player needs to be able to play both formats before I will purchase one. (1)
the first to offer a way to copy to hard drive so I can stream without using original media will have my vote and my 1,200 customers votes as well. (1)
The format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD causes a great deal of confusion for people. (1)
The format war has to be resolved before I enter the market. Or the price of the players has to be so reasonable that I would consider buying both. This however, it unlikely because of the contined incompatibility of the software. (1)
the format war is a big deterrent to purchasing - I'm waiting for a cheaper Blu-ray from Sony expected later this year (1)
The format war is stupid. I won't buy until there's a clear winner. (1)
The format war makes me mad enough not to buy either format until it is resolved. (1)
The format war will delay my purchase of a high-def DVD player for several years while the dust settles. (1)
The HD technology is overpriced for the improvement in picture over current DVD technology. When the price comes down, including HD DVR recorders and blank HD DVD's then I'll consider it. (1)
The idea that two formats are still competing sucks !!!!! (1)
The improvement from very good 480p to HD just isn't enough to act on until the format war is OVER! (1)
The industry need to make up it's mind, produce affordable hardware and content, and quite jacking us around!!! You would think they would have learned form Beta vs. VHS (1)
The price is getting do-able for the HD DVD but there is a concern that Blu-ray may ultimateley survive since it has the capacity edge - especially if they get their cost down. As a former Beta VCR owner... (1)
The price is too high right now and while Blu-ray, in many ways, seems to have a technological edge (or certainly greater potential) than HD-DVD, it's looking to be less reliable and less featured out of the box. Not to mention Sony snubbing their nose at Porn on the format (which, like it or not, is a huge enough market to seriously impact the acceptance of one format over another.) The proprietary and overzealous copy protections on both formats don't help them any for consumer acceptance. I'm waiting for significant price drops on these and will likely wait until a dual-format player is available for the PC at a low price point. I fear I have a few years to wait, unfortunately. (1)
The video game consoles are going to decide the winner. I've only made the move to HD-DVD because it was worth the $200 risk having an Xbox 360 already. I certainly wouldn't invest in a standalone next-gen DVD player right now. (1)
The war needs to end. (1)
There needs to be true standard established before I commit. The alternative is an AFFORDABLE dual format player. (1)
There really needs to be an end to this nonsense. I applaud any manufacturer who is willing to produce a HD-DVD/BluRay dual capability player for a reasonable price. (1)
There should be players that play both. (1)
There should only be one format. (1)
These clowns need to listen to their customers and collaborate to meet their needs and where both sides can and will win and combine the two technologies together with all the bells and whistles at a very low low low price, or they can both suffer the consequences of greed. (1)
They are both going to be around, so why doesnt someone come out with a 'good' combo player with all the interfaces and features? (1)
They are cutting their throats! On Demand may win! (1)
They are not HD-films, they are space for HD-films. The same space could be provided on ordinary DVD's via .wmv formated films, and they already have done so. It is the films that are my consern, not the space they are served in. Greets lyrik@heaven.dk (1)
They both will remain niche formats as VPOD ( HDD video server ) will be the way to go with no contraints on codecs or file sizes . (1)
They have forgotten the consumer in their greed. (1)
They have not covinced me that they have their acts together. (1)
They need to make more dual players. A unit that will play both formats. And like any new technology, wait a 1-2 years and pay half as much. (1)
They're both terrific! (1)
They're greedy idiots. Converge on a single format or lose the war entirely. I already use Bittorrent to watch all broadcast TV, and I'll stick with DVD until there is a reasonable HD alternative. Toshiba and Sony just don't get it. (1)
This battle is far from over. The quickest solution would be to have dual discs, this way it wouldn't matter which player you purchase. (1)
This can't go on. One has to pull ahead or become campatable with each other (1)
This competing format business is ridiculous, reminiscent of VHS vs Betamax. I intent to invest in a dual format player once prices calm down. (1)
This is another battle that goes back to Betamax and VHS. It needs to be settled so the consumer and producers can invest in one or the other. (1)
This is one of the best money-making scams the electronic industry has come up with since the VHS-Beta wars of the 80's. (1)
This is the same thing that happened with the old vhs versus sony betamax. I won't be purchasing until there's a clear winner probably a year or two from now. (1)
this will be a similar battle as vhs vs. beta. I will sit back and watch this over thext 18 months b4 moving ahead (1)
ticked off that we are in this boat. wish the lot of them had seamlessly developed one product and not this two competing thing all over again like in the 1970's. (1)
To me, both formats are winners. (1)
Too bad there are competing standards (1)
too costly, no read-write (1)
Too Expensive (1)
Universal player (1)
Universal players have some hope, but the LG player has some HD DVD shortcomings (1)
until hdmi audio and 108024p are straightened out I won't be buying any more of either type of equipent (1)
Until it can record, I'm NOT interested! (1)
Until the players handle both formats I won't be buying either one. (1)
until there is only on format, I will not buy (1)
Very disappointed the industry chose to indulge in a format war. Perhaps direct internet HD downloads will make both formats obsolete, before one has a chance to dominate and establish itself. (1)
Very interested in both HD formats for playback in a player but I am leaning towards Blu-Ray since I am leaning towards a PS3 to play them on. (1)
waiting (1)
Waiting for a clear winner in the DVD war. Also, will purchase a new Pre-amp/Processor, when they include HDMI 1.3 and work out the bugs. (1)
waiting for a price drop or leaning towrd a ps3 blu ray (1)
Waiting for a winner. (1)
Waiting for more new combo players (HD DVD and Blu-ray) to be released by higher end manufactures like Denon. (1)
waiting for price to lower (1)
Waiting for prices to come down. (1)
Waiting for prices to fall and movie studios to provide more content. (1)
Waiting for the $200 price point (1)
Waiting for the dust to settle. Perhaps a player/recorder that will do both. (1)
Waiting for the prices to come down. (1)
Waiting till they slug it out in the marketplace (1)
waiting to see which pulls ahead (1)
Waiting to see which technology becomes the standard. (1)
Waiting until either one format is available from every producer or the price becomes less than $100 for the dominant format player. (1)
Waiting until prices come way down. (1)
We don't watch DVDs enough to make a purchase at this time. We mainly watch network and local TV programming. (1)
We need only one format and lower price. (1)
We would all benefit from fewer standards battles and more compatability (1)
When the big companies will learn that the people don't like experiments and different formats? (1)
When they figure out a clear cut winner, or come down in price, then maybe people will really start purchasing them up. (1)
While I own a HD-DVD player I've stopped purchasing any DVD's, HD or SD, until this stupid format war is solved, I just rent now. (1)
Why do i really need it, and then i'll consider investing. The current format works just fine. (1)
will not buy until the following occurs: 1) There is a clear winner 2) A 2nd generation combo/universal player is available which supports all of the following: a) all features of both SD and HD formats b) internet connection c) DVD-A & V, BD, HD DVD, SACD, HDCD d) reads all recordable SD & BD/HD DVD formats (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, etc.) e) player passes native audio bitstreams via HDMI 1.3 for DD, DD+, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD MA, DVD-A, DSD (for SACD), HDCD (1)
Will not invest in hardware or software until there is one single format and the price of the discs drop to the price of the SD DVDs (1)
will wait till one wins as standard or can buy both for total less rhan $300.00- if there was one and only one player i would pay up to $1000.00 to get it but i will not waste money buying 2 standards and yeald to their greed..... espically when one may go the way of beta-max..... (1)
Will Wait until there is more content available and one technology becomes the most popular. (1)
Wish there was was only on standard. I am not going to invest in B-Ray Disks until the format war is over. I did invest in a player, but am renting movies from Netflex. (1)
With both players now using VC-1, it's a horse race of features, menus and I/O. Media price MAY kill format all togather. Upconverted 480 still does not look as good as high quality NTSC player. There is no real combi-deck yet (LG does NOT implement all HD-DVD feature). Looks like another DVD-Audio/SACD nosedive to me. (1)
With video on demand, are either of these relevant? (1)
won the Toshiba HD-DVD XA2 on the avrev.com site last month so that is why I have HD-DVD. If it weren't for winning th eplayer I do not which way I would have gone. Now I have to upgrade my entire home theater as it is the only high end piece I own. (1)
Won't consider buying until price points to buy are under $200.00 for a player. I've spent enough money on cutting edge technologies in the past. (1)
would get in if there was a player that did both formats in 1080p (1)
Would like to see more players that support both formats, like the LG. (1)
Yes, it's messy, but it's the free market system at work. I'm pretty pleased with the quality of my 500+ regular DVD's and I don't intend to replace them any time soon with an HD format. (1)
{I see there is no a universal player that plays both formats, this would be of interest with a good quality brand manufacturer. (1)

12. The federal government has mandated that by February 17, 2009 all analog broadcasting from terrestrial towers will end and be replaced entirely by digital broadcasting. How aware are you of this cutoff of analog terrestrial services? A. Very aware and

723 - 73.8%
18 - 1.8%
224 - 22.9%
11 - 1.1%
4 - 0.4%

13. In your opinion why is digital broadcasting technology replacing analog terrestrial broadcasting in this country? A. Manufacturer's forced digital technology on North America in order to sell more products B. Broadcasters feared cable and satellite's

28 - 2.9%
49 - 5.0%
635 - 65.2%
178 - 18.3%
84 - 8.6%

14. Do you want a converter box so you can continue to use your present television set after the switch to digital occurs? A. Yes B. No C. I don't know what that converter box is nor how to get it D. If it doesn't cost me anything, I will E. If it cost

285 - 29.3%
551 - 56.6%
11 - 1.1%
122 - 12.5%
4 - 0.4%

15. If a converter box is made available to you by our government would you be willing to co-pay some of the costs? A. Why should I? I didn't vote for any of this B. I might be willing to pay $5 C. I might be willing to pay $10 D. I might be willing to

155 - 16.5%
70 - 7.4%
76 - 8.1%
145 - 15.4%
495 - 52.6%

16. Which is more important to you?

Quality of HD programs
745 - 76.1%
Quantity of HD programs
234 - 23.9%

17. Regarding 'Quality', which is more important to you?

Technical Quality (Picture/Audio)
552 - 56.6%
Content Quality (Compellingness)
423 - 43.4%

18. Would you classify yourself as an Early Adopter (One who embraces new technology before most others)?

807 - 82.8%
168 - 17.2%

19. As it relates to high definition, for which of the following areas do you have an interest?

403 - 7.2%
343 - 6.1%
586 - 10.4%
Peer Discussion (Online Forums)
295 - 5.2%
427 - 7.6%
176 - 3.1%
656 - 11.6%
69 - 1.2%
524 - 9.3%
705 - 12.5%
448 - 8.0%
344 - 6.1%
485 - 8.6%
172 - 3.1%

20. Which HD gaming console(s) do you own?

Microsoft Xbox 360
122 - 12.2%
Sony Playstation 3
99 - 9.9%
776 - 77.8%

21. What other home entertainment devices do you own?

High-end Audio System
700 - 49.3%
HD Camcorder
60 - 4.2%
HD DVR (TiVo, etc)
464 - 32.7%
Apple TV
18 - 1.3%
HDPC/Media Center
178 - 12.5%

22. Approximately how much do you have invested in your home entertainment system (components, cables, media, etc)? (US Dollars)

Less than $5K
326 - 33.5%
$5K - $9K
292 - 30.0%
$10K - $14K
161 - 16.6%
$15K - $19K
64 - 6.6%
$20K - $24K
49 - 5.0%
$25K - $29K
15 - 1.5%
$30K - $39K
18 - 1.9%
$40K - $49K
7 - 0.7%
$50K or more
40 - 4.1%

23. Approximately how much do you spend annually on Movie and Console Game purchases/rentals for your home entertainment system? (US Dollars)

Less than $250
444 - 46.1%
$250 - $499
288 - 29.9%
$500 - $999
124 - 12.9%
$1000 - $1999
76 - 7.9%
$2000 - $2999
12 - 1.2%
$3000 - $4999
12 - 1.2%
$5000 or more
8 - 0.8%

24. Do you intend to purchase an HDTV within the next 6 months?

262 - 27.1%
471 - 48.8%
233 - 24.1%

25. If you intend to purchase an HDTV within the next six months, which type of HDTV are you most likely to purchase?

CRT (Non-Projection)
5 - 0.8%
CRT (Rear Projection)
6 - 0.9%
CRT Projector
1 - 0.2%
100 - 15.2%
LCD (Non-Projection)
242 - 36.7%
LCD (Rear Projection)
17 - 2.6%
LCD Projector
9 - 1.4%
DLP (Rear Projection)
41 - 6.2%
DLP Projector
11 - 1.7%
LCoS (SXRD, D-ILA, etc)
65 - 9.9%
Not sure yet
162 - 24.6%

26. Which other home entertainment components and services are you planning to purchase in the next 6 months? (please select all that apply)

Satellite Service
109 - 11.6%
Cable Service
73 - 7.8%
High-end Audio System
126 - 13.5%
HD Camcorder
75 - 8.0%
HD DVR (TiVo, etc.)
132 - 14.1%
Xbox 360
42 - 4.5%
78 - 8.3%
Apple TV
48 - 5.1%
HDPC/Media Center
61 - 6.5%
Other (please specify)
96 - 10.3%
Other Answers:
A/V Receiver (1)
Already have Cable Service, and high-end Audio System. What I buy depends on the new technology marketed whether it is any good. (1)
Already Have HDTV (1)
Already have HDTV so do not plan to buy (1)
already have sat,cable,High-end (1)
Audio in a box (1)
avr & speakers, hd dvd , blu-ray (1)
Blu-ray (1)
Blu-Ray PC 4x/8x Writer (1)
Blu-Ray player (1)
Blue Ray player (1)
Digital SLR camera (1)
directv hd dish (1)
Dish HD DVR Upgrade (1)
Dolby HD / DTS HD receiver (1)
DTV - HD package (1)
DVD player when the format war ends. (1)
dvd recorder (1)
dvi cable (1)
DVR (1)
eSATA Hard Drive for Recording Capacity (1)
fios (1)
for bedroom (1)
FTA Satellite system (1)
Gefen Video Scaler (1)
Got 'em all (1)
HD DVD (1)
HD dvd/blu-ray player (1)
HD DVR (1)
HD projector (1)
hd-dvd (1)
HD-XA2 (1)
HDMI 1.3 a/v controller (1)
HDMI 1.3 A/V Receiver & Blu-Ray Player (1)
HDMI 1.3 Capable TV (1)
HDMI 1.3 receiver (1)
HDMI 1.3 switching receiver (1)
I have most of the above already (1)
just got cable today (1)
Mac mini (1)
matrix switcher (1)
Maybe HD-DVD (X2) (1)
media server (1)
Media Streamer, additional storage (1)
multi-format HD disc player (1)
neither. already have HD. (1)
Netgear EVA8000 (1)
new speakers (1)
next gen. HD-DVD (1)
None (17)
none of the above (1)
Not sure how to answer. I have the types above now. And I would just keep them. I use calbe and pay an ongoing fee if that means 'purchase'. (1)
nothing (3)
nothing additional right now (1)
OPPO or Samsung DVD (1)
OTA HDTV receiver/tuner (1)
perhaps FiOS TV (1)
Possibly move to Dish (1)
Possibly the hd-dvd add on to the 360 (1)
Receiver & HD-DVD Player (1)
receiver with hdmi switching (1.3a) (1)
Reciever (1)
Scaler (1)
Sony WII (1)
Universal Remote (1)
up date my hd htpc (1)
upconverting dvd recorder-player (1)
Upgrade Speakers & A/V Receiver (1)
Verizon Fios (1)
Verizon FIOS (soon as avail.) (1)
verizon fios tv (1)
Verizon Fios TV Service (1)
whatever i can afford. HDDVorBD (1)
WiI (1)

27. What else is on your mind?

Other Answers:
I will be upgrading my Dish HD DVR to a newer model to get MPEG4 programming (more HD)for Locals and a few more Zoom channels.... Unless BD & HD DVD merge or a manufacturer comes out with a universal that plays ANY 5 inch disk for $350, I'm not buying into it... (1)
There still too much pandering to masses desire for high performance on the cheap . High definition systems designed to ISF standards for video and studio standards for audio are not cheap. Choose your price point and live with it. When writing about inexpensive pieces, quantify it as to what it is and what is given up for the price. As has been said on hdtv site in previous times , HD is the aristocracy of tv. Thus it is not avaiable at Yaris pricing More attention should be paid to quality of audio and video with much less emphais on decor and mass volume generating criteria. The Govt should mandate that a display labelled as hi def can provide a fully resolved 720 p 0r, 1080i or 1080p signal and fully accept and output said resolution without detrimental processing. This provide amazing clarity to the current maze of hd tv purchases and give real meaning to the manipulative numbers produced by the CEA . (1)
I'm very interested in high def discs and would probably buy a player by the end of the year if not for the format incompatabilities and the extremely high price of a dual format player. (1)
1. HD bugs make me feel the broadcasters are treating my like an ignorant viewer. I hate them, especially when they're in motion. That's why I wait in many cases to rent the DVDs later. 2. Deteriorating quality of HD on DirecTV. In many cases the pixellization is distractingly noticeable. 3. The layers of copy management that software vendors have forced on the industry. It is to their benefit, not mine, and 'improvements' like HDMI 1.3 are doing their best to make my older RPTV obsolete. (1)
a good hd antenna (1)
After 12 years in helping develope HDTV I am so happy that it has become a reality. My time invested in this has surppased all my expectations. (1)
All channels should be HD. Not enough HD programming available. Cost of HD service is an extreme ripoff. You pay a big fee and get more junk on HD than on the regular network channels. Someone is doing a huge ripoff of HD subscribers. DirecTV Dish Network Time Warner Cox Cable They are all bad in the quantity of HD programming and the price they charge. (1)
Am pleased at the fact that local stations are finally moving to HD content (like my local news). (1)
Am very interested in Direct TV HD programming in the near future and may switch from cable. I fear that cable is too interested in keeping its analog customers happy and I will go where the most HD programming is offered. (1)
are the questions over yet??? (1)
Being an early adopter of HDTV, my unit has neither DVI or HDMI. One of the pitfalls of embracing new technology. (1)
Better selection of reception services (cable, satelite, etc.). Satelite quality is not good and cable (at least here) has good picture quality but limited programing. I want more choices of quality programing and variety. (1)
BLU-RAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me hdmi (1)
Cable Companies providing no additional cost HD programming of local TV channels as part of their basic programming packages in Feb 2009. (1)
Cable systems need to be upgraded to handle the new sets...I have had more problems with reception with my new HDTV than I have ever had. The cable companies are having issues with their technologies keeping pace with the explosion of users. (1)
can not get any OTA so need MANY more sat delivered HD networks includeing all the nets from distant stations as there are NO stations that can be considered local... (1)
Cannot believe how many people do not have their HDTV hooked up correctly. (1)
Cheaper lcd tvs. (1)
Comcast being able to use new method to offer many more HD channels, and DVR from comcast servers so small hard drive in set-top doesn't matter. (1)
compression from directv! (1)
Consumers should be able to copy HD content for own personal use. I have seen a website which states I think that rental sales for DVDs are up whilst purchased DVDs are down and that, 'The Establishment' are stating that the reasons are not piracy but lack of space. This sounds about right because despite that DVDs takes up less space than VHS or SVHS tapes I have at least 300 to 400, which takes up enormous amount of room in specialist DVD draws. Therefore in the future despite that I have already purchased 2 Discgear 100 containers, which I haven't used yet I shall have to buy either the stackable version or their is the expensive type which is cirular and acts like a robot. Place DVD in the slot and it tells you where it is stored. This verifies how dumb; Blu-ray and movie companies are refusing to allow people to copy HD for personal use. Based on the internet link that I read,which is probaly correct, because it also stated that even Sony is placing DVD into narrower cases because of complaints from consumers and retailers! If somebody is pirating (copying disks to make money from the copy then with the amount of power which 'The Establishment has then tell governments to sentence them for at least 5 or 10 years. The problem is that The Establishment are completely incompetent and are themselves the pirates. Wanting consumers to pay extra if they want to use for example a DVD or High definition source in a different part of the house or in a multi media player - The Establisment should be sent to prison for at least 5 to 10 years for racketeering (unfair monopoly). If everything, which was sold the manufacturers wanted to charge different amounts for different usages everybody would be bankrupt. For example a pen each different letter different prices, buy for example a loave of bread and for each different meal being charged a different amount of money. The sooner The Establishment are replaced with decent people instead of trying to rip people of the better. This explains why the Chinese wants to create their own high definition products. Barrington.thompson@blueyonder.co.uk (1)
Content providers need to allow content to be stored on the most convenient medium for the consumer. In many cases this is low cost hard drive arrays. That way ALL media owned can be centrally located and streamed to whatever end device the consumer wants to use. (1)
Convert all programming to High Def. Regular definition programs actually look worse on a high definition tv. I keep a large screen analog tv because sports actually look better on that if not high def. Get this conversion done!!! (1)
Copy protection is killing this field. So is over compressed channels. (1)
development of fiber (FIOS) as a distributer of HD content (1)
DirecTV forced me to buy a second level of sports programming this year in order to watch baseball (I subscribe to MLB 'Extra Innings' package) in high definition. It's another $40 on top of the already high $160 for the season. Next year, I may do without both. (1)
Dolby digital true hd and dts hd master audio decoding by new hdmi 1.3 receivers (1)
Due to high cable prices and the fact my apartment does not allow satellite TV, I cancelled my service 2 years ago and will only watch OTA programming. (1)
Duh... (1)
Eager to get online high/def content. (1)
Everything is too complicated and too many choices for HDTV and entertainment systems. It takes too much time to choose the right equipment. (1)
Expansion of number of HD channels carried by satellite provider ( Dish) (1)
FAIR USE RIGHTS and portabilitty of purchased media! (1)
February 17, 2009!!!!! (1)
Fiber to the Home will revolutionize the industry. (1)
Flying cars, Jenifer Anniston's butt and the real meaning of life. (1)
fox sports midwest is blacked out my cardinal games on dishnetwork and direct tv iam mad 61761 my area code they need to get them back or they will loose alot of customers thanks (1)
get to know of HDTV better.then only i would like to invest on it (1)
Getting more HD content (1)
Give me the choice of viewing networks if I'm willing to pay for them, in HD. (1)
Good quiz. I hope I win the HDMI cable. Also, Circuit City rocks! I also wanted to say this site is always a good resource for me. If I'm stummped by a question I usually look to this site. I found the HDMI article to be helpful as well. About the differences in 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Thanks again. (1)
good speakers? (1)
Hd DVD should win the 'format war' and xbox 360....is better than the ps3!!! (1)
HD has changed one very important thing about my TV viewing. I've learned to NEVER eat a snack while watching an HD episode of CSI. Yup, sometimes resolution can be too high! (1)
Hd is a lot to handle and I just want to know if blue ray or hd dvd is going to pull ahead so I can decide what to get (1)
HD PPV movies SUCK!!! Better selection! (1)
HD programming. I often wonder if all this is worth the effort and resources to end up with more and more programs that are essentially nothing but 'contests'. I realise the Networks are faced with the conversion costs of HDTV but if they don't provide more interesting programs then we run the risk of alienating viewers more than they have ever been in the past. (1)
HD transmitted over the phone lines. (1)
HDMI 1.3 (1)
HDTV is the best because you absorb so much more than watching the same program in regular TV. The consumers are driving the interest in demanding that TV be upgraded to HDTV. In my opinion the sooner the better. (1)
HDTV magazine ia an excellent web site. I do learn a lot of update knowledge from here. Thanks. (1)
HDTV OTA is great in my area(San Jose). (1)
HI! (1)
Hmmm, a loaded question. (1)
How do we keep a watch - monitor teh bandwidth HD TV service providers transmit to keep HDTV quality levels at high quality (1)
How soon HDMI 1.3 will be adopted by content providers and broadcasters, and if current projection systems can be adapted for its use. (1)
I have great dissatisfaction with people who sell and install equipment. There are many kthem, in my experience anyway, who are trying to expand from audio expertise to video also. But they so not take time to study video enough. So they so a lousy job advising. And the folks who are good at video/audio/home theatre are extremeloy expensive. Probably I just have not found te right folks. (1)
I am annoyed at HD channels that broadcast only a few shows over and over again. I'd rather see them broadcast the same programs on the HD and standard channels. (1)
I am debating whether or not to even upgrade to a 1080p lcd panel because at 40-50 inches from 10ft away, it wont help me at all. (1)
I am glad the public is finally coming around to upgrading their televisions. The hard part in converting some one to HDTV is some don't see the value of HDTV when they are perfectly happy with the analog set they got (1)
I am impressed that you have a Life Partner category under marital status. (1)
I am increasingly dismayed at the bandwidth jockying that goes on with satellite and cable providers. Non-HD programming is looking worse and worse as more bandwidth is allocated to HD programming. Non-HD football games are one example. We need to find ways to urge these services to continually upgrade their infrastructure by spending our subscription dollars on necessary hardware and software and return to maximum resolution. (1)
I am interrested in HD Cable service. However, we have Comcast Cable and I have not been impressed by their offerings. (1)
I am looking forward to all TV being broadcast in high quality HD. The present situation with available HD channels leaves a great deal to be desired. (1)
I am moving to England in August, so I will be switching to SkyTV. I am leaving my HDTV (RP CRT) and planning to buy a LCD HDTV. I will be able to view all of my NTSC DVDs, DTheater tapes, and videgames, and get the SkyTV signal via HDMI. (1)
I am really looking forward to 3D TV. (1)
I am thinking of not watching anymore TV because I am sick of all the extra crap the stations/networks/shows put on the screen. I am sick of station logos, network logos, show logos, crawls across the screen, constant time, weather news. Now they do show promos. I cannot see the F-ing show, so when the TV dies, that will be it. If I have to buy a an adapter to get digital, that will be the end of the tv in our house (1)
I am very concerned that the general public does not know the digital cutoff is approaching, and what that means for them. I'm also concerned about compatibility between studio transmitters and OTA digital receivers, as well as technical concepts like PSIP and channel remapping that most people are not likely to grasp. I think there will be many confused citizens as part of this digital switchover. (1)
I am watching a couple of things. 1.-waiting for the different brands to start installing chips that are hdmi 1.3 capable. 2.watching the hi def movies coming out that include lossless sound encoding. 3. waiting for my local ota stations to broadcast in 1080. 4. waiting for more content on hd channels that are broadcasted in 1080P. Guess I don't want much. Best content channel at this time is Discovery HD. (1)
I can't wait for better tech in displays. I want laser TV or SED!! (1)
I currently subscribe to Dish Network. Some of the channels (primarily TNT HD) have a severe issue with voice synchronization. This must be resolved. (1)
I got one of the first DirecTv HR20's. They released it way too soon. I became one of the 'involuntary' beta testers over at DBS forums. I must say, DirecTv has responded and now the HR20 is a fantastic unit. On the most recent AV Receivers, the manufacturers are jumping all over each other, implementing HDMI 'one-cable-to-TV' solutions. There are many compatibility (handshaking) problems with many HD-TVs. Again, I'll wait for the DVD war and HDMI issues to be resolved before making any new purchases. (1)
I hate the quality of my service from Time Warner Cable. Most HD channels are fine but overall they charge too much and most features never work, like movies on demand. (1)
I hope DIRECTV gets their Satellites launched successfully and that they provide the HDTV that they have promised. (1)
I hope HD DVD recorders [either Blu-Ray or HD] will become available within the next year. DVR recording is not archiving. I have an existing library of over 300 D-VHS HD recordings, but they occupy too much space in a library. (1)
I hope more devices with HDMI 1.3 become available as well as more channels and programming in HD. (1)
I hope the gov't. sticks to the 2009 deadline for conversion from Analog to Digital. I think that a significant number of people need to be forced to change. Once they do, I think they will ultimately be pleased. It would help if the manufactureres would give-up the 'format wars' and if more (HIGH Quality-1080p) Hi-Def. source material is available! (1)
I just want more HD channels (1)
I like honest reviews. AVSforum is great for surfing. (1)
I look forward to more HD content in the near future. (1)
I love broadcast HDTV. It is getter better and better as more content is added. (1)
I love OTA HDTV! (1)
I love the HT Guys Podcast (1)
I love this stuff! (1)
i love tivo series 3 hd dvr (1)
I love your magazine and feel you are doing a great service to those interested in HDTV. Keep up the good work! (1)
i own an olevia 37' tv with built in h d tuner,grate picture. why not revew it. (1)
I really appreciate HDTV Magazine. It helps keep me updated on what's happening in the industry. Thanks (1)
I really wish that there was more HD programming available. I would be willing to pay more for it. And I don't understand why CBS can't broadcast ALL of its NFL games in HD!!! (1)
I see some annoying digital artifacts on OTA HD, and wonder if this situation will improve with technology, or if we're stuck with it. For example: A person moving his head; the eyes move independently of other parts of his head. (1)
I think HDTV is pretty addictive and necessary esp. when you have a TV over say 37'. Mine is 42' and even digital from DirecTV looks fuzzy compared to HDTV. Though I'm not complaining about digital. It looks great unless you compare the same broadcast back to back in HDTV. (1)
I think that the TV industry is in a transition stage on all levels. Within 10 years, I suspect most people will have the ability to get all their programming on demand and it will probably move to some sort of interactive, internet-based system. Since this is the case, I am very reluctant to invest in an expensive high-end system of any kind right now since it may quickly become obsolete. If I need replacement TVs in the next five, I will probably stick with mid-range priced equipment since I don't think that all the dust will have settled. As an example, I purchased a $3,000 CRT HDTV almost six years ago. Within two years, it was partiall obsolete since it had no HMDI connections and only a limited number of inputs of any kind. (1)
I think the answer to 23. is all of the above. There is some truth in all those statements. It is sad to see how unenthusiactically the networks have adopted, promoted and taken advantage of Hi-Def. It almost like they were forced to offer some content. Especially with sporting events, you'd figure it would all be hi-def by now. Also, it looks like they released the technology half-backed. Hi-def should have come when 1080p was ready and the standard. Same with HDMI 1.3 and so on. We have been waiting for all these 'patches' and fixes to current systems. It would have nice to have it all work from day one. (1)
I think the cable and satillite companies should not be allowed to charge more for the HD set top box once the govt. stops all analog broadcasts on Feb. 1, 2007. The price should then go down to the $5 or less because it will be the new regular box! (1)
I think there's presently lots of confusion about what exactly constitutes HDTV. Simply having 1080p printed on the front of that wide-screen TV does not mean much, HDTV must be implemented all the way, from the content provider on down to the cable operator and into a properly set-up system in the home. I applaud HDTV Magazine for shedding much needed light on all of this. Thank you very much to all of you. (1)
I want a series 3 TiVo with a lifetime subscription. It doesn't bother me that it only has uni-directional cable card support. I don't even care for the bi-directional stuff because I don't want to buy PPV and the TiVo guide is great. (1)
I want HD network programing available to me here in Florence, OR or have it available to me via Translators from Eugene or elsewhere. (1)
I want information on DVD recorders coming out with ATSC/QAM tuners builtin. It's crazy for people to be buying VCR's with NTSC only tuners at this late date. (1)
I Want more HD programming on Direct TV. (1)
I want more HD programming than what direct tv is giving me now. (1)
I want my cable service (Time Warner) to offer more HD content. Presently the bulk of the channels are SD or Analog which are not watchable on my projection system so I am waiting to see the offerings in 2007 before renting an HD cable tuner from my cable provider. (1)
I want to quickly see a 1080P signal or signals over the air and on satellite and Cable HD and want to see it quick and not over a twenty year period. I want to see it cheap even if the government needs to intervene. I want quality high end sound and picture at China prices and below. I want to see folks employed in the US manufacturing all sorts of HD equipment and sound. I want someone to kick IPODS butt an go a hundred steps beyond them. I want to experience super customer service worldwide and want to hear folks communicate with me via my own English language. Play Big or stay at home! (1)
I want to understand the differences in the various HDTV technology before investing in new equipment. (1)
I wish the hdmi and next gen consoles would stop upgrading every 3-6 months. As soon as you buy a comoponent for your home theater it is outdated and you cannot enjoy all the content that some of the hd movies have to offer. It seems to me this is happening due to greed on behalf of both audio/video companies and the entertainment industry. (1)
I wish there was a way to have the DVR not record commercials. This would save space on the DVR and not annoy me as much as the commercials do today. :-) (1)
I would buy a new receiver/preamp if it had 4 or 5 HDMI 1.3 inputs, with dual outputs, a XM and HD radio, and True HD Audio decoding. Price is never my primary concern. Value is part of the picture, but what really gets me is anything that makes me say WOW! (1)
I would like a meaningful, technical discussion regarding the video compression issues of cable system HD transmissions. Pixelation, picture freeze and audio dropout are issues that, I believe, are limited to cable service and I'd like to know if that is correct. Also, I would like to know if cable HD providers have variable Band Width limits, day to night. (1)
I would like to see manufacturers get on the same page when new technology such as HD-DVD and Blue Ray come out. Apparently a few see rather than killing either one by not supporting it, they are supporting both. (1)
I would like to see more articles on 1080P TVs (1)
I would like to see more titles availble on dvd at a much faster release date than what is currently scheduled. (1)
I would like to see some broacast Audio loudness standards. Thes are all over the board. Why can't they get somewhat close. DMA Des Moines Thanks (1)
I would love to see HDIPTV,HDVOD,SED,LASERTV, come to market as soon as this year ! (1)
I would never have thought that I would even consider leaving Directv, but since they are abandoning Tivo, I am seriously considering it. Comcast has just came into my area & when they get their Tivo box going, I very well may switch. I am under contract to D* for a few more months, so they can keep me if they blow me out of the water with their upcoming HD offerings (I'm not holding my breath) (1)
I'd like to see a study done on the reliability of all the new HDTV technologies. I've had quite a few problems with my 6 month old HDTV and based on cnet forums, so have others. (1)
I'd like to see DirecTV and TIVO team up again to come out with a better product for HD-DVR. (1)
I'll be happy to see the analog shut down happen. Stations will then pay attention to their digital operation and we won't see so many operator errors... or I should say, lack of operator attention. (1)
I'm against DRM and feel I should have the right to hard disc archive for my own use anything that I have already paid for whether it be music or movies or sports. (1)
I'm bothered by the drop out problem with over the air signals from my location, which can be very annoying when the weather turns bad. Seems like digital UHF signals aren't as dependable as most TV viewers have come to expect. There will be days when TV viewing simply is not available. I doubt that the average consumer is currently aware of this, but they will be!!! (1)
I'm waiting for HDMI 1.3 to be incorporated in A/V equipment before I make my next purchase. (1)
I'm wondering how soon LCD HDTV prices will drop to around $1750 for a 42-inch. (1)
I'm worried that I may lose programming which I receive via my 4DTV+HDD200 set-up. I've heard too many stories that programming via the pizza dish is compressed and does not look as good as the signals that I am watching. I suppose I could try cable. Quality is of utmost importance to me. I want to be able to record HD programming to a disk for permanent storage and later viewing. Finally, I tend to avoid watching programming that has obtrusive logos on the screen. Why do companies spend so much to give us super high quality video and then cover part of the screen up with awful logos? I don't get it. I'm lucky in that I receive OTA from both Milwaukee and Chicago. Milwaukee stations use large, ugly, colored logos while Chicago stations tend to use smaller, shadowy logos. Even though I live much closer to Milwaukee and would normally fit in with that market, I've spent the money to erect an antenna to pull in the weaker signals from Chicago, just to avoid having to watch the logos. (1)
If DirecTV (my provider) doesn't get their new satellites operational and can't add all the new HD channels they've mentioned I'm not happy with my alternatives. Also, AT&T's Uverse plan to use copper to the home won't just fly for for folks with HD since they can do only 1 HD stream now, and MAYBE 2 at a future date. Wish we had Verizon so we'd have a chance for FIOS. (1)
If HD-DVD is the best of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD according to the expert i hope the war finish as soon as posible in order to buy the HD-DVD-X2.If no i should continue wating. (1)
If the industry wants to sell more HDTV's and HD equiptment, they need to LOWER their prices to where the average working stiff can afford it. Cable opperators need to INCREASE their HD content on their service to satisfy those that already own HDTV's. The industry has been playing the game of wait-n-see for TOO LONG! TIME FOR THEM TO WAKE-UP, & GET WITH-IT!!! (1)
In what way are the major box stores going to inform the public about the changes occuring? (1)
increased HD TV shows/channels. quality of it thru cable sling box/apple TV like items for HD content (1)
It doesn't exactly endear me to Comcast that they lag behind other systems/providers in adding HD channels and then when they do, many other parts of the country get them months before I do. And they WON'T TELL THEIR CUSTOMERS ANYTHING about their future plans for HD channels. They're betting on their phone service and OnDemand, neither of which I'm interested in. For the first time, I'm disgusted with Comcast and expect to be looking into DirecTV this year if they start adding the channels they've promised and go to MPEG-4. (1)
It seems silly that manufacturers can't make A/V plug and play like computer equipment. We have HDMI connections why can't we have a common protocol so the components can talk to each other? (1)
It's funny the way some people think they are watching HDTV, when they really aren't, even though they have an HDTV. There needs to be more education as to how to hook up the TVs and what they should look like and about the TVs themselves. I went over a friend's house and told him this isn't HD. After a brief look behind the back of the TV I found out that even though it was hooked up correctly, he didn't know about how to switch to the correct video input. Once I switched, he was amazed. (1)
just hope you get your internet connections improved -- really slow accessing the program guide quite regularly (1)
Just how confusing much of this is and how much there is to learn. We need it explained better, more effectually!! No web site does that yet! (1)
just trying to figure out which to get,plasma or lcd? (1)
Keep OTA TV. (1)
Keep up the good work on your HDTV magazine reporting! (1)
Keep up the good work. (1)
keep up the great work by all the staff at HDTV Magazine. I sincerely appreciate the effort. (1)
Lack of HDTV programing on DirecTV. (1)
life is great (1)
Like to see a more streamlined guide that is user specific by zip code or program supplier (directTV, cable, etc.) (1)
Looking for a good and cheap 5.1 system and a 3 hdmi input a/v amp (1)
LOVE HDTV magazine and the daily program guide... (1)
love the picture picture with HD -- th eonly way to see movies outside of a theater (1)
Making my own HD films. Burning them in wmv on my very own DVD burner. Playing them on my Kiss DP600 HD player. (1)
Making sure that all of the equipment is interoperable. Upgrades of audio codecs and HDMI versions although useful are a nuisance because interoperability is not crystal clear, esp. for HDMI. I have been waiting for these standards to settle down before buying decent equipment. I dont want to spend a bundle and find out my equipment is obsolete shortly after. (1)
Manufactures need to fess-up to the versions of HDMI their products support. (1)
Many friends have HD TV and have not a clue as to how to set them up. They don't know the difference. Some who have exceptional electronics knowledge dont see the benefit of HD as they don't know how to set up their systems-and this exacerbates age related vision problems. (HD would make a difference if they could set it up and really see the difference.) The sales marketplace is far behind in hiring folks who really know the technology. The use of special input systems to sell the boxes often cannot be achieved with available input. (1)
Microsoft otched cable card implementation by allowing OEM build only (1)
Mind is pretty empty. (1)
More discussion should be made about compression. Also, about SD content on HD channels. Like for instance commercials. Sometimes programs which are supposed to be in HD are broadcast in SD. (1)
More important things than TV. (1)
more info on over the air antennas hd vs reg ? are all hs on uhf ? (1)
More programming and easier use (1)
most services for HD are overpriced though... (1)
My answer to question 13 is the cynical one. The official answer, of course, is improved service and reallocation of finite resources. The bandwidth auction is a fool's mission; the auction should be a lease, not a one-time giveaway, even if the first-year's revenues were far smaller. The fed will NOT make gobs of money off the sale, and will not be able to regulate band use as it could with perpetual review and annual payout. The same thing happened with the last auction. Meanwhile, all portable and handheld TV devices, even VHF audio radios, will go dark: no recourse. This is clearly an unauthorized Federal taking for CEA profit. Arguably unpatriotic, as everything but (at most) the retail profit is offshored, while the old US-made equipment is transformed to scrap. Cable and satellite providers assert that they are not common carriers and should not be regulated as utilities. They also claim better than 80% market share, with OTA a weak third--soon to be fourth as FiOS comes on line. These assertions are not compatible: either they have the whole market and need regulating, or they are just lil' fellers and need protecting. Heavy campaign contributions shield these de facto common carriers from the legal obligations all other utilities (OTA, water, sewer, gas, electricity, phones, buses, airlines) labor under. In my opinion, if they have commercials, they should be free to the end user. See also European cell phone service: free to the called party. (1)
My cable company can't yet spell HDTV! (1)
My cable company has occasionally hinted that they have plans to provide more HD channels; but have not done so. I am considering dropping my cable company when if and when the satellite providers offers most HD channels. Cable companies had better upgrade or they will lose me. I spent a lot of money to get a large screen TV with high definition picture quality and am getting pretty frustrated over the slow adoption by service providers. (1)
my cats breath smells like tuna (1)
My complaints are; 1. TV's that don't have 2 RF inputs for OTA & cable, 2. TV's that don't have CC slots, 3. TV's that don't allow adding channels without loosing what you already have and not allowing to directly enter a unlnown channel number and have the tuner reconize that channel that wasn't in the orginal scan, 4. The inability to freely record program with 1394 devices and edit/copy them to and from 1394 devices, 5. High power comsumption of devices when they are supposely 'off'. (1)
My HAT! (1)
My main concern regarding HiDef TV is what the providers will do with the bandwitdh.... hopefully not starve our Hi Def programming so we don't get to see really good quality Hi Def. (1)
My mind is a blank. (1)
My mind is a complete blank (1)
n/a (1)
nada (1)
Need continued broadband capacity and content increases, NHL Center Ice in HD, customizable programming options within provider packages (1)
need more HD channels (1)
need more movies for blue ray (1)
New tech is better OLED, SED, Laser TV (1)
Nice website! (1)
Non ota channels such as MTV,E and Comedy Central should be encouraged to convert to HD ASAP. Networks and local stations should convert to 100% HD programming *now*. I don't think there is any reason to wait for the transmisson switch over. (1)
Not really. Just wish studios exclusively supporting HD-DVD or Blu-ray would see potential profit for rentals/purchase of their titles and release them to both camps. (1)
Nothing (6)
nothing compelling comes to mind. (1)
nothing else (1)
Nothing much other than wondering how far into the future my 4:3 CRT HDTV will remain, for me, the best TV solution (that is, how long will Time-Warner continue to feed most of my favorite programing in 4:3). (1)
Nothing. (1)
NTSC RIP! Thank God no more fuzzy vision! With the exception of DVD's if it is not HDTV I will no longer watch it, plain an simple!!! (1)
one of my tv s has a atsc tuner. so some of your questions do not apply (1)
OTA Antenna (1)
Our DTV transition is the worst disaster in TV history. Our modulation is the worst in the world. Our codec, MPEG2 is outdated. The transition in 2009 will be a political disaster for those political types who can be identified with it and specifically Congressman Dingell. (1)
People are starving in areas of the world and I am thinking about HDTV. What the heck am I doing? I have been putting off any decision about investing in HDTV and really cannot justify it to myself. However, the idea is still hitting me in the face every time I look at my 10 year old 22 inch crt television. My wife has no idea what the difference is and even at the store, she is unimpressed by the HD televisions on display. It is totally up to me, yet I will continue to balk until prices fall even more. I have nothing to lose. Each day I push myself to read the 27 books I have purchased in the past year at second hand stores or on clearance. TV cuts into that time. Thank you for reading my aimless comments. (1)
pizza (1)
Please dont let the cost of these software (games and movies) go up (1)
Please limit the amount of different connection types coming out. It is not only confusing (dvi-i, dvi-d, hdmi, etc.) it is a pain in the ass to have to remember what your T.V. has. (1)
please make the study free for retired people like me (1)
Please no Beta vs VHS again !!! I don't mind spending a little more money on a tv if the quality is there. I don't want an affordable Tv at the expense of a poor quality set (1)
Poor HD coverage by both Satellite and Cable providers in my area (Tucson AZ). Slow and poorly handled conversion from MPEG2 to MPEG4 by DirecTV, including loss of HD TiVo. Inability to receive PBS HD either OTA or Satellite. (1)
Prices of quality Flat screen plasma's need to drop, especially Pioneer and Fugitsu (1)
Quality control by major networks on broadcasts. It appears that there is little oversight on the HD broadcasts, especially ABC. Often the shows will not begin in HD only to jump in and out at various times. They also have had a problem with audio levels. Capturing the high quality audio background noise, yet not broadcasting the actual dialogue. Most specific, the April 11 episodes of Lost and April 10 episode of Dancing with the Stars. We want QUALITY CONTROL OF THE PROGRAMMING. (1)
Quality of digital tuners must be improved in the ability to overcome multi-path interference. I would lose 5 stations because of multipath interference. (1)
Quality of HD, i.e. 'HD-lite'. That's why I also get OTA HD. Higher bandwidth, better quality. (1)
Quality programing at a reasonable price. (1)
Question 13: The FCC correctly recognized that a conversion to digital broadcasting was in the best interest of the the nation--that trying to maintain both an analog and a digital system would be costly and inefficient, and would leave the good old USA limping behind more savy countries in Europe and Asia. They recognized that the road ahead will be dominated by digital communications. (1)
re: converter box: it is my understanding that if you have cable you don't need such a box. I am basically a wait and see. I purchased a large wide screen plasma hd for entertainment purposes, but find it is not a seamless process. The quality of the network hd broadcasts is good and bad, also I need to use closed captioning which is only available on sd, which makes the whole experience disappointing. (1)
Really enjoying the HD experience, feel that I'm getting a good return on the investment. (1)
Regarding Question 13, you didn't put the REAL reason as an option, namely that OTA broadcasters want to be able to issue multiple programs over the same 6 MHz allocation. Most of the broadcasters are doing this in Raleigh-Durham now. Some are just doing news or weather loops, but some, e.g., WUNC, are running five (!) separate programs (at ugly resolution). Regarding Question 21, you didn't have an option that describes my first HDTV, an (obsolete)AccessDTV card plugged into a PC. I listed this as a DVR, since it's capable. My other is a Samsung tuner plugged into an LCD front projector. (1)
Retailers don't seem to have and interest informing the public about OTA High Def. programs. Their interest seems to be selling Cable or Satellite. Too Bad. I receive over thirty HD Programs over air. The picture quality is execellent. Best of all it's free. (1)
Sat and Cable content need to get a move on and give consumers a reason to invest in HD technology (1)
Satellite companies need to make significantly viewed channels available in every market, not just a few. The more viewing choices, the better. (1)
SD digital television using current CRT tv's was not mentioned in this survey. until plasma and lcd tv's have the reliability and quality of my old jvc CRT i will not buy one. i have been using a digital set top convertor for 2.5 years with OTA signals going to an old JVC27' CRT, and it's a huge improvement over analog tv, and you don't get the problem, of color variance you get on lcd's and undefined blacks etc. how about talking about digital tv and SD picture quality which is great for the average consumer. (1)
Seeing as I have not yet assembled my entertainment center I am very eager to invest in all HDMI 1.3 enabled equipment. It seems to have a vast advantage over earlier versions and much more 'Future proof', if that even exists... (1)
Sex (1)
Some of the questions don't allow enough options. Over the air digital converters is not a concern for cable/ satellite users (1)
Sony KDS-R70xbr2/3 (1)
Specically, Directv. I can get nearly as many HD digital signals OTA (even in Denver) as Directv provides through their package. They like to keep advertising though about what is apparently coming in the fall of 2007. I am sure that will cost even more cash per month. However they still win be because of the out of market sports packages they provide. (1)
Still like to see more HD content from the cable side. Right now its apparently bandwidth limited. (1)
Taxes (1)
Thanks (1)
The appalling paucity of available HD programs. (1)
The broadcast/satellite/cable ball is already rolling. More education is needed, for the general population. This stupid HD disc war must stop, before they ruin it completely! Don't they (mostly Sony) ever learn? (1)
The content providers had better get their act together and realize that trying to coerce and control the customer is stupid. They end up killing their entire business just like the RIAA has killed singles, albums and record stores (per NY Times). (1)
The drawing prize is disappointing ;) (1)
the fact that our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Is that what you were asking? (1)
The first OTA channel to broadcast in 1080P :) (1)
The general public can not possibly be as ignorant of DTV, HDTV and the HD/Blu-Ray controversy as the people who write about it. (1)
The government should mandate a means for non-hdmi TV's the ability to use converters on hdmi equipment so that they can benefit from the new technology with out having to buy new equipment!! (1)
The industry is not moving fast enough when it comes to creating products that allow consumers to store, view, share and enjoy their purchased content on all devices at any time throughout their home. Sure there is Apple's ITV but that locks you into the Itunes world. There is Kaleidescape's DVD hard drive based server but for most consumers an entry point of $10,000 for being able to retrieve 334 standard DVD movies is ridiculous. With 1TB drives about to ship and very good compression algorithms out there today consumers should be able to purchase a product that is under $1,000 with a terabyte of storage, a DVD drive, a simple to use non PC based interface to store their DVD movies onto the hard drive and $100 endpoint devices that can talk to that video server over Ethernet or 802.11N. I completely understand the MPAA's concern about protecting their copyrighted material but I believe they are keeping to tight a grip. Digital piracy is a big problem despite the efforts that have been taken to date. However, not embracing the potential sales market in the consumers home is leaving new sources of revenue untapped. The market potential of consumers ages 18 to 40 is going to drive a completely new way of selling, distributing, storing and viewing digital media content. within 10 years I believe that hard media distribution channels such as DVD, HD DVD and BLU-RAY will be a thing of the past falling way to high speed broadband connections to the home. Imagine the day when you can purchase a small device that attaches to your TV via HDMI or ultra wideband, pulls from a vast library of content using your high speed Internet connection and you never need to leave your couch. I know that's probably several years away but if it happens then consumers would never rent from Block Buster or Netflix again. they would also never go to Bestbuy or Wal-Mart to purchase DVDs. Anyway I have gone on quite enough. (1)
The lack of standards for existing technologies, such as HDMI and audio encoding formats. (1)
The major problem with HDTV is that the everyday consumer doesnt know anythign about it, especially sicne there are like 4 different technologies of TV and versions of HDMI. They really need to be educated better by the stores selling these things. (1)
The need to be able to receive non compressed , quality audio and video. (1)
The Panasonic Plasma units look good...Price has dropped dramatically recently... (1)
The Picture quality of the DLP and LCOS Rear Projection Televisions are outstandin. However the cost of the Replacement Projecter Lamp is very expensive for a part that has to be replaced every 2-3 years. Televsion manufactures only have to make parts for their televisions for 7 years. For a Television that costs over 2500 Dolars that is not long enough. (1)
The promise of HDTV is largely illusory because the content of what is being broadcast continues to deteriorate and I watch much less because the content isn't there. (1)
The schedule for conversion of the many non-HD to HD channels. The loss of resolution by multicasting or by compression techniques. I want full resolution 1080i in all channels. (1)
The survey is a little strange. Why ask about future purchases of new HD equipment if the recent acquisition is only 6 months old? (1)
The way that display technology is developing these days it'll be interesting to see (bad pun) how we'll be watching movies in our homes in five years from now. (1)
there needs to be a common interface/language between digital devices so that total home automation is possible using 1 device or control. when will this ever happen? (1)
There were some holes in your questionnaire. (1)
These questions do not address the subject correctly. For instance: I want the OTA broadcasts to be HD because of the quality. (1)
They still have not proven that all digital broadcasts are better than analog. Same as with audio. FM broadcasts still have better quality with no compression and no digital artifacts when compared to Satellite radio. I expect the same lack of quality with HDTV. (1)
This nonsense of the format war on Hi-Def movies (HD-DVD & Blueray) is just plain stupid. (1)
This survey has badly worded questions to skew the results. The most generous option is 'I MIGHT be willing to pay $20' to get a converter? I'm a cynic, and I WILL pay $40 to get a converter. To skew the results, they weren't enough appropriate answers to WHY the conversion is taking place. If you're trying to do a meaningful survey, you might want to rent a Sociology grad student for oversight. (1)
This was a good opportunity to have asked what do we do with the blood sucking programming guide when is practically driving the mag to close. Too late now. (1)
This was a very poorly formulated survey. (1)
This wouldn't be such a complicated process if the mfg's had developed and adopted the same format. Very short sighted on their part! (1)
TiVo Series 3 needs some competition. I've been happy for years with three Pioneer DVR-510H NTSC DVRs. They have no EPGs, which is just fine with me. The newer ones have TVGOS, which is unreliable and junk. How about HD versions of what I have... with no monthly fees... but with dual OTA/QAM tuners and 750 GB HDDs... for under $600? (1)
Turner Classic Movies offering an HD channel. (1)
two formats precludes rational and efficient marketing, therefore we wait till the market determines a winner and prices come down, sources go up. (1)
upgrading my current Media PC to HD (1)
waiting for Blu-ray prices to go down (1)
waiting for more content. can't wait for analog cutoff to free up bandwidth. and could someone pull out as the new disc format for HD discs. (1)
Waiting for more HD programming in Yuma, Az. I can receive 9 stations digitally, but only 2 are in HD some of the time. (1)
Waiting for much lower cost of good wireless home server systems. (1)
Waiting for receivers that can decode the new audio formats and support HDMI 1.3a switching (1)
Waiting for the duel format HDDVD players to hit the market at a mush lower price and which manufacure will lead in this market with the best quality unit for the lowerest price. (1)
Wanting for Hi Quality HDTV from Satellite or Phone Co. to compete with Time Warner fiber HDTV cable PQ Present Dish Net Satellite has too much compression and slow bit rate compared to Time Warner cable in Canyon Country. (1)
We love our HDTV (1)
We need more HD programming delivered to the home. Comcast has only a few 900-level stations but almost all of the new productions for The History Channel, the Science Channe, National Geographic Channel, etc. are done in HD. The cable and Satellite providers have to increase bandwidth or do whatever is necessary to significantly increase the number of HD channels they deliver. (1)
We need more unbiased reviews of Technology. HDTVs and components. Right now 1080i is great but too much reliance on 'New is Better' and slaming all the new items on market for not moving toward new features. AppleTV is GREAT for today but has been slammed because it is only 720P not 1080P.... most people cannot afford to buy 1080P... 720P is great for next few years! (1)
When all channels go to the HD format, will DirecTV stop charging for the HD package? (I assume they are just trying to take advantage of early adopters right now by charging them for something everyone will have and what would be a standard offering eventually) (1)
when is dtv going to start putting out more hd channels as they say we are going to get 150 more by the end of this year (1)
When we change over to all digital, will non HD programs be broadcast in wide screen format ? (1)
When will DirecTV's additional satellite's be functional and able to deliver on the '100 national HD channels' promise..... (1)
Where I live I do not have broadband. Hoping for some competition so I can obtain this sometime this summer. In this area only have Comcast which I consider to expensive for broadband. (1)
Whether daytime TV broadcasts will ever be in high definition. (1)
While I am aware of the anolog cut off date and what that means, everyone else I know is either not aware or doesn't understand it. (1)
Why can't consumers record HD content the way VCRs did without paying exorbinate prices for the HD service and then the HD components themselves let alone the DRM crap. (1)
Why do I have MHD when I don't have ESPN2HD? I'm itching for to leave TW! (1)
Why is HD taking so long get on with it (1)
why is not all HD the same (1)
Why is OTA Maryland HD Public TV lip sync so bad? Some days it's OK, some days noticeable, and some days so bad as to make the show almost un-watchable. I've emailed MPT but no response. (1)
Wish all HD channels were like the Discovery channel :) (1)
Wish Miami, Fl local channels would finally switch to HD news, none have yet to do so. (1)
Wish to have the Turner Classic Movie Channel in HD (1)
Wish your program guide was free, like some others on the net. When you started charging, I stopped visiting. Sorry, I'm value conscience (cheap ass). (1)
World peace (1)
Would appreciate one HD dvd format to succeed- I want it to be backward compatible. (1)
Would like to know more about SED TV, the new flatscreen technology that may soon become available to consumers and learn more about the quality of picture it has. (1)
Would like to see more competition/better technology in the CableTV/SatiliteTV industry to reduce cost of both.......cable is way too expensive and sat is not pushing them hard enough to improve or reduce cost to users......... (1)
would love to see HDMI 1.3 everywhere and always work (apparently some devices will not work together) and for HDMI to carry at least 5.1 audio to receivers that accept it so that no analogue cables are needed (1)
Wow, a completely random question. (1)
Your show is great (1)
Your survey has inconsistency - at beginning, it asked if we had already bought 'HDTV'' & 'How many?' - at end of survey, it only allowed ...'in 6 months, will I & what?' Since we HAVE already bought two (2) HDTVs, naturally we will not be buying more in 6 months, nor will we be interested in any 'converter box' at all. Also, it seems that by 02/2009, some companies will have to either combine or give up --H.S. Internet/HDTV /telephone service WILL be offered by one provider @ sizable savings!!! (1)